Syrian boy says he was press ganged into being an extra in staged Syria chemical attack video

A Syrian boy has claimed images, which were the main basis for the Syrian chemical attack and spread on social media,  were staged.

Even without the credible claims of this new witness, it is clear the scene was staged due to the fact that 1. chlorine has a very strong smell allowing it to be instantly recognized by the health personnel and 2. chlorine turns to hydrochloric acid when mixed with water.

It follows any boy with contaminated hydrochloric acid running down their face and into their eyes etc would suffer significant injury and start screaming when the child noticed that he could not simply rub it off . But the boy in this footage just reacts confused. No wonder if we listen to his story.

From Infowars

A Syrian boy claims he unwittingly participated in faking a chemical weapons attack in Douma, which prompted a coalition airstrike from British, French and US forces last week.

In an interview released by Russia 24 TV Wednesday, Hassan Diab recalls being lured to a local hospital where he was grabbed by unknown people, doused in water and filmed.



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