From an info war, to a spiritual war


My mirror selfie for the week. Donald Trump and co won’t be happy about my blog posts about the latest Ebola outbreak and, who knows, they might even be scheming on a way to get hold of my anyway hacked blog….

The ruthlessness with which Trump fired America’s  pandemic expert Admiral Tim Ziemer just as the country, and indeed world, is set to be steam rolled by an orchestrated Ebola outbreak and vaccine campaign underlines Trump’s intention really is to remove a significant number of people from this planet in the near future. The gloves have come off.

Incredibly, the Pentagon just twiddled his thumbs as the USA’s primary asset to stop a threat greater than Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, all rolled into one, was ousted with not even a year in his position at the NSC. And that by a verifiable foreign agent whose pockets are stuffed with bribes.

But then again, the Pentagon have also left me to be targetted for assassination by the Globalists in front of the world, including their own troops, signalling the kind of moral cowardice and corruption which endear them to the Globalists like Bill gates, but could leave them facing charges if the Russia probe is taken out of the hands of the blatantly corrupt Robert Mueller and some one tries to get to the bottom of it.

The Austrians too should finally take action to get me the help I am deserving of as a citizen targetted by a corrupt justice system under Alexis Tsipras, George Soros and Donald Trump. They have to stand up to Strache, Kurz, and Van der Bellen or face being wiped out.

Given the fact there is nothing much I can add, this blog is now taking a new approach to the current Ebola threat. We are no longer facing an information deficit. We have a spiritual deficit. It has been clear since the Baxter contamination incident in 2009 what has to be done. But there has been not much will to do it.

Now, we could be facing our last chance with just days away from the start of a full scale Ebola conflagration and weeks away from forced mass vaccinations and quarantines, not to mention all the other threats associated with escalating WW3 tensions.

Half measures won’t do or won’t stick for long. The Globalists will only regroup and go for the jugular again. They have to be removed and the system relaunched.

Since we do seem to be in a period which could be the End days, according also to Elder Paisios, this blog is going to focus from now on spiritual aspects of our struggle against evil. Evil can only be fought with God. Faith in God gives courage, boldness, inspiration, victory in apparently impossible situations when the worldly mindset brings paralysis (“what will others think if I actually take action to save the USA? will they critize me? will I look a fool? will I have problems? etc)

Let’s have faith, faith in God, in ourselves, in our potential, in our beautiful planet, in our great cultures, in our future.

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