Theresa May phones Panda on day of royal wedding…Oprah Winfrey is among the guests, more proof wedding is Globalist psy op…FA Cup final could also be target of false flag!


Wow! Look how fast  Panda headed for the exit as soon as he heard Theresa May was on the phone…afraid of a being embroiled in a false flag, eh?

Meanwhile, eugenicist Oprah Winfrey, who is a member of the “Good Club” along wit George Soros and Bill Gates, has arrived at the wedding as might be expected given the fact that the mentors of Meghan Markle are the Obamas and she may well be a CIA agent.

Running for the exit won’t be enough in the White House if Theresa May calls following any false flag at the royal wedding today, and insists on immediate military action such as a missile strike, ground invasion etc (“it’s at times like this Britain really needs her American allies”, “we’re in this fight against Russia, Iran, North Korea, China together”, “what will the public think if we don’t stand together? we will look weak”, “have you seen the media? a savage attack, we can’t allow this to go unanswered!”)

Donald Trump has to be either stopped from receiving the call (“Sorry, Theresa, Donald’s playing golf”,  “he’s having a nervous breakdown” or more honestly “we know he is a foreign agent and has conflicts of interests (Theresa May knows about that from the media, anyway) and we are not sure he is the right contact person for you”)

Or if he can’t be stopped and gives unhinged reply like “animals, of course we will start WW3 together with you, Theresa.”

The WH communication team should be ready with one spokesperson, one message and keep repeating it, for example.

“Very saddened by the events at the royal wedding. A great British tradition has been marred by violence. It is too early to say who was behind the attack. We are sure there will be a thorough investigation by the UK authorities. We will take it from there. Right now, we just want to send our condolences to the affected families and, of course, to the royal family. In America, a Republic, we don’t have a royal family so it can be difficult for us to appreciate how much the royal family or Constitutional monarchy with its long history going back into the feudal times, and this wedding means to the British public. But we assure the British royal family, the USA will do everything to support a proper investigation and bring the culprits to justice. “

Only joking, Theresa, Charles, Harry and Meghan!


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