Angela Merkel and the Globalists continue their rampage unchecked, no resistance to their depopulation plans


Another week, another mirror selfie, but still no sign of any meaningful resistance to the eugenicist Globalist agenda emerging in Germany, Greece or the USA or anywhere…

The stakes are too high for a muddler like Angela Merkel to stick around,  Bret Stephens in the New York Times has said, but she has managed to stick around after the CSU made a half hearted attempt to close Bavaria’s borders to illegal migrants.

Merkel gave only a few, doubtful concessions to the CSU in relation to the control of Germany’s borders in return for the opportunity to remain in power and push the Globalist agenda.

Given the CSU has failed again to take decisive action, controlled opposition AFD has, according to polls, reached record levels ahead of the Bavarian state elections in October.

Closing Germany’s all of borders, and not just Bavaria’s, is vital from the point of view also of a possible need for epidemic disease control.

Merkel has emerged as a leading figure in pandemic control, simulating global pandemics with Bill Gates at the World Bank, Davos and other forums.

Bill Gates, a member of the Good Club along with George Soros, is also had meetings with Donald Trump to push pandemic planning.

Open borders was the key ingredient in a  daylong pandemic simulation held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in May as an enthuistic open borders which resulted in death of 150 million people and the end of America.

Trump’s Defence Secretary James Mattis was portrayed in the simulation by one of Trump’s candidates for the position Senator Jim Talent as someone who would go along with open borders and the depopulation of the USA as he had a plausible explanation.

“America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.

Notice the simulation of a group’s attempt to reduce the world’s population to pre-industrial levels using a bioweapon was not repeated with closed borders in spite of the result.

Barack Obama’s cabinet emerged, at least key figures, as being opposed to the depopulation agenda during the Ebola false flag in 2014.

The Globalists seemed to have learned the lesson that putting out misleading information may no longer be enough in the age of the internet and blogs like mine, and they seem to have decided to pack Trump’s administration with committed eugenicists.

Trump appears to be playing a dangerous game after double crossing the US Intelligence Community and military who helped him become president precisely to oppose the Globalist agenda. But he appears to be assisted now by elements in the DOJ and FBI Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray and Robert Mueller who may be covering up eugencist aspects of the so called Russia probe.

It is not hard for them to do given the massive collusion of silence by so many parties.  For some reason, hard to fathom, people are more frightened of giving factual information about a real world problem than about being wiped out by an orchestrated epidemic, martial law, quarantines and forced vaccination possible under the International Health Regulations.

Serious questions have to be asked about the brainpower of managers in companies like BMW and Siemens in Bavaria, some of whom likely know all about the eugenicist plan, and who still, after ten years, offer no resistance. Has it occurred to the family Quandt, for example, that the wipe out of the USA, Germany, Bavaria etc means the end of their business, as well as of their lives.

While the Globalist companies pour vast sums of money into their plans, into controlling the media and political parties, those industrialists who have most to lose do absolutely nothing to counter act plans to wipe them and their businesses out.

And what about the CSU? Why don’t they put the facts about the plans to depopulate Germany and the rest of the world on the table and propose a counter plan?

We, humanity in 2018, are suffering a serious spiritual and brain problem. We have to pray to Jesus Christ to save us if He can be bothered…

Mattis is also covering Trump and Mike Pompeo as they push the Globalist agenda and set about sabotaging a diplomatic solution of the North Korea conflict by demanding denuclearization without any offer of tangible economic development.

As Fox News puts it, the options for the USA are very bad, including a full U.S. military assault on North Korea to rid the world of Kim’s weapons of mass destruction or a nuclear North Korea.

The White House has blocked an attempt by Robert Mueller to interview Donald Trump’s powerful chief of staff, Mattis’ Marine Division One crony, John Kelly as part of the Russia probe.

Kelly has emerged as a key figure in promoting Trump’s eugenicist Globalist agenda. His protege in the DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, was portrayed during the daylong pandemic simulation held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in May as an enthuistic open borders which leads to the death of 150 million and the end of America.

His planned exit at the end of July could be a clue as to when the next pandemic wave is planned. Kelly may be seeking a safe haven…


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