Smolensk assassin Donald Tusk meddles in Macedonia name row to fan flames of civil war

Donald Tusk, who is at the centre of a trial in Poland over his role in the Smolensk plane crash, has meddled in the Macedonia name row, apparently urging Alexis Tsipras to declare a new name with the term Macedonia for FYROM in a media coup on the sidelines of an EU summit in Sofia.

Violence at the Greek football cup on Saturday fuelled a fake media narrative of a country on the verge of civil war.

Tusk’s chief of staff organized the Smolensk flight and invitations, luring 96 people to the airport, where I believe, they were seized and taken to a CIA black spot to be murdered. There is no evidence they ever boarded the plane.

Vladimir Putin helped cover up the murder, a favour to Hillary and the FBI…

From Xinhau

WARSAW, April 23 (Xinhua) — European Council President Donald Tusk has been questioned on Monday at a Warsaw district court in the ongoing investigation into 2010 Smolensk air disaster in Russia.

“Politically, I was not responsible for President Lech Kaczynski’s visit to Katyn on April 10, 2010”, the former Polish prime Minister told the court. “It is not the prime minister’s competence to deal with the logistic side of this kind of undertakings and initiatives” as foreign visits of the head of state, Tusk said.

“It is not and should not be the task of the prime minister or the president to influence any decision regarding the landing place, time or the direction of the flight”, he added.

Tusk also added that he had no knowledge about any risk involved in landing at the Smolensk airport.

Donald Tusk’s former chancellery head, Tomasz Arabski and four other officials are accused by some families of the Smolensk crash victims, of negligence during organizing then-President Lech Kaczynski’s visit to Katyn on April 10, 2010. Their trial started in March 2016, they plead not guilty.

Tusk has previously been questioned as a witness in August 2017.

On April 10, 2010, a Polish government plane with then Polish president, first lady and dozens of senior government officials and military commanders crashed near a military airfield in Smolensk, western Russia, killing all 96 people on board.

From Greek Reporter

The messages from Athens and Skopje regarding the FYROM name issue are positive, an EU official said on Tuesday.

The issue was the subject of a phone call between European Council President Donald Tusk and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, ahead of the EU-Western Balkans summit on Thursday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“The two prime ministers — Tsipras and Zaev — will meet bilaterally on the sidelines of the Western Balkans Summit.

“We hope that they will inform us of good developments in the ongoing negotiations. The agreement will not be concluded in Sofia, obviously, but by June — which is the key month for EU decisions on starting accession negotiations with FYROM — we hope to have a good outcome,” the official told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

However, Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos was less optimistic, telling reporters in Athens on Tuesday: “In our continuing talks with our neighbors, there has been significant progress but we are still far away from concluding negotiations and reaching an agreement.”

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