White House pushes Ebola vaccine license under new FDA rules, following firing of pandemic expert Admiral Tim Ziemer, very significant political support for risky jab coming from Trump and John Kelly

The main line of attack against the USA remains the Ebola or other pandemic vaccine, which needs the flimsy appearance of a license even under new lax Right to Try rules. Watch out to see if the Congo “study” during the current outbreak is sufficient for a license. After that, count down the weeks, max few months ,to your demise, dear readers from around the world.

Donald Trump, John Kelly, James Mattis, Joe Dunford and the rest seem determined to reduce the Globe’s population on behalf of the NWO. What remains of resistance has been removed (Tim Ziemer) or is in imminent danger of being removed (me, though my blog may be continued by the Globalists).

From The White House Blog

“America’s biomedical innovation is also contributing to the ongoing global health effort. The vaccine being used to help contain this outbreak (PROPAGANDA STATEMENT WITH NO PROOF) was developed by Merck, an American company, in close partnership with the United States Government.”

Authors Andrea Hall and Dr. Luciana Borio are overseeing U.S. response efforts for the National Security Council. (SAME PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR 21014 EBOLA LAPSES BACK IN CHARGE FOLLOWING THE FIRING OF ADMIRAL TIM ZIEMER)


From Science Mag

“But the DRC has approved one vaccine trial, and a second study piggy backed on it to assess immune response to the vaccine, in the hope that the “experimental” intervention might help curb the outbreak and offer some insights for the future.

The unlicensed vaccine, made by Merck, performed exceptionally well in a large clinical trial held in Guinea during the 2015 outbreak, but it came as that epidemic already was winding down and had little impact on bringing it to an end.

For ethical reasons, there is no control group, however, so the study will yield limited data about efficacy.”


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