A red hot tip for Theresa and the BBC about the real origin of Russian bots…

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Oops, I meant to post up an email about a Russian bot, and I put up that email again from the W.H.O. from Friday 13th categorically stating there was no confirmation of a chemical attack in Douma.

Sorry about that again, Theresa, Boris!

Yes, I know that  BBC journalist Annita McVeigh let the cat out of the bag a little bit when she said that your missile strike at a time when WHO had no evidence confirming a chemical attack had massive implications in her interview with Admiral Alan West. Of course, I get you could end up in jail for trying to drag the UK into WW3 using a false flag!!! Didn’t I mention the Chilcott inquiry in my email to you before you ordered the strike? Look, I’m really sorry, okay! Yes, I get we are in an information war with Russia, okay? That’s why I want to give you, and the UK government, and the BBC a very hot tip.


Listen up. I just got this tip from a source, let’s just say from my journalist sources in Moscow, okay? A red hot insider tip…


You want to know who was really behind the 4000% increase in Russian bots? Well, it wasn’t Syrian Girl or Maram Susli or Ian @Ian56789. It was that Panda yet again.

Proof comes in the form of this video clip of Panda tweeting on his mobile phone as he moves from one black op site to the next.

I know you can’t see Panda’s mobile phone. That’s because his car is so crowded. See that shifty looking Ruskie sitting in front tweeting away? It’s also moving on a bumpy road on the border between Russia and Europe. Of course, they were reliable sources that informed me that that is Panda’s mobile troll farm. It can generate bots watched by audiences of more than 130 million people during an average road trip…

Why ask me? It’s obvious, Theresa. You know what to do! A missile strike on Panda! It might spark WW3 but you can’t lose the information war!

From Infowars


The UK government is attempting to silence dissent from those questioning the massive holes in the Skripal poisoning case by claiming all their opposition is “Russian bots.”

One of those “bots” identified by Whitehall is none other than “Syrian Girl,” real name Maram Susli.

Susli responded to the accusations with mockery:

Here’s how the state stenographers at The Guardian reported the news (which they’ve refused to correct for two days):

Russia used trolls and bots to unleash disinformation on to social media in the wake of the Salisbury poisoning, according to fresh Whitehall analysis. Government sources said experts had uncovered an increase of up to 4,000% in the spread of propaganda from Russia-based accounts since the attack,– many of which were identifiable as automated bots.

Theresa May highlighted the cyber-threat from Russia in her Mansion House speech earlier this year, telling the Kremlin: “I have a very simple message for Russia. We know what you are doing. And you will not succeed.”

But civil servants identified a sharp increase in the flow of fake news after the Salisbury poisoning, which continued in the runup to the airstrikes on Syria.

One bot, @Ian56789, was sending 100 posts a day during a 12-day period from 7 April, and reached 23 million users, before the account was suspended. It focused on claims that the chemical weapons attack on Douma had been falsified, using the hashtag #falseflag. Another, @Partisangirl, reached 61 million users with 2,300 posts over the same 12-day period.

…May said afterwards: “Russia is using cyber as part of a wider effort to undermine the international system. This disinformation campaign is not just aimed at social media and the UK – it is intended to undermine the actual institutions and processes of the rules-based system, such as the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons. We must do all we can at every turn to challenge this.”

The state not being allowed to lie people into war with total impunity is undermining our “international system.”

The other “bot,” Ian56789, also went on Sky News to refute the government’s claims (his account was evidently later unsuspended).


Ian56  @Ian56789
My interview today on @Skynews refuting the UK gov’s malicious, completely fabricated & false allegation that I am “a Russian” bot.
I got a few Zingers in on Live TV, please watch.https://youtu.be/nuWoLTV9StU?t=2m51s

My written statement refuting UK gov allegations http://ian56.blogspot.com/2018/04/sky-statement-why-im-not-russian-bot.html



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