Trump makes secret stop in Greece, no sign of any help for me, eugenicist Globalists still control administration, depopulation push continues


Air Force One with Donald Trump on board landed on  U.S. base naval on Crete at 3:07 on Sunday morning allegedly to  refuel on its way to Singapore for a summit with Kim Jong. It is not clear why Trump did not chose to fly from Quebec to Singapore via the Pacific, but it could have been to allow for a meeting with other eugenicist Globalist fixers Geoffrey Pyatt and Alexis Tsipras here in Greece.

If the US president stops in Crete it is likely he will meet US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt or even Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras if the Americans invite him, reported Protothema. The 90 minute stop happened in the middle of the night and we don’t know who may have gone on to the plane.

After the events of the past few weeks in relation to the Ebola outbreak especially, it is crystal clear that Trump and senior members of his administration, including John Kelly and Kristjen Nielsen, are pushing the Globalist depopulation agenda using a bioweapon.

That would explain why I have received zero help here in Larisa from them.

I noticed for the first time that Trump is linked with the number 777. He was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his first day in office.

I know from the many crypto Nazis in Austria that 777 is the hidden sign of the Nazi eugenicists as I noted on this blog in 2010.

“777 is allegedly the secret code the occcultists/Satanists who believe in the existence of an Aryan super race destined to rule the world and they use to identify themselves to each other. When placed together the three 7s make up a Swastika sign, prohibited in Germany,” I wrote in 2010.

I was told this by a young generation “Nazi” who are all over the Austrian government, army and medical establishment, which is why I am not getting the help I am entitled to from the Austrian government in my case.  A prosecutor in Larisa told me because the police are also implicated in the corruption in my case, I have the right to ask for protection.

As it is, I could be killed tomorrow and it would be the Larisa police who would be responsible for reporting my murder. If they don’t, the Globalists could try to take over my blog and continue it as if I am alive. That’s why I have to put up my weekly mirror selfie. Here it is for this week. The mere fact I have not yet got any help I am entitled to is more proof that Trump, Mattis, Kelly and Nielsen and co are the Obama 2.0s bent on Global depopulation.

For even if some do not want to depopulate Austria and themselves, a Nazi is by nature a sick, ill crafted soul, a twisted liar, slanderer, murderer and greedy fool and so incapable to taking effective ethical or moral action. Believe me when I say, the crypto Nazis in Austria loathe and detest me more than anyone because I am not a power crazed fantastist, but try to be an equitable and fair minded Christian.

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