World Panda Organization confirms Russian pandas involved in yesterdays cyber attacks in the UK. Matter is now closed!

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Oops, I meant to post up a screenshot of another email I just got a few minutes ago, but have accidentally posted up yet again the same email from W.H.O. on Friday confirming it had no evidence confirming a chemical attack in Syria.

I’d just like to apologize to Theresa May for making that error yet again…  I know , I know, Theresa, you have a copy of the email yourself if you need it. …

Yes, I know I forwarded it to you and lots of other MPs half a day before you ordered a missile strike on Syria without consulting parliament…That might be a little bit of a problem for you as you face more scrutiny in parliament today about her actions. That’s why I want to say sorry, okay?

Now, I’d like to make it clear to all readers that I 100% support Theresa, Nikki, Boris and Emmanual when it comes to Russian chemical and cyber attacks. Let there be no doubts about that.

To prove to everyone how concerned I am about the Russian cyber attacks yesterday, I obtained confirmation from the World Panda Organization this morning that two video clips showing a panda engaged in cyber attacks in the UK which I posed up yesterday on my blog as a peace gesture, to, you know who, are authentic.

Repeat, this is an authentic video of a panda engaged in a UK cyber attack as reported in The Telegraph and elsewhere, so the WPO based in Geneva has confirmed.

Yesterday’s dirty trick cyber attacks marked a new low. Now we know who did it. The WPO has confirmed it. We don’t need any more evidence.

No more dissenting voices, okay? I don’t want to hear any more disinformation from those aligned with Moscow, right?

Especially not from that reader who questioned the point of using Pandas for carrying out cyber attacks in the UK.

I am warning that reader , I know your name and email address and will be passing it on to the NATO disinformation monitors. Anyway, the answer why to use pandas is simple, it’s common sense.

We know how much Foxnews reported on “sex crazed” pandas instead of the Trump Tower raid last week, lulling the US and UK population into a false idea about pandas.

The timing was perfect, you see, to use a panda to carry out the cyber attacks on the UK yesterday since no one would suspect pandas.

Don’t you see the genius of those Russkies?

They used pandas just when the US and UK public had been lulled to sleep. Pandas are actually extremely dedicated to family, clan and their local forest terrain. This single minded dedication makes them ready to undertake any mission if they feel these are threatened by nuclear war or chemical and biological warfare, a WPO source told me.

A Panda’s forest terrain can spread for 100 of kilometres, and contain entire “clans.” The largest Panda clans are in the Siberian forests of eastern Russia, in northern China and in North Korea. Recruits from these panda clans, the Pandovs, the Pan Chans and the Pan Jongs, are particularly willing to volunteer for dangerous missions, it seems.

So, there’s your answer. A panda was selected by Moscow for the cyberwarfare false flag in the UK precisely because of its cuddly appearance, which gave no rise to suspicion. It was able to enter an office building, access a key computer and destroy it before exiting again.

Now that’s clear I don’t want to hear any more questions about the cyber ops yesterday, okay?

We all know it happened. We know who did it. The matter is closed.

It makes me so angry that there are still sceptics that I can’t find my email from the WPO. Just infuriated about the many sceptics out there…Where’s your healthy faith in authority? Why are so willing to turn a blind eye to heinous atrocities?

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