Mirror selfie as eugenicist Globalists continue brazen murder plots with no real resistance

As I look into applying to China for political asylum, a journalist persecuted and facing being jailed and eventually murdered by corrupt Greek officials working for George Soros, Donald Trump, Merkel, Tsipras and co for my watchdog journalism work on faulty vaccines, I came across a tip advising contacting the  China office for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Somehow I don’t think China is that bothered if the US military and IC decide to bow down to the eugenicist Globalists, and allow themselves to be wiped out…

My bet is the NWO will try to launch a pandemic just as I face being offed in a repeat of last year when Donald Trump, helped by chief of staff John Kelly, invited Alexis Tsipras to the White House one day after I escaped murder due to a postponement of the show trial in Larisa Greece and just as a plague outbreak was being accelerated in Madagascar.

Apart from that, I am checking out info about how to become a martyr to the NWO, and so obtain the crown of eternal life. When I get to heaven, I will urge God from there to slap down the NWO.

A great guide on spiritual warfare, by the way, very useful for anyone today fighting the NWO and very similar to St Paisios, is by St Nicodemos the Hagorite.


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