My mirror selfie as world braces for Ebola vaccine cultured in same African green monkey cells that gave us AIDS

May 21, 2018


miror selfie 3

My mirror selfie for the week as it emerges Donald Trump really is a Kremlin (Deripaska?, Rothschild?) agent and a eugenicist Globalist and as a new  Ebola false flag threat has been unleashed, this time spearheaded by Publich Health England.

A vaccine campaign is starting in the DR Congo.

The experimental jab contains an Ebola virus spliced together with a rabies virus and manufactured using the cells of African green monkeys which gave the world AIDS, reports


Bare in mind, it may not be me blogging from day to day so do not rely on reports from this blog. Things are moving very rapidly. My blog is hacked. It can be taken over.

As “U.S. adversaries and competitors, such as Russia and China, are restructuring theirmilitary forces around the concept of information,” and generators of information like myself have become the number 1 target and have been for ten years while the Pentagon generals sit around napping, surrounded by security.

Does James Mattis go even one foot outside the Pentagon without a huge security team? No, he makes sure he surrounded with dozens  of agents and he is not even a target in the information warfare age. He neither produces significant information nor can he act on information in any significant manner nor can he organize others to do so or recognize the challenges of the information age. 

Mattis actually let the US news pandemic expert Admiral Tim Ziemer be fired last week. At that point, at the latest, Mattis should have sent a Navy Seal Team to the NSC to accompany Ziemer back into his office, citing national security needs, and left him guarded round the clock.  The Globalists don’t respect Mattis. They know he is a supine coward. They know they can fire Tim Ziemer in front of the world, threaten me day in, day out, in front of the world. As long as he’s okay, right?

I am, anyway, gong to focus on more spiritual aspects in this battle from now on. That we are facing the same threat as in 2014, as in 2010, as in 2009 is the result of a deep seated spiritual and moral malaise.

The attitude seems to be among organizations like the Pentagon and US nurses “just do the minimum to get along,” “if it isn’t in my immediate task list, I am not doing it,” “too much work, trouble,” “some one else will do it.”

Who? When almost everyone shows the same pitilessness, indifference, selfishness, hardness, cruelty, callousness as you?

And should people like Deborah Burger, who had the responsibility, resources and mandate to tackle this issue years ago and did not, somehow escape to live another ten years? Should she sow nothing and yet reap the harvest others have sown year after year? Or should be compelled to sow before she reaps, do her fair share of the work or face death at the hands of the pitiless eugenicist Globalists, as pitiless as she has been.

Either the Pentagon, the US health care workers etc go from 5 mph to 500 mph in terms of moral and ethical attitude or it looks very bleak for them.

If you don’t read on this blog, I am getting help in the next few days, you can be sure they remain clueless, cannot figure out what to do or cannot do it. It’s 10 minutes past 12. Only radical, effective, ethical action in the information domain in terms of exposure can save the day.

It may not happen. This time, the Globalists may well succeed in removing you and billions of others from this globe in the near future. Let that fact sink in.

More on the vaccine which you too could soon be forced to take under WHO IHR if WHO declares an Ebola emergency.


As of April 2017, ring vaccination with

rVSV-EBOV appeared to be somewhat effective,

but the extent of efficacy was uncertain, due

to the trial design and elimination of the

delayed treatment arm part way through the


Nearly 800 people were ring vaccinated on an

emergency basis with VSV-EBOV when another

Ebola outbreak occurred in Guinea in March

2016.[9] In 2017, in the face of a new

outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic

of the Congo, the Ministry of Health approved

its emergency use.[11]

Adverse effects
Adverse effects have occurred in around half

the people given the vaccine, were generally

mild to moderate, and included headache,

fatigue, and muscle pain.[4][12][1

Daniel Bausch’s team from Public Health England arrives in Congo ahead of mass vaccination campaign and climbing Ebola toll. A US navy bioweapons scientist, Bausch was at epicentre of 2014 Ebola outbreak…

May 21, 2018

The only way to stop this Ebola outbreak looks like being exposing the Globalist depopulation plan. Implementing standard epidemic control measures won’t help much if Globalist teams are spreading the disease in others place or simulating Ebola death with agents formaldehyde as appears to have happened in 2014.

That means exposing Donald Trump and the Globalists in his administration such as John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Rick Perry ( Texas governor in 2014 when the state had such a chaotic initial response to Ebola), Scott Gottlieb, Steve Mnuchin and co as well as Barack Obama.

Interestingly, the original article on formaldehyde poisoning, denounced by the Washington Post, seems to have been removed from the Liberian Observer.

UK joins fight against Ebola


Mark Gould

Monday, 21 May 2018


 UK public health experts and aid money are helping combat the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The UK Public Health Rapid Support Team (UK-PHRST) flew into the DRC this weekend within 48 hours of confirmation of the new outbreak in order to strengthen the country’s response, curtail the spread of disease, and ultimately save lives.

The deployment came in response to a call from the World Health Organisation’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, which the members of the UK-PHRST will be part of. The network is working closely with the government of the DRC to rapidly scale up its operations in response to the current outbreak.

The three UK-PHRST team members deploying include two epidemiologists and a data scientist. The team is expected to remain in the DRC for around six weeks, during which time they will help track the spread of the outbreak, and will also support in establishing robust data systems that will help align crucial information gathering. The UK-PHRST also has expertise in various other key areas for Ebola response, such as laboratory diagnostics, that can be deployed should they be needed.

Meanwhile an Ebola vaccine, which was developed in trials funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and Wellcome after the last major Ebola outbreak in 2014, is already being transported to affected areas.

The vaccination campaign has been set up thanks to UK aid and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Gavi, with DFID support, is funding the transport of vaccines to the affected areas – thousands of doses are already on the ground. The DRC government, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Médecins Sans Frontières will lead the vaccination campaign.

The UK is also helping to fund the rapid response through its major contributions to the UN’s Central Fund for Emergencies, and the WHO’s Contingency Fund for Emergencies, both of which have released $2 million to fund surveillance, diagnosis and treatment operations. The UK is the largest donor to the UN Fund and the second largest donor to the WHO Fund.

Professor Daniel Bausch, director of the UK-PHRST said: “We are all aware of the potential devastation Ebola can cause, so it’s essential that we respond rapidly to stop the outbreak in its tracks.

“Fortunately, we are seeing a rapid response both in the DRC and from international partners, and the UK-PHRST is proud to be part of that, providing specialist support that can benefit the country, not only for this outbreak but for the long-term.”

The UK-PHRST, funded by the UK Aid, is a partnership between Public Health England and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The team also works with the University of Oxford and King’s College London as academic partners. It continually monitors infectious diseases and other hazards globally, identifying situations where the deployment of specialist expertise could prevent these threats from turning into a global outbreak.

Spiritual warfare boot camp for the End times battle. Part 1

May 21, 2018

Listen up, Pentagon, nappers!

Time for a spiritual boot camp. On your toes.

Memorize. Any work done in the cause of justice, truth, freedom is blessed by God. Anyone blessed by God may appear to fail at first, but in the end, they succeed.

It’s important to contact God (called prayer), get his orders (called inspiration), and carry out our mission (called obedience).

When anyone does the will of God, they are entitled to divine help. Divine help is the foundation of everything.  Got that?

Remember the oath you swore to God, the Constitution. Now is the time to put that oath into practise. The Republic is on its death bed facing threats on all sides from dark, evil forces (Globalists, corruption, Ebola, cyberwarfare, WW3, false flags).

Evil can only be fought with goodness and God. Indifference, selfishness, cowardice need to be left outside the gates of this boot camp.

Here’s the deal. Your energy, your focus, your habits have to change for your to change. This boot camp aims to change your habits.

When you go into work, do not just slump into your chair, shuffle through the documents on your desk, check your email and spend hours and hours absorbed, squandering your energy on a thousand thins, missing the point. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. But it is the path to defeat, spiritual, moral and military, political and economic defeat. It’s, in fact, increasingly the path to death.

Set up a corner to pray.
Put up an icon in a corner, for example.
Put some stones together to form an altar if that seems more appropriate to you.
Add a flower, a branch, a candle.

Create a space where you can spend time with the Field Marshall in the sky obtaining his directions.
Martin Luther spent four hours charging his batteries, strategizing, war gaming in central command post in the morning praying when he had something important to do.
Rescuing the USA and the world from the evil Globalists is important.

Don’t approach God like a bully sergeant shouting at recruits. “Do this, do that! Jump! Why are you so slow, God! Get a move on. Trouble is here. And you’re so slow.”

Don’t approach God either like a bureaucrat or technocrat doing his bit as part of a system, that is, lukewarm, half hearted, indifferent.

“Why should I pray to God? It’s not my fault the USA is facing obliteration. I did my job. It’s someone else responsibility. I have enough work to do, poor me. Why shouldn’t I have some fun out of life and be able to watch the football…?”

Don’t approach God like an egotistical careerist either.
“Just keep me safe, Lord. Please, just protect me, take care of me. I don’t cause anyone any trouble. I never rock the boot. I don’t care about the rest. They’re all failures, but I am worthy.”

Approach God like a recruit arriving on their first day at bootcamp. Remember how you felt as a recruit rolling up at bootcamp? Remember your impressions? Your emotions facing something new, unfamiliar, bigger.

How much bigger is God.

God is bigger than the Marine Corps, okay?

Did the Marine corp create the universe, the stars, the mountains, the sea, human beings, plants, animals, love, light, creativity, beauty?

Are you all knowing, all present, capable of ending the experiment “planet earth” with a snap of your fingers?

Okay, you are a recruit in God’s great boot camp.

Show respect, feel respect before the Field Marshall directing the entire universe, straighten up as you stand in your prayer corner.

Be aware you do have a heart and now is the time to locate it.
What is beating inside you like a clock is not just a fleshy organ. It is your communications centre with the divine. This is where the signals come from sent by the HQ in the sky in the form of light, delight, expansion, consolation, peace, idea.

Feel pain at the fact you are just a recruit, with little to offer. Feel embarrased at your poor record in God’s spiritual army with countless days behind you thinking only of yourself.
Feel pain at the dreadful state of the USA.

Ask God to help you make it through his bootcamp to emerge an effective warrior for justice and truth filled with a divine flame.

Ask God to help you take the knocks and falls in bootcamp, the tough discipline,  to advance quickly in enlightenment, wisdom, discernment, compassion and courage.

Warm up by reading some of the Psalms.
Get a translation you like.
Try the NIV.
They’re lots of versions online.
You can print them out.
Why the Psalms?

First off, the author of the Psalms, David, was also a soldier, fighting in wars, having to deal with real world threats, dangers, strategic and tactical problems on a constant basis as well as treachery, a smear campaign, exiled and hunted in the desert (special ops lasting ten years.

If he could do get divine help, you can get it. Main thing is you recognize you are a worthless recruit, want to improve, want to do what is just and believe God will help his Creation.

Second, you are a recruit, remember?

The recognition of the transitory nature of your life, the inevitability of death, the fleetingness of material world, always changing, is appropriate for a recruit in basic training. Truth is, you are mortal, finite, limited, narrow, hard hearted and shallow like all other human beings. You depend totally on God for everything, every breath you take, every day you are alive, all your good talents.

To be in a position to look up to Field Marshall God, who has so much power over you and he world, to be able to talk to him and be listened to is a huge honour for a recruit.

The Psalms express true reverence, true awareness of the great gap between human beings and God, true awe at the immense power of God who sustains everything in the universe with his power, true understanding of the nothingness of human beings without God.

When we look up to God, to the substance, the power that reigns through out the universe, it is for us to admire God.

The Psalms express wonder at God’s works and creation, the many large and small things recognizing them as signs of his love. The light, sky, clouds, wind are all signs of God’s creativity and his love.

They are not just symbols on terrain or weather support map for operations, okay?
In addition, the Psalms show appreciation of God’s wonderful ordering of so many elements.

God sustains what he creates, something we should also be grateful for.
Reverence is the right attitude for a recruit aware of finitenss and their huge distance from God.

Reverence allows our souls to take part in the infinite, immortal force of God.
Fear follows reverence. God really is the Field Marshall who can court martial you, strip you of your ranks, pay, pension and throw you out. And he will do it, if the recruit does not learn to be just, honest, selfless, generous, brave in the spiritual battle.

But chin up. This Field Marshall is full of good will and wants you to succeed. He created you in His image with infinite potential. He has pledged his personal help if you make a real effort to make it through boot camp. It’s not enough just to be aware of the Absolute, the divine. You have to show through your actions that you are worthy of promotion to the eternal sphere.

By the end of bootcamp, you have to score a set number of points, okay. You fail to measure up, that’s it. Selfish? Yes. Lazy? Yes. Impudent. Yes. Out. The Field Marshall is not going to let you, the recruit, decide the criteria for belonging to his great camp in the sky. He decides and he wants quality company, quality soldiers in his army.

Make it a habit to to read the Psalms and think about what you are reading. Pray to God and ask him to open your mind and heart to their meaning.

Maximum versus minimum effort

May 21, 2018

Having failed to trigger WW3 through a false flag, Prince Charles, Harry and Meghan have hastily re adjusted their plans. The new couple have delayed their much publicized honeymoon and instead will appear prominently in public events featuring Charles…

Furthermore, Harry and his new CIA agent wife might now even go to hotspot Turkey for their honeymoon according to The Sun in addition to the Invictus games in Sydney….

This development illustrates a point, When the Globalists are foiled, they sit down and try to figure out a new plan, partly because they have no life, inner life. Their life is shallow, materialistic, a single minded, aggressive drive for power, money and fame. Obstructed, they immediately figure out a new plan and implement it.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon yawns, stretches, has a nap…is taken by surprise, reacts in panic, wonders what to do, is guided by the principle of do the minimum, stay comfortable, avoid effort, and then sits back in its chair again, yawns, naps…

The Pentagon has to make maximum effort its guiding principle in the fight against the Globalists. Every unit has to be mobilized, informed, integrated into the fight.

From The Sun

The royal couple are selflessly delaying their honeymoon, and getting back to work quickly after the wedding.

Their first royal engagement is scheduled to take place just a week after Harry and Meghan tie the knot.

It is not yet known what the event they are attending is, but it is due to happen the week beginning May 21.

Their honeymoon will instead happen last this year, although it is likely to be before autumn as they will be attending the Invictus Games and have a number of other events lined up.


May 21, 2018

The Pentagon has appointed a new deputy commandant for information in an effort to kick start its information-related capability, whose visible and public failure threatens the very existence of the USA by emboldening every enemy, whether it is a state or a non state actor.

What has just happened to the US pandemic expert Tim Ziemer as the Ebola threat comes back with a vengeance? What does that tell Russia, China, and everyone in the world, including the non state actors like the Globalists, about how seriously the Pentagon takes information and understands its character?

It s new information command hasn’t been able to grasp in one entire year the point that the generators of specialist information and processors of information like Tim Ziemer and myself are the key actors in the info war and also the prime targets to be eliminated by violence or dirty tricks. 

 Why would anyone bother targeting James Mattis? He is a gift to every enemy of the USA on the planet because cannot handle information and he manages the Pentagon like a bureaucrat from the 1970s.

In an info war, the info warriors are targeted by hostile entities because without them, there is no info, and hence no game plan, and no success. No success  in the emerging field of biological warfare, chemical warfare, cyber warfare or electronic warfare. AI systems are not able to replace people in analysing and synthesising information, especially if they haven’t been programmed correctly.

Didn’t I say in September when I had to start putting selfies up to prove I am alive from week to week in Larisa in the crosshairs of the Globalists that this was sending a disastrous message to the world that key people are just left to be hung out and dry by the spineless Pentagon? Everyone can see they just have to fire or kill information assets and its game over for the USA. 

Who does the Pentagon still rely on for info on Ebola and other pandemics plus chemical warfare? My blog, okay. How is that possible?

How long have I been in extreme danger on account of that info as documented by police reports etc? Since 2015. How many documented murder attempts have occurred since orchestrated by the Greek government and possibly Trump? When is the next scheduled date for me to be turned into Otto Warmbier by a totally corrupt justice system?

What help have I received from the Pentagon facing overwhelming odds and with no help whatsoever? What does that tell Russia, China and every one in the world?The US soldiers should not tolerate this incompetence any longer. They should protest the way their lives are put on the line by lies about taking information seriously when the whole world can see they don t.

Better than make pathetic publicity stunts and creating a new commandant for information who has done nothing in one year, would be to actually take real world action to protect information and the live of the people who delivers it.

One year after founding an information command, the Pentagon can neither generate critical information, nor protect key information assets. It cannot analyse information. It cannot prioritize information. It cannot integrate information. It cannot apply information. It cannot develop an effective plan based on new information. It cannot get a real world result.

My case is the litmus test. If the Pentagon does not move heaven and hell to get me out of Larisa in one month by compelling Greece to settle my cases out of court, I predict its over for the USA. They are moving too slowly, are too incompetent to keep up with the new challenges of the info environment and time is running out for them to shift gear and start delivering results.

It also shows the Pentagon is too compromised to declare an info war on the Globalists, the USA number one threat.

From the media

U.S. adversaries and competitors, such as Russia and China, are restructuring their military forces around the concept of information, an approach that views cyber, space, electronic warfare and information operations as one discipline, not separate and siloed domains.

The Department of Defense is now following a similar approach.

In summer 2017 the Marine Corps reorganized its leadership and forces to reflect a new reality: that information will play an outsized role in any future conflict. As a result, the service has established a new deputy commandant for information, a three-star billet that will oversee all aspects of information warfare within the service.

In June, the Pentagon announced the appointment of Lt. Gen. Daniel O’Donohue to serve in that job.

“In our Marine Corps Operating Concept, what we really drive to is information warfare,” Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general at the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, said at the Association of the U.S. Army’s annual conference in October.

The Marine Corps is making a fundamental shift to better posture itself and organize in the emerging information environment.

While the service recently established a new deputy commandant for information, a three-star position that oversees all aspects of information warfare, the Marines also recently created a new Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group (MIG) at all three MEFs.

Marine Corps leaders say the expansion of internet and wireless communication as well as the influence of social media, has changed how enemies use information. It’s also changed how the Marine Corps fights in that environment.

“The MEF Information Group … may not sound like a lot, but it’s really changing how we’re going to be operating in that domain,” said Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general at the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.


May 19, 2018

For a couple who are supposed to hate the limelight, Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding today was, indeed,  “an extraordinary star-studded, multi-cultural ceremony, the likes of which the Royals have never seen” as The Daily Mail put it.

Oprah Winfrey and the Clooneys were among the “Hollywood royalty” attending….

The US bishop, giving his performance, has been part of an ecumenical delegation to the Vatican.

His ” passionate address… appeared to make some royals snigger”…Not just the royals.

The only sincere part seemed to be Harry crying throughout the ceremony.

Perhaps it hit him he was marrying what appears to be a CIA agent. Meghan was an intern at the state department.

The CIA is a huge and sprawling bureaucracy. But there is a rogue element which makes use of the secrecy and compartmentalisation to carry out NWO operations.

This group seems to be linked closely to Holloywood…

Thank God, it went off without an incident, although there is still the FA cup final between Chelsea and Man U this evening as another possibility.

From The Daily Mail

A very modern marriage: Harry and Meghan wed at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in an extraordinary star-studded, multi-cultural ceremony, the likes of which the Royals have never seen
Up to 100,000 people have descended on Windsor to see Prince Harry marry his bride Meghan Markle today
The 2,000-plus excited guests include all senior royals including the Queen and Hollywood royalty too
The Clooneys, the Beckhams, Idris Elba, Elton John and Oprah Winfrey among stars watching the wedding
Divorcee walked half way through chapel alone where Charles will then take her to the altar and his son
As Harry greeted his bride at the alter he said: ‘You look amazing’ and thanked his father for giving her away

Watch local Brits arriving at the royal wedding amid false flag fears, expect social media and BBC to play a big role in any Global pys op to drag UK, USA, Common Wealth and Europe into WW3

May 19, 2018


Last guests arriving at Windsor Castle for the royal  wedding, starting in around an hour local time.

A translation of the French subtitles…may not be entirely accurate, my French is not that good…

(From the ground)Let us in.

(From Windsor Castle battlements) What do you want?

To go to the royal wedding.

Dressed like that?

We’ve been seated up at the front, close to Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle…

The CIA agents? Yes, but bullet proof vests would have been enough.

Rich for you to say. Just look at the way you’re dressed up.

I am on duty as part of a sniper detail. I can’t let you in wearing a suit of armour

Look, the SAS exercise with Meghan and Harry included live ammo, okay. It was a mix of live and dummy rounds. She was taught to tell the difference. I haven’t been.

Okay, but try to stay in the background.

You don’t need to tell us twice. But Meghan and Harry have invited 600 people. We can’t avoid them all.

Stay close to the ones who have a smartphone ready and look like David Hogg.