Putin to spend more than a few crumbs on ordinary Russians

From Bloomberg

Vladimir Putin is planning a roughly 10 trillion-ruble ($162 billion) increase in spending on health care, education and infrastructure, hoping to kick-start sputtering economic growth in his new presidential term, according to people familiar with the plans.


Questions remain on how Putin plans to finance the much needed increase in spending to raise the living standards of ordinary Russians. Who knows? He may even consider a tax on the oligarchs mega wealth generated by their control of Russia’s banks and resources and by using some of their ill gotten gains stashed away in offshore bank accounts. He may even decide to return Russia to sovereign money and abolish the private central bank charging circa 11% interest and crippling the economy.

Among education initiatives, a programme teaching ethical and social responsibility to Russia’s oligarchs and their children should be considered in a bid to reign in the country’s an out of control McMafia culture. Diplomats could also be included. Then, Russia might not find itself so friendless at the UN and on the international stage whenever a WW3 crisis occurs. Even when the Russians genuinely are the victims of a false flag, they can barely muster a handful of supporting countries in the UN. Why is this?

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