Hats off to Donald Trump, James Mattis and Joseph Dunford for stopping WW3 (for now), although urged on by a Globalist neocon and new national secruity advisor John Bolton. Bolten, it has emerged, wanted a massive strike but has failed to take into account the wider geopolitical context of strikes against Syria, especially in retaliation to a proven false flag.

No national US interest is at stake if Assad is either a Russian or an Iranian ally. To risk WW3 for it for no significant political or military gain is sheer madness of the kind espoused by corrupt Global operatives like Bolton. 

The only Syrian issues of US national interest are if Assad tries to develop nuclear weapons and a missile programme that can strike the US or its ally Israel or turn off energy or oil to allies.

At that point, the US should draw a red line, and not before. It cannot draw a red line at every single attack let alone when it is a false flag without exhausting all its political, economic and military capital, so leaving itself defenceless should a real threat emerge.

In addition, a collapse of Assad poses a huge threat of wider instability and will aid the rise of Isis. So, weighing the pros and cons, it is better to keep Assad.

Also, any red line needs to be using a measured, multi phase approach attempting every diplomatic avenue, including independent checks, before moving on to military actions, such launching (preferably tactical) nuclear strikes. The USA is to acquire tactical nuclear weapons. While tactical nuclear weapons are terrible, the fact is a conventional war of the kind that has been waged in Syria is even more terrible in terms of deaths and human suffering than limited tactical nuclear weapons.

Claims Bolton has changed since the time when he fired the head of the chemical weapons watchdog to allow George Bush and Tony Blair to launch the ruinous Iraq invasion based on lies have proved to be unfounded.

Bolton played a key role in hollowing out the vital function of independent verification to protect against false flags in the Iraq war. Fast forward to 2018, he was ready, once more, to use a lie to embroil the US military in a war as ruinous as Afghanistan and Iraq have proven to be with no long term strategy.

In his first major test as the new national security advisor, Bolton has  distingusihed himself by such total corruption, stupidity and lack of all patriotism that Trump should fire him.

Trump needs allies in all key positions who push his MAGA agenda and take tough and consistent stance on key US national security issues only, not Globalists.

While Mattis and Dunford are to be highly praised for seeing the bigger picture and Trump too, they would be advised to go to Congress to get approval in the future to make their case and get the whole country behind them. This is political and military common sense.

There may be a case where Trump must act without Congressional approval if there is a sudden nuclear strike. But if such a threat ever were to arise, Trump should have been in a long process of communication with Congress and the US public to explain what is going on, using factual, accurate info and comprehend the need for, say, a nuclear strike of North Korea.

Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin said he would have preferred President Trump get congressional clearance before attacking Syria’s Assad regime Friday.

“I said I think the constitution requires it,” he said, adding that he worries this will not be a one-time situation, requiring additional military involvement.

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