Trump stopped over in Greece Sunday night on his way to Singapore summit, and he may have met Geoffrey Pyatt and Alexis Tsipras…

Excerpts from media

Air Force One landed on Souda U.S. base on Crete at 3:07 on Sunday for refuel with President Donald Trump on board on his way to Singapore for the critical meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“Air Force One landed on the Greek island of Crete at 3:07 local time, about eight hours after leaving the Bagotville airbase (in Quebec, Canada). Our destination for refueling is the bay of Souda, where it seems to have a beautiful Mediterranean night,” says the telegram of the press team.

Air Force One departed at 4:41 local time in Greece with the final destination being the Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore.

The trip is estimated to last for 10 hours and 13 minutes and Air Force One is expected to land at 8 pm local time Singapore.

If the US president stops in Crete it is likely he will meet US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt or even Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras if the Americans invite him.

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