MSF director admits no proof Merck’s Ebola jab is safe or effective in NEJM

Rebecca Grais, the director of research at the MSF epidemiological center in Paris, admitted the Merck Ebola vaccine there is no proof that the Merck Ebola vaccine is safe or effective in an interview for the NEJM.

The interview was given before Grais left to help push the risky  Ebola vaccine (Merck) on the population while pretending to conduct serious clinical trial phase 1 research to be used to obtain an license in the USA under new “Right to try” rules.


The vaccine’s safety and efficacy were very promising when it was studied in Guinea and Sierra Leone in 2015,1 but the research was conducted at the tail end of the epidemic, so it was not clear how much of the reduction in transmission could be attributed to the vaccine and how much simply to the waning of the epidemic. Further investigation is needed to determine how the vaccine will work as this outbreak unfolds in a different country and setting.

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