June 29, 2018

Germany’s fate may now depend on whether the CSU can topple
eugenicist Globalist Angela Merkel by closing its borders.

Bavaria’s CSU should, in my view, reject the EU plan to put migrants
into concentration camps as dangerous, especially from the epidemic disease point of view, ignore easily  manipulated polls and aim for a big country wide, victory in
snap elections. It may be Germany and Europe’s last chance to avoid catastrophe.

Hungary’s Victor Orban won a resounding election victory in
April fighting on the issue of open borders. That, although
polls (controlled by the Globalist media and easily
manipulated) predicted he was losing support.


“Even as Fidesz has shed support in most polls during the
election campaign, its backing is still roughly equal to the
combined opposition,” reported Bloomberg just before Orban
obtained a huge majority.


The CSU would not need to invest a great deal of money or
energy in building up an election campaign staff in the other
15 states in Germany. This because everyone would know what the
CSU stood for form the reason that they toppled Merkel in the
first place. The headlines in the media showing the CSU closing
the border would be the CSU’s campaign material.

To strengthen their hand, the CSU could also emphasise the
economy. Mass migration from the failed states of the Middle
East has had huge extra costs and negative economic
repercussions for Germany.

Surely, setting up CSU candidates in 15 states is an
administrative hurdle that the CSU with its huge network can

Also, the CSU should call out the AFD for what they are, fake
opposition and Globalist pawns just like Sebastian Kurz in
Austria, who has just pushed through CETA against the wishes of
all six People’s Party federal state heads and the entire base,
naturally with the help of Freedom Party heads Strache and


And Kurz is the poster child of the AFD?


Predictably, Kurz has just threatened the CSU if they closed
Germany’s borders.

Putting migrants into concentration camps in Europe as the EU
and Merkel, like Trump in the USA, is dangerous for many
reasons, not least the risk of the camps becoming hotbeds of
diseases and epidemics.


Last summer, the German speaking crime series Tatort portrayed
illegal African migrants as vectors for the Ebola disease in
Austria, in hindsight prepping the German speaking population
for just such a scenario.

Merkel has emerged as a leading figure together with Bill Gates
in the simulation of Global pandemics at the World Bank, Davos
and G 20 summits.


It is not a coincidence in my view that Merkel is also a
leading proponent of open borders. Open borders make pandemics
more difficult to control.

Migrants are especially easy targets for the “special
provisions for emergency procurements , use of pharmaceuticals
or vaccines that may not be registered in the country, critical
human resource including international medical teams who may
not have work permits” which are part of Merkel’s plan.

Held in large concentration camps, they will become especially
vulnerable to any disease introduced into the camp. Should
Ebola, for example, break out in crowded conditions, migrants
will naturally try to flee the camp, spreading the disease or
at the very least giving Merkel and Donald Trump in the USA
eventually, the pretext they need to declare an emergency,
introduce martial law measures and forced vaccination.

From Merkel’s pandemic simulation, we can get a clue about the
prominent role that Germany and the German government officials
could be set to play in any Ebola false flag in Europe . This,
because it is a technical team from Germany which has been
singled out for speical pandemic drills (apparently two
pandemic outbreaks are being planned simultaneously). Ebola and
bird flu?)with WHO officials.

“In preparation for the two major events, the World Bank will
collaborate with the technical team from WHO, WEF and the
German government to conduct similar exercises for G20
technical staff and and G20 Ministers of Health. Simulation
exercises help make a theoretical possibility real, by allowing
policymakers to role-play and map out gaps and concrete
solutions to those gaps along with their peers.”

The eugenicist Globalists control the governments of Greece
(Tsipras), Austria (Strache, Kurz), Germany (Merkel), UK, (May)
and USA (Trump), a very dangerous situation.

Kurz, Strache and Kickl have also refused me the help I am
legally entitled to here in my case in Larisa against the
eugencist Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras precisely
because they are on the same page as them.

Indeed, an email exchange I had with Strache’s deputy Dagmar
Belakowich Jenewein in 2009, which I posted on this blog, over
the Baxter incident, confirms the truth of what she said,
namely, that it was Strache who pressured her to hide Baxter’s
massive crime. Strache is a Vatican and Globalist pawn.

The Globalists are targettting me to get their next pandemic
going, for no other reason. The degree of danger I am in should
be a warning to you. They intend to kill me at the latest in
October because they intend to kill significant numbers of you,
yes, billions, using false flag epidemics.

Still alive…but Globalists continue depopulation plan rampage unchecked…

June 25, 2018

fedupski.jpgBizarre situation continues, threatened and menaced with murder by the NWO for my blog covering their depopulation plan and no help from anywhere.

I am the canary in the coalmine as the spear head of resistance to the Globalists for the past ten years i.e. there is still no sufficient resistance to their plan to kill billions using bioweapons in the near future. The only answer now is the miraculous intervention of God, which is the reason why my blog is now focussing on how to pray to God for help. See post below for a few practical tips, dear reader.




Spiritual boot camp, part 2. How to ask God for divine help in fighting the NWO before humanity is wiped out by their bioweapons and this journalist is murdered by them as crisis accelerates and only God can help us

June 25, 2018


We’re in a lot of trouble, as Howard Beale said, okay? We have to start thinking about the deeper meaning of life before we find it is over…


The super rich NWO families know the global debt has now reached unserviceable and a record level of 233 trillion dollars and the private, fractional reserve, financial system is about to collapse…


Even a small rise in interest rates is now enough to send economies into recession but some interest rates may be need to check galloping inflation.

Angela Merkel has unilaterally agreed to Macron’s plan to create a eurozone budget to shake down tax payers to pay for rising interest rates before the house of cards collapses.


Of course, it would be perfect for the NWO if you, the billions of impoverished serfs willingly and peacefully died in large numbers. But it seems the sheeple cannot make up their minds. They want to cling to their ever more difficult lives, but they also don’t want to fight the Globalists. So, the NWO seems to be preparing to take the decision out of the hands of the sheeple once and for all and release, among other things, bioweapons to reduce populations to pre industrial levels, about 500 million people.

“America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.”




There appears to be a stiffening of resistance to being wiped out among the Germans with Angela Merkel possibly forced out next week. Let’s pray for that, dear readers!


The CSU has noticed that the security situation of Germany is very precarious and the Interior Minister has called an emergency summit.


But elsewhere, Austria’s Vice Chancellor Karl Heinz Strache has been brazenly confabbing with the eugencist Globalist Pope in Rome and Alexis Tsipras continues in power in Greece.


Although the facts about the Globalist depopulation plan have been appearing on this blog for ten years, we’re in a lot of trouble because the victims, you, have been asleep at the wheel. That includes the industrialists, the nobility and the royals. They will also have no place in the NWO.

Our remaining window of opportunity to stop this plan and stop me also from being murdered (God will not be happy if I am murdered with you, okay?) is fast disappearing.

This, not least because Europe and the USA is, meantime, filled with vulnerable migrants who are the optimal vectors for transporting bioweapons and disgruntled Islamic terrorists who would be only too happy to assemble bioweapons bombs.

“… go to God,” Mr Beale tells his audience.

Now it occurred to me in this confusing time when even Supervillain Theodekti is reinventing herself as spiritual guide going on about “love” in the local paper, it might be helpful to hear about my own, albeit limited, experiences about how to get in touch with God and ask for His help in fighting the NWO.

When someone like Theodekti lectures us about love, it is of doubtful credibility given all her real world, proven crimes on behalf of the eugenicist Globalists.


At least, I have not committed any crimes, dear readers. I am just the victim of crimes due to my modest attempt to energetically fight the Globalists. That gives me a certain street cred.

Aware I am not a theologian, I will keep my advise pretty practical, to help the reader with practical tips on how to receive divine enlightenment, inspiration and help in our common fight against being wiped out in the near future by the evil Globalists.

I suspect one reason why so many people appear to be paralysed in the face of what seems to be overwhelming evil. But it only looks like that if we face it without God, okay? When we have God on our side, it looks like what it is, namely, a pathetic and stupid  plan.

But how do we get God on our side?

Now, the first thing, is that we need to approach God with a different attitude than we need to process information, knowledge and facts and develop plans to get things done to stop the Globalists. Okay? Got that? A different attitude!
What attitude? Well, we need to be like one year olds approaching their parents, okay?

A one year old goes to their parents to be fed their mashed bananas or whatever, waves their hands around in gratitude when they have had enough, and strengthened runs to their toys and flings a tiny plastic ball at the NWO.

God turns that tiny ball in transit into a nuclear bomb powering through the stars at the speed faster than light and angles it to enter the Death Star via the perfect shaft to blow up the engine and computer system leaving the Bad Guys not knowing what hit them. How He does that, we will never know and we need not bother our little minds about that.

We just have to run back to our Great Father in the sky, get our next spoonful of food, run back to our toys and fling one of them at the NWO Globalists watching God turn it into a flash of lightning with an army of chariots riding in its wake.
Now, to sophisticated minds, this might not sound like a promising approach.

But, I assure you, this is how it works in practise.
The spiritual law at work here is that God is respecting our free will. God looks to see what we want to do and then gives us help.

Parents, after all, do not force a one year old to go on a swing, say, at the playground. But if their child shows it really wants to get onto the swing, they lift it up, place it on the seat, wrap its tiny fingers around the rope, and set the swing in gentle motion. Likewise, God looks to see what we want to do and then helps in proportion to our disposition and the need. The key thing is that we, of our free will, demonstrate by our actions that we, and from the good disposition of our heart, want to do what is right, just, fair and kind. God does the rest.

Okay? The issue here is trust, faith in God. Our attitude must be like that of a child.
Got that?

Imagine a one year old who does not trust their parents to give them the right food for their age but insists on eating their meals of meat, veg and washed down a glass wine? That child would get run down very soon. It would refuse the baby food it needs as beneath its contempt only to be not able to digest the food it thinks it needs but does not. Trust is vital in a relationship between a child and parent and also in our relationship with God.

This trusting attitude is the opposite, in many ways, of the attitude we need to acquire knowledge about the Globalists and get things done to stop them. Here, a questioning, inquiring, sceptical attitude is helpful as we sift through info testing it for its accuracy, develop plans, consider obstacles etc.

Okay, we need to be able to switch from one attitude to the other, be as little one year olds when we pray to God and ask for help, and as adults when we do our bit to turn an impulse into reality by the use of rational thinking.

Okay, to get back to the practical part

1. faced with the huge threat, we need to go to God and pray to Jesus Christ as a child goes to their father, asking for help, not only  for ourselves but for others too
2. we open our hard hearted, narrow little hearts a tiny bit to receive divine food and impulses, light, feeling pain for our sorry state
3. we wait for a flash of recognition, inspiration, instructions
4. we carry out the impulse through thick and thin and when, we are successful, we go straight back to God and thank him and ask him for some more help. We do not strut around saying, look at me, I destroyed the Death Star with my toy.
5. we stay in constant communication with God by saying the “Jesus Prayer” which is “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me” from the heart. Divine impulses enter us via our heart.

We can be sure we have received a genuine impulse from God when the impulse is telling us to do some good thing and when it gives our heart joy, consolation, light, zeal, so that following the impulse seems the safest thing to do even if by worldly standards it seems madness.

God, for example, will almost never give anyone the impulse to lie or go along with a lie unless a life has to be protected or there is some special extenuating circumstances.

The spiritual impulse given by God is to tell the truth.
So, when people like Admiral Tim Ziemer went along wth the lie that the prime pandemic threat to the USA came from an outside agent, then, my thinking is that Adm Ziemer, with all due respect, was following a human impulse of fear and not a divine impulse of faith. His path was, therefore, not blessed by God. When the Globalists fired him brazenly in May just as an Ebola outbreak was being orchestrated, he found himself, along with his biosecurity team, without divine protection which would have manifested itself in myriad ways in my thinking.

If, he had acted out of a divine impulse after taking the trouble to consult with God, I believe Tim Ziemer would have been filled with a fiery zeal, which would have burned up the entire eugenicist Globalists in the Trump administration by now without him even knowing how he did. (because indeed, it will have been God who did it)

To turn into spiritual human beings, we need God, we need faith. We cannot do it on our own. A human being becomes spiritual when they open themselves to the spirit of God. There is no other way of becoming spiritual. God is spirit. A cup cannot become water or wine. It has to allow water or wine to flow into it from another source. We have to, through continuous prayer and the  right impulses of our heart, allow God, Jesus Christ to enter us and pour out his gifts, spirit, inspiration, light, strength and help into us.

It may seem strange that I am going on at this point about faith.

In fact, this raggle taggle blog of mine is the result of faith. It may not mention faith much, focussing instead on facts, documents, knowledge and information about the Globalist depopulation plan. But my blog posts usually appear in response to a spiritual impulse from God instructing me, in general, to do my best not to let the Globalists succeed in wiping out His Creation, at least, not to let them do it without a fight, okay?

Occassionaly, the Lord Jesus Christ has taken a more hands on approach, appearing to me in a dream in 2014 at the height of a very confusing and fast moving plot to steamroll the USA with Ebola, telling me to focus on biosecurity measures. I did do that. It proved to be very fruitful, you see.

I am sure it is because God blesses my pretty pathetic effort that this blog has been incredibly effective.

In fact, as the NWO knows only too well, it has been the only thing standing between them and the accompishment of their plan to remove billions of you from the planet for the past ten years.

That’s how powerful God is. He can take one pretty limited blogger and turn them into a mighty force, taking on and defeating the entire Globalist network with billions of dollars, countless minions, governments and media outlets on the battle field of information year after year while evading multiple murder attempts.

Unfortunately, the Globalists simply regroup, get more brazen, while their would be victims continue to do their sheep act, refusing to see the deeper meaning of this battle. The deeper meaning is for God to be able to identify his children to give them the prize of Paradise and separate them from the children of the evil one, who would just turn Paradise into hell if they were let in, accidentally.

This is the battle we are in danger of losing, the battle for our souls. Our physical deaths will be the natural consequences of a spiritual death if we do not change.

Let’s start spiritually regenerating today, saying our prayers from our hearts, asking God for help.

WaPo asks how prepared the world is for the next epidemic

June 25, 2018

The Washington Post: has published an article called “How prepared is the world for the next epidemic?”

Unfortunately, the USA’s, UK’s and Europe’s pandemic preparedness still does not acknowledge the fact that the eugenicist Globalist’s “stated goal is to reduce the world’s population to pre-industrial levels,” and that they are conducting bioweapon simualtions, which “had managed to kill a perfectly respectable hundred and fifty million people. “America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.


NSC Pandemic Advisor Admiral Tim Ziemer has been the most prominent proponent and also victim of this lie, finding himself fired just as an Ebola outbreak was declared in May.



Public health officials and business leaders like Bill Gates have long warned that the world is not ready for the next pandemic. 

Now an initiative led by Tom Frieden, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has developed a tool that spotlights gaps in preparedness, and actions that countries and organizations can take to close them. The new website, PreventEpidemics.org, gives an individual score to each country and uses color codes to rank the world by five levels of preparedness.

“What this does, it tells you where the gaps are and what needs to be done,” said Frieden, chief executive of Resolve to Save Lives, part of Vital Strategies, a New York-based public health nonprofit organization.

Infectious diseases can spread from one village to any country in the world in about 36 hours. On average, there are 100 outbreaks a day around the world. But the website shows that most countries have not yet taken the steps needed to prepare for this risk.

Gaps include a lack of monitoring systems that can spot unusual health reports from local clinics, or insufficient trained disease detectives who can rapidly deploy when a new health threat is reported. 

The score, from 0 to 100, is based on existing data from evaluations of epidemic preparedness developed by the World Health Organization after the 2014 Ebola epidemic. Those evaluations have been going on since 2016, but the data contained in them, while public, is difficult to find. 

Independent and regular monitoring and tracking for epidemic and pandemic risk is key to keeping biological threats on the agenda of global political leaders, experts say. 

Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said the tool “shines a more clear light” on the results of those evaluations in a way that can “help sustain the attention of political leaders and donors.” The identified gaps will be easy for donors to understand and to address, he said.

Global health officials say it’s more important than ever for disease outbreaks to be stopped at their source before they become full-blown epidemics. In the United States, many experts are worried about the Trump administration’s commitment to maintaining strong levels of funding for CDC’s efforts to fight infectious disease threats as part of its global health security initiative.

Only 430 million people, or 6 percent of the world’s population, live in the countries that are considered better prepared to prevent epidemics, according to their scores. (They include Australia, Belgium, Finland, Oman, South Korea, Slovenia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.) While those countries, highlighted in green, have scores above 80, not a single country has completed all the steps that are recommended, including making a plan to address gaps in funding and implementing the plan.

But more than 60 percent of countries, representing nearly 5 billion people, have not volunteered to conduct these epidemic preparedness evaluations, including most of Europe, Russia, China, India and virtually all of South America.


Will you survive Baxter 2.0?

June 18, 2018


My mirror selfie for the week, no sign of any help. Think about that, dear reader. Here I am, with the only blog covering the Globalist bioweapons depopulation plan , subjected to murder attempts, also by George Soros and Alexis Tsipras using corrupted Greek police and prosecutors, and I have received no help from anyone. 

And there is nothing either standing between you and a repeat of the Baxter incident in 2009 when 72 kilos of flu vaccine contaminated with the deadly bird flu, enough to kill maybe a billion people,  was sent from a biosecurity level 3 facility in Austria to four countries, nearly triggering a global bird flu pandemic.

In parliamentary answers, the then health Minister Alois Stoger admitted that technicians who came in contact with the contaminated material were treated in a Vienna Hospital preventatively for bird flu, underlining how dangerous it was for people (see answer to question 1)


The answers have been removed from the main database of the Austrian parliament.


Take that in, Austrians, especially. You could be wiped out next week, next month in a Baxter 2.0. There is nothing to stop the eugenicist Globalists, no  army, police, lawmakers, medical establishment, media, NGOs, nothing to stop them from wiping you out using the same method a in 2009 because you were the resistance. You did not resist. The Globalists now know it. 

Barring a sudden miraculous enlightenment by significant numbers of people and rapid and effective action, the chances of billions of people, including you,  being wiped out in an epidemic in the next couple of years are, I estimate, now about 90%.  

You either stand up to protect your life, your family, your country, your planet or you risk being slaughtered like sheep by the Globalists. A human being who obliterates their conscience, their capacity to tell the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and who lives like an animal immersed in their immediate materialistic concerns, indifferent to all these facts, is worse than a sheep, okay?

Jesus Christ knew what the deal was 2000 years ago.

“However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” he said.


No one can claim to have faith in God and do nothing to stop the evil Globalists destroying His Creation. The Globalists say you are the Zombie Apocalypse generation, the ones who have allowed the threat of the destruction of humanity by your indifference, apathy, selfishness.



Germany could start to turn away some migrants today…

June 18, 2018


Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has said migrants could start to be turned away from the border today as revolt against eugenicist Globalist Angela Merkel intensifies.

Most of the migrants come to Germany via Greece whose borders were opened by Merkel’s ally Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos in spring 2015.

Kammenos brazenly threatened to flood Europe with Jihadists in March 2015.


Tsipras is opening ever more migrant camps in Greece. There is one close to Larisa. Today I heard the very sad news from someone who knows locals helping out at the camp that women there are regularly raped. Greek police do not intervene. More and more migrants are also being given apartments in Larisa while impoverished locals are being thrown out of them.




From Time

The result of the standoff could have far-reaching ramifications for all E.U. countries, as well as the migrants seeking to resettle in them. And if closed borders prevail over open ones, it could mark a turning point in one of the defining struggles of modern Europe.

Here’s what to know about Germany’s political crisis:

What’s the disagreement?

It’s between Merkel and her Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, who oversees migration policies. Seehofer wants to turn away migrants at Germany’s border if they have registered as migrants elsewhere in the E.U. Merkel has refused to accept this plan, out of the belief that such a policy goes against E.U. principles.



June 18, 2018


Merkel gets two weeks to solve migrant crisis: Chancellor faces near-impossible task to get Europe-wide agreement if she is to hold on to power after coalition partners’ ultimatum
•Angela Merkel’s leadership teetering on the brink of collapse in immigration row
•Coalition CSU partners wanted to turn some migrants back at border from today
•But they have given Merkel two weeks to find EU-wide accord to solve the crisis 
•The row threatens to bring to an end the Chancellor’s 13-year rule of Germany

By Kate Ferguson, Political Correspondent For Mailonline and Afp

Published: 17:01 BST, 17 June 2018  | Updated: 16:04 BST, 18 June 2018

Angela Merkel has been given just two weeks to find a Europe-wide agreement over the migrant crisis after receiving an ultimatum from her coalition partners.

The German chancellor is battling to hold on to power amid a bitter row with her allies, the Christian Social Union, over immigration.

The CSU, under Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, today put on hold moves to defy Merkel and turn back some migrants at the border.

Instead, they gave her just two weeks for the near-impossible task of finding an accord with other European governments to solve the crisis.

But Merkel immediately rejected the threat, saying there would be ‘no automatism’ if no European deals were found, and warning Seehofer and his Bavarian CSU party that she is ultimately in charge of government policies.

Over the past week, a conflict between Seehofer and Merkel over migrant policy has escalated into a threat to her government. It comes with EU nations once again at loggerheads over immigration, triggered by Italy’s refusal this month to allow a rescue ship carrying 630 migrants to dock.