From the frying pan into the fire. Trump’s plan to replace US forces with Saudis and mercenaries leaves Syria as a WW3 flashpoint

Donald Trump has to decide. Does he want WW3? Or does he want to keep doing deals or letting others like Jared Kushner do deals? To patch up one problem, just to create another is not a plan and will fuel suspicions he is being bribed or blackmailed to undermine US national interests and train wreck a US attempt to leave the NWO.

To my mind, there is no way a true patriot would leave George Soros fixer Geoffrey Pyatt to plant the equivalent of dynamite all over Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and Black Sea without any  real check. After more than a year in office and with a Soros judge now sitting on Trump Tower records, Trump cannot say he does not know Soros is dangerous to him, the MAGA agenda and the world. So why no action?

From RT

However, Brian Becker of the anti-war Answer Coalition told RT that the plan amounts to the US government “telling the American people ‘look, we’re going to go to war in Syria. It’s imperative that we do so, it’s imperative that we occupy – or our proxies under our guidance – occupy these other countries. But don’t worry, Americans won’t do any bleeding. The suffering, the bleeding will be done by others.’”

He went on to explain that “the real function of US troops in northern and eastern Syria – or if they are replaced by a NATO Arab military force, the Saudis so to speak, organized by Erik Prince – they will be nothing other than a tripwire allowing the US to bomb – either through bombs or missiles – against any force, including the sovereign Syrian Arab Army that seem to interfere with the American zone of influence in the northern and eastern parts of Syria.”

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