Flashback to 2014 when patients Ebola escaped quarantine in Liberia and Sierra Leone and locals rioted over fears people were being given Ebola in centres

Excerpts from Establishment media

An Ebola-infected patient escaped his quarantine in Monrovia, Liberia on Monday and ran through a local market in search of food, terrifying dozens as a team of health-care workers chased him down.

Eyewitness video from the market shows the man, wearing a red polo shirt and khaki-colored shorts running from a group of four-to-five alleged Doctors Without Borders workers wearing yellow and green hazmat suits.

According to one eyewitness who posted video on Facebook, the man was hungry and left quarantine to find food.

“Just few minutes ago another Ebola patient tried to escape from the ELWA compound due to hunger as he said to the police and other MSF health workers who chased after him,” the man, Faliku S. Dukuly, writes on Facebook.



On Saturday evening, a mob attacked an Ebola Treatment Center in central Monrovia, the capital of Liberia and one of the areas hardest hit by the outbreak. Brandishing clubs, they broke through the police lines, freeing those in the isolation ward and looting everything they could on the way, including hospital equipment and soiled sheets. There are conflicting reports over how many patients escaped from quarantine, but there could be 17 still at large in Monrovia.

Apparently, the attackers believed Ebola is a hoax, but authorities say there has been growing resentment around the treatment center. Many were angry that cases from elsewhere were being brought to their neighborhood for treatment. It’s something the residents of Kenema, Sierra Leone empathize with, as they’ve been living next to the country’s main Ebola treatment center since the outbreak began in their country. Similar riots have almost broken out there on several occasions.

On July 25, a women with a history of mental illness went to the Kenema police station to confess her role in an elaborate “Ebola hoax” that she claimed the whole hospital medical staff were in on. The police dismissed her when they discovered she wasn’t a nurse at all—but not before she made her way through the marketplace announcing her confession. With their conspiracy theories reinforced, an angry mob formed quickly and attacked the hospital. The police came in to fend them off, firing bullets in the air and launching tear gas into the crowds. Many were injured, but no one can confirm exactly how many and how badly. I had a friend text me that day. He was caught inside an internet café while a riot unfolded around him. He hid until he could sneak back home.


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