The Pentagon has removed the figures saying how many troops are serving in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in its latest report.

The way the Defense Manpower Data Center stripped troop data from its latest report may fuel concerns that Globalist elements in the Pentagon have significantly increased troops in Syria furtively in preparation for a false flag to start WW3.

A drill for US troops practicing chemical and biological warfare has just started in Jordan. A total of 3,600 marines and sailors from the enormous US fleet in eastern mediterrean are participating in the wargames just 300 miles from the capital of Syria.

Although the Pentagon claims that the wargames have nothing to do with the chemical false flag attack, the Globalists have a long history of planning false flags to coincide with military exercises and police drills to have a force to escalate a conflict at the scene. And there presence did coincident with a false flag missile chemical attack, which nearly sparked WW3.

The Ebola 2014 false flag showed that the Pentagon is full of Globalist moles.

A NATO affiliated lawyer who has worked for a US support base north of Larisa is acting as the de facto defender, and executioner of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in my case.

George Soros fixer Geoffrey Pyatt has still not been fired and is left to brazenly plan false flag attacks and warmonger at Greek military meetings, backed it seems by the likes of Jared Kushner.

Trump has to decide does he want to commit suicide with Javanka, who have clearly sided with the Globalist endgame plan or does he want  to live and the rest of his family to live? He cannot have it both ways. He either has to deal with all the Globalists now and put them on trial or risk being execute, impeached, framed or part of a depopulation plan every single day.

Trump should fire Pyatt and clear out the Globalists in Greece and in the Pentagon immediately because there is a real risk of a false flag incident leading to WW3.

Apart from that, my position signals to the entire world that Trump and the Pentagon are incompetent, information fools. To look like fools is an open invitation to be taken to the cleaners. In fact, it seems the Pentagon could not ascertain that images used on social media of the chemical attack were fake and could not take the initiative of contacting the WHO itself  underscores the major crisis of foolery in the Pentagon.

Now is the time to become info smart and spot chemical and cyber warfare false flags etc, now before WW3 occurs.

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