In a welcome move, Donald Trump has stopped the new Russian sanctions, just one day after United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley said that new sanctions were coming,  according to The Washington Post.

Haley has emerged as a focal point fuelling the staged Syria crisis to push the Globalist agenda of WW3, ready to use a chemical attack in Syria, which even the WHO spokesman confirmed that there was no evidence of, to plunge the world into global war.

Trump’s decisive action will do much to defuse tensions. It would be nice to see him fire Haley with equal decisiveness for her reckless actions, not to mention her lies.

More sanctions against Russia will only reduce the options for a diplomatic solution and rapprochement urgently needed to prevent WW3.

It is to be hoped that Trump and Putin start a dialogue to work out deals in areas of mutual interest.

In my view, Putin and the Kremlin oligarchs, who are to governing  Russia for purposes of self enrichment by means of authoritarian exploitation of the masses, also need to show some maturity. They need to recognize mutual deals come about through give and take.

Putin also has to be willing to give some things to the USA such as help with helping the Iran and North Korea missile programme, as well as a commitment not to engage in subversive activities such as exploiting its virtual monopoly on gas supply to European countries and not using the corruption of Pentagon officials and US corporations to sneakily obtain critical US computer code.

Putin and the oligarchs, who have zero real world experience of a free, democratic system, and project onto every country their own authoritarian, rip off system, need to be helped by Trump to understand that Trump wishes to be reelected and needs solid political gains, that please both his voter base as well as  the extremely powerful Pentagon. This will not occur to Putin unless it is spelled out to him by Trump.

In return, Trump can offer Putin some good trade and economic deals and help with rebuilding Syria under Assad.

Trump has crucial leverage over the corrupt Kremlin oligarchs and Putin in as far as they much of their personal wealth comes and the crumbs they give to pacify the impoverished masses come from gas exports to EU which Trump can start to cut off if they don’t show a willing spirit.

Crucial leverage is also that the oligarchs all want to stash their stolen money and put their children abroad. Trump can make it clear to Putin and co that their off shore bank accounts, yachts and safe havens outside Russia will come to an end if they don’t cooperate.

There is, it seems, nothing a Kremlin oligarch dreads quite as much as having no escape avenue for himself, his cash and his children abroad from those very Russians at home whom he has ripped off and impoverished and who, heartily, despise them. This I gather from my conversations with Russians who come to the monasteries in Greece or who marry Greeks.

The greed merchant oligarch class are alienated from the Russian people, however much Putin tries to paper over this huge crack with propaganda.  You only have to talk to a few Russians to realize they consider Putin and co good only in comparision to the lethal US neocons who swarmed like vultures into Russia after the Soviet Union disintigrated.

It won’t take much political and economic pressure on countries like Austria either to get them to take action against the Russian oligarchs there since this clique is utterly detested in Austria, for example, too for their brazen McMafia criminality, lies, theft, violence, lawlessness and decadence.

So, Putin and his Kremlin oligarchs are by no means as strong as they wish to project themselves and if they are not interested in deals to help their own people, they are interested in deals to help their own selves, opening a window for a new relationship between the US and Russia.


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