Yikes, Geoffrey Pyatt visits Larisa to install killer drones, mirror selfie for the week as Ebola appears to fizzle out in Congo, low uptake of jab


Globalist fixer Geoffrey Pyatt visited Larisa this week to install some killer drones at the local air base for a temporary period. He was accompanied by Alexis Tsipras doormats, the Greek chief of the army staff and the Defence Minister. In short, what seems to be the main Globalist “assassination squad” has made an appearance on my doorstep just as the Ebola outbreak in Congo appears to be starting to fizzle out as people refuse the risky Merck jab.

Google has dropped its contract with the Pentagon to improve the precision of the killer drones following protests from employees.


E amyna has pointed out o Twitter that Pyatt  posed at Larisa’s NATO base with a MQ-9 Reaper Hunter/Killer drone in the background..

US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visits #HellenicAirForce’s 110th Combat Wing at Larissa Air Base, hails “deepening of defense and security cooperation” between Greece and the US. Note the MQ-9 Reaper Hunter/Killer Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle in backround.

MQ-9 drones are used for reconnaissance and for strikes in combat zones.


Well, the Globalist Ebola vaccine campaign in the Congo seems to be stalling with just 1112 people receiving the risky Merck jab as of today. This after nearly two weeks.


WHO aimed for 10,000 people within a month of the campaign starting on May 21st, so people on the ground are rightfully sceptical of the jab.


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