US lawmakers dig in their heels at Trump’s attempt to slash Ebola funding

The Trump administration has been forced to drop a proposal to cut $252 million in funding to fight the Ebola virus in Africa after resistance from lawmakers.

A request for the funding to be rescinded was made by Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney on the 8th May, the very day, a new Ebola outbreak declared… It was signed by Trump that same day.

Just to underline how committed the Trump admin is to leaving the USA wid open to another Ebola false flag, mass vaccinations and quarantines, the pandemic expert Tim Ziemer was fired and his biosecurity team dissolved the very next day. That just ten days before WHO tried to declared Ebola an international emergency allowing for immediate, mass forced vaccinations with risky jabs.

And around this time, it has turned out, top officials and Senators met to simulate a bioweapons attack that killed 150 million people and wiped out America. All this with the consent of insiders playing the role of SoD James Mattis and DHS chief Kristjen Nielsen…

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