Will Trump sabotage North Korea summit to pursue regime change and military intervention?

Donald Trump has arrived in Singapore via a stop over in the US naval base at Crete, Greece, for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un tomorrow.

The world awaits to see whether Trump is serious about negotiating a deal with North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons in return for economic help or whether Trump will sabotage the summit to pursue regime change, chaos and militry intervention, the agenda of the Globalists and the military industrial complex.

Following a ratcheting up of the Russia investigation and a blatant attempt by Trump to stand down biosecurity measures in the USA just as an Ebola outbreak was declared in the DR Congo, Trump as well as other top members of his administration may be seeking to fuel conflicts to deflect the public and the Pentagon’s attention.

If the USA finally starts to pursue honest diplomacy instead of regime change in North Korea, it will be a sign that the Globalist power in Washington DC is on the wane.

As for the military industrial complex, they could be kept on board by giving them civilian contracts to help build up North Korea, for example, contracts to install electricity capacity , roads, bridges, develop village buildings, add solar panels, build manufacturing capacity etc.

If Trump and co sabotage a deal in Singapore, and make a dash for war, then it will be a sure sign the USA is still under the control of Globalists.


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