Maximum versus minimum effort

Having failed to trigger WW3 through a false flag, Prince Charles, Harry and Meghan have hastily re adjusted their plans. The new couple have delayed their much publicized honeymoon and instead will appear prominently in public events featuring Charles…

Furthermore, Harry and his new CIA agent wife might now even go to hotspot Turkey for their honeymoon according to The Sun in addition to the Invictus games in Sydney….

This development illustrates a point, When the Globalists are foiled, they sit down and try to figure out a new plan, partly because they have no life, inner life. Their life is shallow, materialistic, a single minded, aggressive drive for power, money and fame. Obstructed, they immediately figure out a new plan and implement it.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon yawns, stretches, has a nap…is taken by surprise, reacts in panic, wonders what to do, is guided by the principle of do the minimum, stay comfortable, avoid effort, and then sits back in its chair again, yawns, naps…

The Pentagon has to make maximum effort its guiding principle in the fight against the Globalists. Every unit has to be mobilized, informed, integrated into the fight.

From The Sun

The royal couple are selflessly delaying their honeymoon, and getting back to work quickly after the wedding.

Their first royal engagement is scheduled to take place just a week after Harry and Meghan tie the knot.

It is not yet known what the event they are attending is, but it is due to happen the week beginning May 21.

Their honeymoon will instead happen last this year, although it is likely to be before autumn as they will be attending the Invictus Games and have a number of other events lined up.

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