Not that funny after all…Have we just escaped the mother of all false flags predicted by Mike Adams? And was Trump a driving force for the end of the USA in the run up to his false flag missile strike by paving the way for gun confiscation and mass internment in FEMA camps by his attacks on the 1st and 2nd amendment joined by Melania?


After Melania was snapped smiling with Barack Obama at the funeral of Barbara Bush, I just double checked to see if  W.H.O. Spokesman Tarik Jasarevic is still alive.

Yes, Melania, vocal supporter of gun control and depopulation eugenicist David Hogg, is totally at ease with Obama, the man who tried to wipe out the US with an Ebola false flag in 2014, prompting the US military to recruit Trump, who offered to take back the Republic…

The internet is speculating what Melania and Barack might have said to each other.

“Hillary was delighted with the Syria missile strike, Mel?”

“It was hard to pull off with his base being so vocal…”

“You couldn’t shut down Infowars and that birdflu666 blog…”

“Fareed said Trump had morphed into Obama. That didn’t go down well with the generals.”


“That WHO spokesperson threw a spanner in the works at the last minute, Barack. We nearly got it through.”

Who knows what they said to each other? Eugenicist Globalist Obama is such a charming man after all. And charming too is Melania with her Slovenian accent as she goes on about students like David Hogg demanding gun control should have their voices heard. Shame, she doesn’t think someone like me, a journalist threatened for telling the truth, deserves to have my voice heard.

Tarik Jasarevic is still alive, by the way, so far. According to TASS, he was alive  anywayon April 17th when he responded to a request for info about Douma.

It’s not funny. The other W.H.O. spokesman Glenn Thomas I was in contact with in 2014 was killed in the Ukraine, which was ruled at the time by my proven reader George Soros and by his fixer US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, according to DNC leaks. He was killed just two weeks after he tried to stop an Ebola emergency declaration, which triggered a global vaccine campaign and martial law.

On June 27th 2014, brave, honest and good Glenn Thomas gave a platform to WHO Ebola expert Pierre Formenty who defused the Ebola hype in a press briefing in Geneva  as reported on this blog. By the 17th July, he was dead in a mysterious crash which the Dutch MP Peter Omtzigt says was brought down by Soros, Pyatt controlled Kiev, and the Ebola declaration was made.

The UK government, the BBC etc seem to be fuming at the way their claims about the Syrian chemical attack have fallen apart. They’ve moved from propaganda to brazenly bullying anyone who raises a doubt by branding them as Russian agents on air, including Admiral Alan West.

So, I guess my email exchange with Tarik Jarasevic confirming W.H.O had no evidence of a chemical attack just before Theresa May, Emmanual Macron and Donald Trump ordered a missile strike won’t go down well…

I just advise them that it’ll be pretty obvious, okay, if Tarik is hit by a plane while crossing the street in Geneva. Furthermore, he did not seem so much to want to help me as to avoid looking like WHO was hiding something.

As for my situation, fixer Geoffrey Pyatt is still the US ambassador in Athens even though he seems to be the one behind fixing my evidence George Soros was behind a murder attempt against me in such a way as to set me up for another de facto executioner.

Pyatt also seems to be behind the various false flag incidents with Turkey, the plot to engineer civil war through a football cup final and Macedonia name change and destabilize the entire Balkans. As long as he is ambassador, we can be 100% sure there is a major problem with Trump’s MAGA and a major ongoing threat to the USA and the world on the same scale as Hillary and Obama.

If Trump does not fire Pyatt and get me out of this situation by pressuring, at the very least, Alexis Tsipras, other proven reader of my blog, to settle out of court soon, then there will be good reason to believe he is compromised. After all, it seems he and his new NSA John Bolton were only stopped by the US military from ordering a missile strike on Russian and Iranian targets at the last moment, according to media reports.

Mike Pompeo’s CIA clearly failed to provide accurate information. Hillary recently praised Pompeo saying she was hopeful because he only brought two people with him i.e. he left her deep state NWO structures in tact to carry out just such false flags. So, more than one year into Trump’s presidency we have yet to see any firm evidence that Pompeo is against the NWO through his actions.

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Pompeo actually seemed to suggest that he envisioned regime change in Syria and American and Russian troops engaged in a direct confrontation…

In fact, it emerged in March that Trump actually offered the job of CIA head this year to Goldman Sachs banker Gary Cohn. The idea was dropped, probably because it would have been too obvious to his base what the deal was.

My case is a litmus test if Trump really did run for presidency to MAGA or to keep Chris Christie out. Chris Christie said he would definitely have won if Trump had not run.

It may sound improbable but the US military intelligence agencies knew that Hillary spelled a continuation of a plan to destroy the USA by WW3 and Fema camps to establish a NWO begun by Obama, and they were determined not to have her elected.

And now we have just witnessed Trump for ourselves trying to start WW3 over a false flag. This after pushing together with Melania (remember her speech about how the voices of Parkland students deserve to be heard i.e. David Hogg, depopulation eugenicist?) and Don Jr ‘s a gun control agenda and confiscation without due process. Trump was only stopped by the rifle association.

Trump, Melania and Don Jr also turned a blind eye to an unprecedented crackdown of independent media like Infowars on the Internet. True, Trump did some good things with tariffs etc in the last few days. But  that could have been a psy op to lull his base before he unleashed the “mother of all false flags”, the Syrian chemical attack.

Does anyone really believe that Trump who is always railing against fake news was so moved by footage on that very fake news that he was ready to start WW3 out of pity for the victims? Didn’t he try the same trick last year at the same time with the same selective outrage directed at Syria?

Did HR McMaster have to go because Trump knew he would have resisted this time around? Is that why John Bolton, who was instrumental in using fake intelligence about WMD to start a war in Iraq was appointed to replace McMaster? And didn’t Bolton , in fact, repeat exactly the same behaviour as he did under George Bush and call for a massive missile strike when the whole world knew it was a false flag?

The stage was set with 3,600 US soldiers carrying out drills in Jordan for a rapid escalation of a ground war into a WW3, dragging in Europe, Russia, China as well chemical false flags in the USA (remember Nikki Haley warning about those out of the blue?), gun confiscation and the herding of Americans into FEMA camps if Trump had been able to carry out the missile strike as he originally planned it.

In fact, it was media under pressure like Infowars which called out Trump most forcefully on his Syria missile strike as well as my blog.

I don’t think any one buys the lie that Trump does not know what is going on in the internet crackdown or in my case either.  The  NWO tactic of the stand down and selective inaction is too well known in the meantime. Trump and Melania stood down the defence of the first amendment when it came to the independent media that got them elected to carry out the MAGA agenda. But when it came to David Hogg and the gun confiscation agenda, they were very vocal in support.

Trump and Melania have also been conspicuous in not inviting  Maryland hero Blaine Gaskill to the White House or promoting him. Where are Trump’s tweets praising the quick thinking Sheriff? Or Melania’s speech at some governor’s lunch saying the voices of gun control advocates should be heard? It’s all very one sided.

Does anyone really buy the lie they wanted to reach out across the political aisle? Do you give up the first and second amendment which your base voted you in to office to defend in an empty political gesture of reaching out to the Dems?

Every week he does not act, is a week where suspicion must increase, he is a fake candidate entered by a NWO faction fighting Hillary to get a better deal for them or he has been compromised.

The Soros lawyer and executioner in my case is even a NATO affiliated lawyer. So, that’s the lead all the way up to the Globalist elements in the Pentagon. They have the upper hand. As long as they have the upper hand, there is an immediate threat of more false flags.

More about Soros and Pyatt in the Ukraine from Zerohedge

Now more documents, in the massive 2,500 leaked tranche, show the immense power and control Soros had over Ukraine immediately following the illegal Maidan government overthrow.

Soros and his NGO executives held detailed and extensive meetings with just about every actor involved in the Maidan coup: from US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, to Ukraine’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Health, and Education.

The only person missing was Victoria Nuland, though we are sure those meeting minutes are waiting to see the light of day.

Plans to subvert and undermine Russian influence and cultural ties to Ukraine are a central focus of every conversation. US hard power, and EU soft power, is central towards bringing Ukraine into the neo-liberal model that Soros champions, while bringing Russia to its economic knees.

Soros’ NGO,  International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) plays a key role in the formation of the “New Ukraine”…the term Soros frequently uses when referring to his Ukraine project.

In a document titled, “Breakfast with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt”, George Soros, (aka GS), discusses Ukraine’s future with:


Geoffrey Pyatt (US Ambassador to Ukraine); David Meale (Economic Counsellor to the Ambassador); Lenny Benardo (OSF); Yevhen Bystrytsky (Executive Director, IRF); Oleksandr Sushko (Board Chair, IRF); Ivan Krastev (Chariman, Centre for Liberal Studies); Sabine Freizer (OSF); Deff Barton (Director, USAID, Ukraine)

The meeting took place on March 31, 2014, just a few months after the Maidan coup, and weeks before a full out civil war erupted, after Ukraine forces attacked the Donbass.

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