Unhinged Trump now threatening military action against Kim Jong, Mike Pompeo says he was not informed of Trump’s

Follow Donald Trump’s unhinged rant as it dawns on him he may be facing jail over his secret foreign  and corporate bribes on a Live blog…


“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he was involved in discussions late Wednesday and early Thursday that led to President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of a planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But, he would not say exactly which, if any, other countries were given a head’s up on the decision, including South Korea.
“I don’t want to get into who all we notified,” he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to the Associated Press. “The White House will speak to that at the appropriate time.”

Kim Jong Un should side step the propaganda trap, best appear friendly and smiling, joking with the team that just demolished the nuclear test site and the journalists. Trump already looks like the aggressor. Rub it in, Kim!

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