Hope for Alexis (and St Paisios will even entertain you with his jokes)

August 29, 2018

I’d like to take the opportunity to point out that, in spite of our “entanglement” in the many courts of the various cities in Greece, my avid reader,  Alexis Tsipras, must, on some level, have respect for me and the faith in Jesus Christ which I stand for, as I show below.

That is more than can be said for Theodekti. She has zero respect for God or Jesus Christ. Her actions show that.

So, there is real hope for Alexis, if I may call you that, (usually I refer to you as Tsipras, thug, moron etc, but I’d like to us to move to a new tone as our ways part, which brings me to my weekly mirror selfie).


There is a very real hope for you in terms of your relationship to God and Jesus Christ.

But it is a very slim hope and chance, you must seize immediately as I describe below or you will  be the one who regrets it most of all.

St Paisios prayed intensively that your soul would be saved. And he still has a great deal of empathy for your, shall we say, highlyunusual, absolutely unique case as a fallen angel incarnating on earth, which no one else does, as his Spiritual  Counsels show. He even predicted you would be an engineer as you are. He really is ready to help you with advice, encouragement and even a few good jokes.

St Ephraim the Syria described how the earth seemed like a dungeon in comparison to Paradise.

But earth is magnitudes more paradisical than hell. On this earth created by God, but fallen, there is still something of God’s beauty, light, love, creativity.

In hell, there is nothing, except a fallen angel’s fretting, furious soul, lashing out at every soul in reach.

Paisios said hell is so terrible, we should pray that no one goes there, not even a bird.

Ian McCormack gives us a glimpse of the horror of hell in his video.

Now, Alexis must have such a subconscious respect for me qua my function as Jesus Christ’s cornerstone in the battle against the Anti Christ system, that he even changed his correct  spelling of Werner Faymann to replicate a rare spelling mistake I make. That, after reading, it seems, my blog post about his meeting with Werner FayNmann (sic) in Vienna in February 2015 to plot my sticky end, it seems.

Unfortunately for our Alexis, (but fortunately for me with Christ on my side), the screenshots proving the above became evidence against him, which was included into file Delta 15 218 opened on the original murder attempt  on account of my blog posting information about the threat of global campaigns with risky vaccines in April 2015.

Recall, Alexis’ tweet just before his meeting with Faymann on February 10th 2015 with the correct spelling of Faymann in Greek letters. Φάίμαν. Φάί μαν.

Tsipras 1
Recall Alexis’ tweets after his meeting with Faymann with my exact spelling mistake in Greek letter, FayNmann. Φάίνμαν. Φάί ν μαν.

Tsipras 2

So, on some level, Alexis subordinates him to the principle of Jesus Christ, however, imperfectly manifested in a faulty human being, which Theodekti, Theoniki, Theodoxee, Theofilee and the Bishop of Volos do not do.

Let’s be clear. The probability of Alexis picking the letter N at random and inserting it in that position in that precise combination of those exact 7 letters is more than a 0.trillion trillion 1 percentage of a trillion times a trillion percent and some.

Try to imagine the Latin and Greek alphabet as the chess pieces on a board, only there are far more letters and more combinations. There are 26 letters in Latin and 24 letters in Greek equaling 50 “pieces” while chess has only 32 pieces. Furthermore, there are far more possible combinations with letters than in chess, meaning far more complexity.

The exact probability of a checkmate at the fourth move in a random chess game is 0.00003252384994744927…



The probability of words is far more complex.


In short, Alexis deliberately, consciously chose to copy my spelling mistake, the spelling of his opponent in a battle to depopulate the globe, apparently under the stress of the plan to murder me suggested by Faymann.

Note, Alexis also appeared to follow my advice to not opt for Varoufakis Grexit plan during fraught bailout negotiations in 2015.

He back tracked at the last minute after my warning he could end up lynched if the Greek economy was eviscerated. Haven’t I proved to be right, Alexis? Varoufakis’ plan to hack the tax data base and pay state employees in IOUs would have led to you being lynched by Greeks left with worthless money in their hands.

Also, Globalist kingpin  George Soros was caught copying my blog post, writing on the same topic as I did the very next day and using the same words and even multi word combinations the very next day. The probability of the randomness of that is  also a trillion times 0.00003252384994744927. But his motive was conscious deceit.

For that reason I could add Soros also to file Detla 15 218…

See the evidence about Soros and Tsipras in the somewhat report accepted by Larisa state prosecutors dated January 2016 with the court stamp on page 136.

Delta15218 FV

Back to the point of this blogpost, which is Alexis’ respect for me or rather for what I stand for as the cornerstone of Christ, and the hope he still has.

Paisios also correctly predicts the Anti Christ  will be an engineer of rather low brain power, shall we put it, on page 65, but credit is given to your “cunning” and occasional smartness in the sense of setting up lethal traps of mass murder and lies for humanity.


The probability of Saint Paisios predicting more than 30 years ago the exact combination of events that have come to characterize our, shall we call it, legal troubles over the precise subject of my blog is also beyond mathematical calculation.

So, St Paisios must have had a telegram from God, as he said, right?

Unfortunately, it was a telegram identifying Alexis as the Anti Christ or Satan incarnate since he alone fulfil the criteria. That is going to make life very hard for him in Greece from now on.

But Alexis still has a good albeit slim chance to get out of this reasonably well thanks to God’s providence.

If I leave Greece, alive by mid September with a deal done as I describe below, you can spin it, Alexis, and say you stepped in to help a poor foreigner having legal troubles personally and that to help attract investors to Greece, reassure them the law has not run amock.

You can get back into the good books of the army, police and the rest of the country.

“Ah, but didn’t you read Saint Paisios? The authorities made a mistake! I corrected it personally! How can I be that nasty?” you can say with that grin of yours.

“If  we could only realize how miserable the devil is, we would weep for him day and night! It saddens us to see a decent person become a criminal. Now imagine how we would feel if we were to see, not the demise o a human being, but of an angel,” Paisios said.

I have put up a screenshot of the pages under fair use rules and urge you to read  page 68 and 69, particularly about your fall only being able to be reversed by humility.


On page 70, St Paisios says you would like to get back to Paradise but on your terms, by emotionally blackmailing God, so to speak. You hope God due to His mercy and love of Creation will be forced to include you in his Grace after you get virtually everyone on your “side” (by global vaccine campaigns to kill all but a half a billion to be chiped 666 and be under your control on this earth).

page 70.jpg

I am posting up a screenshot of the very interesting passage on page 70 under fair use rules.

page 70.jpg

You failed. Jesus Christ has stopped you also for your sake, to give you another chance to go to Paradise but you must do this on God’s terms. He can’t have a hoodlum running amock up there, okay, terrorising the angels, the saints, the cherubim and seraphim? There has to be a certain mininum willingness to get along with others, to have empathy, restraint, humility, okay?

Here’s my suggestion.

Since St Paisios has so much empathy and concern for you, why not ask him for help in becoming humble?

He would love to help you. Jesus Christ would love to see you saved too with the rest of humanity. I am not speaking for myself. I am telling you the truth.

Go on. Take a moment to read St Paisios’ Spiritual Counsels. You will find lots of interesting insights into yourself and your situation as the “most miserable and tormented of all creatures” but also about your foolishness.

May I suggest page 27 of volume 1 about the way you have “set out to destroy God’s creation and all His creatures” (through epidemic vaccines with the 666 chip”?

page 27.jpg

I put up a screenshot of the passage also hinting at your rage that people are taking notice and how you are panicking since you know your time is short (in fact, now over) under fair use rules just for you to peruse.

There is a little bit more about how much you “hate humanity and want to annihilate us” on page 39.

page 39.jpg

I have put up a screenshot of the passage also hinting at your rage that people are taking notice of your plans under fair use rules for you to take a look at.

Note the paragraph following it, saying it does not matter what you do, in the end, you will be crushed on the cornerstone that is Christ, the principles of Christ and God.

And on page 66, you can read about your purpose in God’s plan of testing humanity to sort out the sheep from the goats.



Now, you have fulfilled that purpose. 

You have unwittingly confirmed Saint Paisios, for example, as a man filled with the spirit of God, and distinguished the true believers from the fake ones in the Orthodox church.

You have unwittingly also turned this somewhat feckless blogger who informed people about your global vaccine campaigns into a worldwide internet titan with more credibility than the entire MSM together.

You have unwittingly increased the audience and my reputation after being caught trying to murder me and after suppressing the evidence countless times to set me up for an execution.

Plus, your persecution has forced me to turn to Jesus Christ and God just to get up in the morning in Larisa, turning me into a person of constant prayer and unshakeable believer.

So, I should thank you for all you did for me.

For your sake too, I need to be seen to leave alive and healthy and to be established somewhere else alive and healthy. Your intention to kill me and the remove billions by vaccines and chip the rest is too clear to everyone, especially the militaries.

Anyone associated with my case should, in fact, now start to panic big time and decouple from Alexis to save their own skins, take the initiative to start the out of settlement process immediately.

But it is in your interests, Alexis, to take charge and push it forward immediatel.

And frankly, you don t have a choice, Paisios has predicted you will have to settle out of court if only to cling to your life on earth.

Finally, he says, the authorities will have to apologize and admit I am  innocent, and that they suppressed the evidence. That, because I did not accept the 666 chip in the epidemic vaccines from 2009 onwards and warned others, who also overwhelmingly did not accept.

So here are the corner points of our deal to be done by mid September.

Theodekti has to return me my 96,000 euros plus the “fruits” for five year on her investments in a grass making machine and solar energy, at 140,000 euros next week.

My costs in the 3.5 years of this legal entanglement have to be reimbursed at say 70,000 euros which is 210,000 euros
to be on returned next week.

Compensation in the millions to be transferred next to a bank account opened at the National Bank in Greece.

A few million extra need to be added to pay for extra security measures I will need in the future etc

Letters concerning taxes or tax free issues etc have to be written.

Letters closing all my cases plus confirmation have to be dealt with next week, including letters to Europol.

Arrangements for the portion of the monastery (about half) trying to be sincere Christians to leave and set up a new monastery independent of the church, have to be made. 

Mindful of the likelihood of a plane accident such as WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas suffered, I wish for a Greek army plane to leave the country.

That by the third week of September, I have to be seen continuing my selfies from a new location.

There are many issues to deal with, many translations to be made.

I will report on the progress or lack of it on my blog every day from now on, okay.

Any hope of a show agreement a la North Korea is not going to work. Too many people will know you are up to your usual tricks.

You can forget also any hope of disappearing me and faking a new person, and taking down my blog.

A verifiably living me will need to be seen to continue my blog in a new location and be available for court actions etc.

And you will be happiest of all to see me leave alive mid September and to have kept your options open.

Personally, I advise yo u to drop therhetoric about seeking “fresh blood” to wage the “mother of battles” is fantastical. You have almost no followers. The few you have are all now in your reshuffled cabinet.

You will limp into a battle like the one legged leader of injured remnant of a German division at the end of Stalingrad limped into battle with a crack Siberian division with air power and artillery.

Your friends in the USA, Trump, Jim, John and Joe and Jared and Geoffrey won’t be able to help you. Since they are also implicated in an attempt to have me jailed through a legal trick  with your help.

Nor will your friends in Austria. Kurz, Strache and Kickl are playing with fire. Memories of the Baxter case and swine flu vaccine and my role are too widespread.

Angela will also be crushed too.

You can still chose but only for a few more days, max 3 weeks until I am seen to be alive and healthy in another country. Jesus Christ also loves me, wants to see me out of here immediately, healthy and happy. In fact, he loves me and humanity just a little bit more than you, which is why He came to our rescue and snatched us out of your trap.

You can still leave office with a future prospects, live on on an good pension in the lovely country of Greece, use your time to prepare for the next life, raise yourself up, do good deeds and get back to Paradise.

You will find, you really do have a good friend in St Paisios, someone who empathizes with your, shall we say, unusual, unique case as no one else does, and knows how to get you back on track to become once more a glorious angel.

God will be enormously pleased to see you again too. He will welcome you back with open arms. Remember the black sheep who returns to the fold causes more rejoicing in heaven than the other sheep. And you too will be overjoyed to be back in Paradise.

We all have to be humble, Alexis.

Saint Paisios, I, you, we all have to be humble if we want to have a place in Paradise. We are not God, and do not have his essence. We, humans, angels, just participate in God’s essence and power. Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is co essential with God along with the Holy Spirit.

You learned that the hard way when you thought your gifts and powers as an Archangel belonged to you essentially and God could not take them away. Only to find out how wrong you were when you tried to push God around. You were shown the door, and became an immortal soul trapped in a place of endless negation,  of darkness, death, nothingness. And isn’t it good that you did not have the same power? Imagine the kind of hell it would have become seeing what you have done to the earth?

Now, everyone knows you read this blog, everyone knows you are trying to kill me using an empty legal form, everyone knows you have had 3 years to settle this case.

So every day you do not do that now we are in the final couple of weeks,  underlines your intention to kill me as well as the rest of the world through vaccines.

Every day now will cost you exponentially in terms of goodwill.

80,000 people visit Paisios grave every year in suburb of Thessaloniki.

Even if you had your tomb erected in the middle of Athens  and 80,000 people passed it every single day, no one  would visit it apart from a few graffiti artists, spraying it with slogans like “Paisios was right, u r the Anti Christ”, “RIP Satan incarnate”, “666”, “Burn in hell for what you did to my family, took our jobs and house.”

In a few years, tour guides would say, when asked by foreigners ask what the strange tomb is, “Oh, that is the tomb of the Anti Christ. Yes, he really did incarnate a few years back. Christ came and slapped him down and now we all believe in Jesus and Saint Paisios.”

Meanwhile, I will become St Jane of the internet. The Orthodox church will make me a saint even though I am not Orthodox. There will be shrines built to me. “Pray for me, St Jane, martyred by the Anti Christ for stopping him wiping out Greece and the rest of the world.”

Ah, how I will enjoy Paradise compared to walking around the courts of Larisa!!! What relief that would be! I will testify to my faith to the last day of my life, however, long or short. Because I am not as foolish as you. I know a good thing when I see it.

The future is going as St Paisios, St Porphryios predicted and as Jesus Christ wants. The whole world is going intoa new era of increasing light and peace and joy due to the great mercy of Christ.

Why not be a part of it, Alexis?

Your crimes are massive.

In fact, you make Symeon the New Theologian, who says he was a “corrupter of boys”, an adulterer and guilty even of murders, sound like an angel.

But Symeon the New Theologian repented and became a great saint whose Hymns of Divine Love and other poems, you would enjoy.

The fire rises in me,
     and lights up my heart.
Like the sun!
Like the golden disk!
Opening, expanding, radiant —
     — a flame!

I say again:
     I don’t know
     what to say!

I’d fall silent
— If only I could —
but this marvel
     makes my heart leap,
it leaves me open mouthed
     like a fool,

urging me
     to summon words
     from my silence.

But killing me is a red line you should not even try to cross. You will be crushed on the cornerstone of Christ’s love for  me and for His Creation.

You could weep the bitterest, sincerest tears in the entire universe. It will be too late if you cross God’s red line.

Paisos will help you with all your struggles if you turn to him. And he will even entertain you with a few good jokes as he does his best to turn you back into a glorious angel, showering joy around you.

Tomorrow my mirror selfie and a message to Alexis Tsipras from St Paisios

August 28, 2018

Getting late in Greece, and I have had the flu the past few days, lots of stories but I will continue tomorrow with my mirror selfie as a crunch execution date organized by Alexis Tsipras and George Soros of October 5th is now only five weeks away.

Tsipras has been firing on his crew of have beens with rhetoric about the need to fight the “mother of all battles.”


Your fall into hell isn’t going to be a battle, Alexis, get real. Your time is over.




Globalist morons may think I am a figure from the Book of Revelation which I am not. The back story…

August 28, 2018

There have been a few supranatural twists and turns lately which some readers may find a little baffling/ I’d like to just mention another few and also warn the Globalists at the same time I am not one of the “two witnesses” in the Book of Revelation. No amount of their wishful thinking can turn me into one. I just don’t fit any of the criteria as I show below. I have to spell it out for the Globalists of low brain power, shall we say.

Now, first the established facts are this

1) an attempt to roll out global vaccine campaigns as (and a chip with a 666 seal) as a means of depopulation and neo eugenics (people with a chip and a 666 seal will be under the total control of the NWO and the population can be culled at will from that time on)
2) an murder attempt in Greece in 2015 on account of the information about this on my blog

See the legal documents of that case by clicking on the link below.

Delta15218 FV

3) the suppression of evidence, especially that Alexis Tsipras and George Soros read my blog and ar behind it and attempt to put me into jail using any pretext (to kill me)
3) this has been going on for three and a half years and involves the case and other cases going
4) from city to city, Larisa, Athens, Trikala, Volos, Thessaloniki, Chios, as well from court to court (Larisa criminal court, appeals court, minor misdemeanours court etc)

A Greek Saint predicted that this persecution of the tiny resistance to the global vaccine campaigns would coincide with the rule of the Anti Christ.

Here is yet another plot twist. That person defying the

Anti Christ on behalf of Jesus Christ, namely myself, has a

birth date which adds up 33  as can be seen on the court documents I have been forced to put up to prove my innocence.

Readers can verify for  themselves that I have the birth date, month and day that add

up to 11 and a year that adds up to 22. The sum of the numbers in my birth date add up to 33.

The fact that the 33 is extra-ordinary demanding and

rare can be seen symbolically in the methods of

calculation. For example, a 33 Life Path can happen only

when each of the 3 units of the birth date

(month/year/day) add to 11. Or when the year adds to 22

(in the 20th century there are only 7 years that add to

22: 1939, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93) and the month and

day of birth combined total is 11. And finally, when the

birth day is 22 and the month and year of birth total




33 is the master number, which the Freemasons especially loathe as it is supposed

to represent the Christ consciousness or a special connection to

Jesus Christ, their opponent.



It is very rare number.



I do not believe in the occult system of numerology.

I do believe in Jesus Christ and have often said I do on

this blog.

I have said too that Jesus Christ told me to get

on with this task in 2009 when the Baxter case occurred.
I can testify Jesus Christ has helped me at every step. That is

is why this lone blogger has stopped the Anti Christ system marshalling gigantic resources and controlling governments around the world from unleashing false flag vaccine campaigns and why I am still alive in spite of the many attempts to murder me. Out of gratitude, I now feel obliged to tell others about Jesus Christ.

Now, the moron Globalists seem to think I am one of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation written on the island of Patmos.


Just days after I went to the island of Patmos and the cave of the Apocalypse just before Christmas 2014, the Greek parliament was dissovling paving the way for the election of Tsipras.


In the cave, the monk reacted as someone demon possessed when I approached him. Not understanding this at the time, I, unfortunately, told Supervillain Theodekti when I returned to the monastery and she no doubt relayed the info to her fixers, and that, together with the testimony of the monk himself and the sacrisant to the local monastery, may have led the Globalists to believe I am some kind of Saint, which I am not.


possessed persons look normal outside of holy places

such as an Orthodox temple. However, when they approach

the temple and the holy relics, they react because

demons start to torture them….


In connection with my blog about the 666 vaccines, my birth date of 33, they may have identified me as some figure in the Book of Revelation, and may have feared I had a vision onPatmos and may well decided now was the time to eliminate me and put into power their Anti Christ figure to do the job.

At any rate, just 13 days into his office, Tsipras was in Vienna discussing my blog with Werner Faymann and plotting my murder etc as documented in file Delta 15 218.

Now that I have miraculously survived this far, I suspect the morons think I am one of the two witnesses, set to prophesy in sack cloth and ashes for 1260 days (from original murder attempt in April 2015) with no one able to stop them before being killed by the Beast on day 1261 (October 5th)


The two witnesses, as depicted in the Bamberg

Apocalypse, an 11th-century illuminated manuscript.
The two witnesses are two of God’s prophets who are seen

in a vision by John of Patmos, who appear during the

Second woe in the Book of Revelation 11:1-14.

The two witnesses have been variously identified by

theologians as two individuals, as two groups of people,

or as two concepts. Dispensationalist Christians believe

that the events described in the Book of Revelation will

occur before and during the Second Coming of Christ, and

they attempt to associate references in the Book of

Revelation with historical or current happenings and



Clearly, I have not prophesied in the past 1260 days or finished my testimony. I have just continued to put the same info out for the past 3.5 years about vaccines, legal cases, as for the previous 8 or so years. I verifiably cannot unleash plagues, just try to stop their attempts to do so. I cannot make drought, turn water into blood or destroy people with fire.

I am not unpopular with the world. On the contrary, I have one of the most influential blogs in the world since people value information that protects their lives.

I am not one of the two witnesses, okay, morons as no amount of your wishful thinking can defy the  obvious facts showing I am not one.

If I am anyone in God’s divine plan, then it is Saint Paisios said. I am one of the so called elect chosen by Jesus Christ to preach the true Gospel from now and for whom the time of persecution must be shortened. I have been chosen not because I am in any way perfect, but because I am a believer, however faulty, in a time of few believers, and I risked my life to stop them killing the Jesus Christ’s creation.


August 28, 2018

This blog has featured breakneck plot twists to make it some readers think they might be living through a James Bond movie.

And in a new twist, the most revered Greek saint who died in 1994, Saint Paisios, has weighed in predicting just the events readers of this blog will be familiar with more than 30 years ago in his Spiritual Counsels volume 2.

Here’s why, dear readers,  Saint Paisios prediction about the end of the reign of the Anti Christ  and a new era of spiritual serenity is so important.




The NWO Globalists and Satanists are, you see, occultists, who use witch craft, numerology and black magick to obtain power.


But they also know that only the true prophets know the true God can also tell the future and interpret dreams and other mysteries. The Globalists know Saint Paisios was filled with the spirit of God and so able to know only what God knows.

Furthermore, Paisios is a Saint who died only in 1994 so there are thousands of living witnesses of his miracles of healingand clairvoyance. He has thousands of spiritual children living all over the world.

120,000 people visited his grave on the 20th anniversay of his death and about 80 000 to 100,000 visit people still visit it every year.


Just as the Globalists were about to kill me following a show trial on October 5th and unleash plagues, wars, death etc on a new scale, they have been slapped down by Jesus Christ via Saint Paisios and his demonstrably correct predictions.

More than 30 years ago, he predicted the means the Anti Christ system would use to obtain power, namely a global vaccine campaign with chipping 666, as well as the the single event that characterizes the reign of the Anti Christ, namely, that the tiny resistance to this vaccine campaign will be compelled to go from court to court and city to city for 3.5 years in order to avoid being flung into jail (and killed) as well as the outcome, namely, that their time is over and they will have to settle out of court with me, who alone fulfil the criteria, beause the evidence of their crimes is so overwhelming.

A twist is that I am not Greek and don’t speak Greek and  had no idea about Paisios until April 2015.

Now, oracles, astronomy and other signs have been used to try to guess future events from the beginning of history. Whoever knows the future can try to control and influence it.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the Oracle of Delphi could give “glimpses of the future”.


Greeks consulted the Oracle before making important decisions. It is said the Oracle predicted the Trojan war, said Socrates was ‘wisest of men’, advised Athenian law maker Solon on how to capture the island of Salamis etc

King Nebuchadnezzar fell prostrate before Daniel when he revealed his dream, something the king’s sorcerers, magicians weren’t able to do.

47 The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery.”


So too Satanists and Globalists recognize that God really is the true power in this universe and things really will turn out as He decides.

They recognize divine providence.


Up to now, they have been able to push through their NWO agenda because God has allowed it as a period of testing for humans. 

When the Globalist media etc predict, for example, that an Ebola outbreak will occur or the Twin Towers will collapse, it is because they have been planning it in advance and are using their power in this world to carry it out. But they do not know the future in the real sense.

They have been operating on their own interpretation to the future and it is one in which would allow them to kill me on October 5th and then unleash incredible destructive power.

Now, they seem to be panicking because they recognize that God will not allow them to do that. St Paisios predicted God would  take from the Anti Christ, his supranatural power at the 3 and a half year mark, and we can be sure this has happened or is in the process of happening.

Furthermore, St Paisios predicts that they will have to let me go.

Finally, the authorities will say
“We’re sorry, we were wrong. You are innocent.”


We are in that finally period, that final stretch with just five weeks to go  to a Roland Freisler style execution signed off by  corrupt officials at Larisa court who have striped the file of evidence and set me up for a de facto execution.

When you have my dead body on your hands, a red line will be crossed since you will be known throughout Greece, and the world, as the Satanists who with extreme violence killed the blogger who tried to stop them killing 7 billion people, including the members of the militaries and police of the US, Greece, Germany, in a bid to kill them too.

In another correct prediction, Paisios told Supervillain, NWO Abbot Ephraim in the eighties that he was going to live in the age “when the word of God will go simultaneously to all the world.”

Ephraim often met Paisios when Ephraim was still at the monastery Koutlomousiou between 1982 and 1984.

Ephraim said “of course, it meant using the internet.”

Yes, Ephraim,  knowledge of your crimes and fake religion will go out throughout the world as well as the true, which will lead to the emptying of the church and monasteries and a spiritual revival.

A picture of Ephraim with Tsipras in 2015 and an aide of the PM in power enabling Ephraim’s land grab.


Land grab abbot Ephraim is at the epicentre of the NWO clergy corruption, meeting the likes of Geoffrey Pyatt, Putin, Prince Charles etc




Ephraim says he chided Paisios for making jokes with pilgrims…


Όταν είμαστε στην Ιερά Μονή Κουτλουμουσίου (1982-1984) είχα το διακόνημα του πορτάρη και ο Γέροντας μού είχε αναθέσει να πηγαίνω και φαγητό στον π. Παΐσιο. Είχα την ευκαιρία να συνομιλήσω με τον Γέροντα για πολλά και διάφορα θέμα. Μία ημέρα, λόγω της παρρησίας που είχε η σχέση μας, τον ρώτησα για ποιο λόγο κάνει τόσα αστεία με τους προσκυνητές, που ίσως μπορεί κάποιοι και να σκανδαλίζονται, και μου απάντησε ο διακριτικός Γέροντας:  «Παιδί μου οι σύγχρονοι άνθρωποι είναι πολύ επιρρεπείς στην κατάθλιψη, στην αποθάρρυνση, στην απογοήτευση. Τους κάνω αυτά τα αστεία για να τους ενθαρρύνω λίγο, να τους χαροποιήσω ώστε μετά να τους πω και κάτι πνευματικό, γιατί διαφορετικά δεν θα μπορεί να περάσει τίποτε, δεν θα μπορώ να τους ωφελήσω. Σε πληροφορώ ότι μόλις φεύγουν από το κελλί μου οι προσκυνητές αμέσως έρχεται το πένθος στην καρδία μου, και τα δάκρυα στην προσευχή μου».

Άλλη φορά μου είπε: «Δεν ξέρω πώς αλλά εσύ θα ζήσεις στην εποχή που ο λόγος του Θεού θα πηγαίνει ταυτόχρονα σε όλη την οικουμένη. Δεν ξέρω αυτό πώς θα γίνεται, αλλά εσύ θα το ζήσεις. Και εννοούσε βέβαια για την χρήση του διαδικτύου».

Tomorrow, I will have message for Tsipras from Saint Paisios, who prayed for the repentance of Satan…

St Paisios said the Anti Christ would in some manner be Satan incarnate ie Tsipras. He also said Satan, originally called Lucifer, the angel who fell from heaven, still has formidable  powers as a former archangel. His purpose has been fulfilled and now he has been stripped of them.

St Paisios also prayed that Satan would repent because he was the most miserable and tormented creatures in his me only, narcisstic hell. Now is your chance Tsipras to get back some bliss. Why not read up on yourself in Paisios’ Spiritual Counsels and get a few tips about your renewal.

Jesus Christ also hopes you will be saved. This is a message He gave me.

The same applies for the bunch of Satanist losers now trying to rally around Tsipras and cling on to power. You will only go down with him.

Panicking Tsipras shuffles cabinet, appoints minion as new police minister, pathetic attempt by Greece’s most hated man to stay in power and control police and armed forces will fail, new pension cuts and taxes, no investors

August 28, 2018

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday reshuffled his cabinet ahead of a keynote economy speech next month, seeking to rebound from poor ratings in the final stretch before 2019 elections.

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos remains at his post, as does Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, leader of the nationalist Independent Greeks, the junior party in Tsipras’ government coalition.

The reshuffle also left unchanged the key ministries of labour, migration, tourism and foreign affairs ahead of a name deal currently being negotiated with neighbouring Macedonia.

To fill junior ministry posts, Tsipras brought in a number of younger cadres from his leftist Syriza party into the government. Thirteen out of more than 50 government members are women.

Among notable changes is the appointment of former government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili as the country’s first police minister. Her deputy is also a woman, former conservative Katerina Papacosta, in another first for the country.





Has God just sent the Jews the biblical signs they recognize to show them that the time has come for them to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah or face their end at the hands of an army, e.g., the US army which knows all about their attempts to wipe them out through Ebola and biological warfare and kill this blogger for warning them?

August 28, 2018

From re-enactingtheway blog

“The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood
Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.” – Joel 2:31

The book of Joel actually predicts the sun, moon, and stars will lose their brightness 3 different times (Joel 2:10-11, 2:30-31 & Joel 3:15-16). If you read the prophecy chronologically, it would make no sense. The lights would be going on and off a lot. So what is going on in Joel’s prophecy?

The book of Joel is a conditional prophecy to Israel. That means Israel’s future depends on their response to the prophetic message. Israel has suffered from a plague and a famine (read chapter one) and faces a prophetic warning about an army coming if they don’t repent. If they do repent, God says he might bless them instead of destroy them (Joel 2:12-14). The latter half of Joel 2 and all of Joel 3 describes how blessed God’s people could be in the land if they choose to be faithful to Him.


My thinking is that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, has just sent a message to the Jews through the sun and moon as well as through Greek saint Paisios and other events that the time has come for them to recognize there is going to be no other Messiah.

Jesus Christ was the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament.

There is no new Messiah coming to tell them what some appear to want to hear, namely that life is all about stuffing their pockets with money and their bellies with food and it’s okay to lie, trick, murder and steal to enrich themselves. There is no Messiah coming to bless a Jared Kushner type and tell him his wealth is his absolution even if it is built with smears and lies and possibly murder. There is no Messiah coming to bless an Ivanka Trump type who converted to Judaism to marry Jared, and so denied Christ, to tell her she is going to join in a one world government ruled by Jews.

There is only one Messiah, Jesus Christ, who came 2000 years ago with a message which is hard for mortals to hear, but which they must hear if they wish to be saved.

The kingdom of God is not of this world. It is spiritual and the way to it is Jesus Christ.

As for the army predicted to come if they don’t repent, well, haven’t I predicted it will be the US, German, Greek, Austrian and other armies that will come for them for their documented attempts to wipe them out?


Greek interior minister and Tsipras minion called sun turning black over Athens on July 24th a Biblical disaster. Does he know the time of his boss, the Anti Christ is over?

August 28, 2018

“The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood. Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.” – Joel 2:31

The sun turned into darkness over Athens on Monday 24th of July,  heralding the return of the Lord and fitting the predictions of Greek saint Paisios that the supranatural power of the Anti Christ, whom he identified as someone who has done the actions of Alexis Tsipras, would end then. Tsipras’ 3 and half occupancy in the office of Greek PM coincides with this time.

He has not yet lost his earthly power but the signs are that he soon will lose that too after losing his supranatural power.

Excerpts from media

The fires are a “national tragedy” and a “biblical disaster with human losses,” Greek Interior Minister Panos Skourletis told Sky News.


A thick cloud of black and orange smoke hung over the Acropolis hill and the Parthenon temple early on Monday afternoon after a fire broke out near Kineta, about 54 km (35 miles) west of Athens. The fire has prompted nearby residents to flee their homes.