After escaping the Syrian false flag hemical attack, the mother of all false flags which Infowars and Mike Adams warned about at the time of the unprecedented crackdown on independent media on the internet, CIA sources are warning about more terror attacks.

Look out for a false flag chemical attack in the USA, UK, Europe staged in order
1. to confiscate guns,
2. to herd them into FEMA camps,
3. to give them vaccines or gas
4. to justify declaring war
5. to jutify arresting all so called “Russian disinformation agents and bots” who question the official narrative
5. to justify mass conscription into an EU army and war economy

and also to justify attacking
North Korea or
Syria or
Turkey or
Russia or
Iran or
China or
all of the above.

Get ready for the corporate media to blame the next false flag on
Kim Jong Un or
Assad or
Putin or
Erdogan or
or all of the above.

If it is a biological or chemical attack false flag watch out for it occuring in
1. enclosed buildings (school gym since killing children gives the MSM propaganda a bigger outrage factor)
2. tunnels or subways
3. at a crowded time

Watch out for social media videos and pictures showing
1. a real or staged attack
2. graphic footage of real or fictional people injured
3. a yellow canister or other metal object presented as the source
4. the culprit leaving behind their ID behind (their North Korean, Russian, Chinese, Turkish passport, driving licence etc)
5. a shoot out and a dead body presented as the culprit
6. massive propaganda on the mainstream media whipping up panic
7. intimidation of anyone who questions the official narrative


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