African MSM identify Ebola and AIDS as bioweapons used by (Globalist elements in) American and British military

From Modern Ghana

Evidence that the military is responsible for chemical and biological agents

 Joel Savage

For decades, the British and American military are responsible for the planting of biological weapons in African jungles, or through contaminated vaccines, giving birth to various deadly man-made diseases.

At the same time, the military can be held accountable for using chemical weapons on selected population despite lies and denials.

In this article, are clandestine chemical and biological weapon crimes committed by the German, British, and the US military, to give ample knowledge to readers on how the afore-mentioned countries, especially, Britain and America have killed thousands of people, including Africans with biological weapons, such as Aids and Ebola, yet continue to deny any involvement with such agents.

At the same time, this article will educate African leaders to prevent the US military parading on African shores, since their aim is to build US military bases across Africa to gain access to use Africans as guinea pigs in testing both new drugs manufactured in Europe and America and the test of biological weapons.

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