Koch Brothers’ bought the “Right to try Bill” pushed by Trump and Pence, highlights dangers of big money, current dysfunctional political system

The Koch Brothers bankrolled a bill loosening bank regulations and setting the scene for another bank bailout and financial crisis, which Donald Trump is due to sign today, as well as a bill to allow for Americans to be given an unproven vaccine for diseases designated as “life threatening” such as Ebola and with no consequences if the patients are killed, not even a reporting requirement.

 Trump seems to think its better just to eliminate Americans impoverished by the banks and Globalist corporations by vaccine campaigns and wars rather than rebuild the country.


From the LA Times

The chief sponsor of state-level right-to-try laws long has been the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, which bills its mission as working “to help all Americans live freer, happier lives” — this is, free from government regulation. Earlier this month, the Koch-associated right-wing groups Freedom Partners and Americans for Prosperity jumped into the fray with a congressional lobbying campaign, a series of digital ads and other social media campaigning.



Handing the Koch brothers and their fellow right-wing ideologues a big victory, the House on Tuesday passed a right-to-try bill that will harm patients and emasculate the Food and Drug Administration.

The measure, which is supported by Vice Mike President Pence and which President Trump is expected to sign, was criticized just last week by FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. But he failed to stand forcibly in its way.

Right-to-try laws rank high on right-wing wish lists because they undermine the regulatory powers of the FDA. On the surface they appeal to people’s compassionate instincts: They seem to grant patients suffering from intractable conditions or terminal diseases a last hope that experimental treatments might save them.

The measure going to the White House will expose a larger population of patients to unscrupulous purveyors of unproven treatments and leave them without important protections.

The measure, crafted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), would apply to any patient with a “life-threatening disease,” not just terminal patients.

Despite efforts by Koch minions to obscure the issues with lies, it’s plain that the result of the bill will be to increase the risk of unsafe and ineffective medical treatments for all patients, not just the desperately ill. With Tuesday’s vote, you can expect them to proclaim themselves defenders of the sick. They’re just the opposite.


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