The judge in charge of reviewing private material belonging to Donald Trump which was seized from his lawyer by FBI agents as part of the Stormy Daniels investigation officiated at the wedding of George Soros and was Bill Clinton’s first choice for Attorney General, it has emerged.

The close links between judge Kimba Wood and Soros and the Clintons will reinforce fears that the Russia probe has come under the control of Trump’s political enemy, and Soros will seek to exploit any information he obtains through his contacts to blackmail or embarass Trump.

Trump just has to look at my case against Soros and his fixer Alexis Tsipras in Greece to see that a Soros controlled judges and prosecutors are ready to use flagrantly criminal methods to get an endresult of an illegal custody for purposes of murder with impunity.

Another brazen attempt to smear 10 rival politicians of Tsipras of taking bribes from Novartis using three anonymous witnesses has hit an obstacle after the parliamentary committee headed by Tsipras returned the bribery case to prosecutors.

The claims of the three witnesses have not been corroborated by a shred of evidence. The so called witnesses seem to claim there is no corroborating evidence in the form of emails etc because the bribes of 50 million in cash were done so secretly. But if the bribes were handed over so secretly, how come three witnesses found out about them? How come the Novartis executive is described by one as going in a smart suit in the middle of the day to the office of the former PM Antonis Samaras with a suitcase full of cash? Is that secrecy?

Moreover, there is no reason for the witnesses to be allowed immunity from cross examination even if they are names are kept anonymous.


From Foxnews


In 2013, Wood presided over the marriage of Soros to his third wife Tamiko

Bolton in Bedford, N.Y.

The Hungarian-American billionaire is known for his promotion and enormous

funding of left-wing causes worldwide. According to Open Secrets, Soros

pumped $10 million into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign — making him one

of her top donors. Politico reported that his total funding of left-wing

and Democratic causes during the 2016 cycle was $25 million.

Predictably, Soros is no fan of Trump, calling him a “danger to the world”

at the World Economic Forum earlier this year.


But Soros isn’t Wood’s only liberal connection. While she was nominated to

the U.S. District Court by Republican President Ronald Reagan, she was

thrust in the national spotlight in 1993 when she was chosen by Democratic

President Bill Clinton to be attorney general.

The Clinton White House informed reporters that they expected to announce

Wood, only for her to withdraw from consideration amid a public firestorm

over revelations she had hired an illegal immigrant as a nanny.

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