St Paisios made an uncannily accurate prediction about my own bizarre case against the NWO in Greece, gives hope

August 13, 2018


I mentioned that Saint Paisios, an Athos monk recognized for his miraculous healings and other amazing acts, said we are living in the time of the Anti Christ.

In fact, Paisios gave very detailed predictions 30 years or so ago which have come true. When it comes to my own case here in Greece, he is remarkably accurate. Now, if Paisios is so accurate in this aspect, it gives me hope that he is also accurate in saying that the “occupation” of the Anti Christ will be short, serenity will soon prevail around the world and the Gospel will be preached.

The convergence of events, with his predictions which is staggering. In “Spiritual Counsels”, Paisios says those who fight the Anti Christ system of dictatorship will be embroiled in long drawn out and bizarre legal actions aimed at getting them into jail under any pretext…

Specifically, he says (Vol 2, page 210, Eng edition)”The Three and half years will be difficult, during which the few who do not agree with this system will endure hardships. Some excuse will be discovered to throw these people into jail. After a year, they will be taken to another city to questioning and more legal proceedings going from one city to another. Finally, the authorities will say “We’re sorry, you are innocent after all…”

He talks about this in the context of the sealing with the 666 number… Readers of my blog will recognize that is a pretty exact description of my own case in Greece, currently split over several cities (Larisa, Volos, Trikala, Athens, Thessaloniki) and now 3 and a half years old and nearing another crucial show trial date of October 5th.

Furthermore, the case is related to my blog posts about various pandemic viruses and vaccines, which may have a chip (the title of this blog is birdflu666).

First off, I have to point out that I only started reading Paisios’ “Spiritual Counsels” of Paisios’ in April and I had no idea what was inside them. Secondly, it is the Greek authorities themselves who have been splitting up my case up and spreading the evidence of the corruption of the judges and police across various cities in violation of my rights. As mentioned, the next show trial or Roland Freisler style state organized execution date is October 5th or almost exactly 3 and a half months after the original murder attempt in April 2015 and just over 3 and a half months into the government of my reader Alexis Tsipras, a determined eugenicist Globalist acting against the will of Christ (Anti Christ figure?).

Paisios goes on to say “Naturally, these difficult times will be short, three to three and a half years….God will not leave man without help…The Saints, Panaghia and Christ will appear to save even one wronged man with a good disposition, because he deserves divine help and even more so when the whole world will be going through such a difficult time. Now, it will be a passing storm, a short occupation by the Anti Christ. He will then be given such a slap by Christ, all nations will be shaken up and then peace will prevail in the world for a long time. During this time, Christ will provide an opportunity for his creation to be saved…People will return to Christ and a spiritual serenity will prevail all over the earth for many years….Thus, the Gospel will be proclaimed throughout the world, and then Christ will come as Judge to judge the world.”

That is also how I see it.

At some point, even the Globalists, are going to recognize that their depopulation plans are in trouble. The risks, in the meantime, far outweigh any advantages. This, because their plans are too well known. The globe, or significant powers in it, know who they are, what they intend, how they operate etc.

“There are a lot of moving pieces in the world of pandemic preparedness at the moment,” Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins center, said after a pandemic bioterrorism simulation exercise in May.

Chief among those issues, he said, are questions about the extent of U.S. support for global health issues and the role of the national security community.

…“there were still so many unanswered questions and capability gaps,” said Beth Cameron, formerly senior director for global health security and biodefense at the National Security Council under President Barack Obama. Cameron, who was in the audience, is vice president for global biological policy at the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

As panic spread and riots took place, Brooks, the Indiana congresswoman, said: “We have to have someone working on this day in and day out. … I have advocacy groups lining up and coming in one after another. They want vaccines to be prioritized. … They do not understand what’s going on.”

The simulation exercise identified a potential for chaos and violence precisely because they do understand what is going on. The veneer of civilisation is very thin. When lives are at stake, civilizing things like “Well, let’s be nice to James Mattis, John Kelly and Joseph Dunford” are going to disappear when the rank and file see them deploying army units to quarantine and mass vaccinate Americans. There’s a genetic component to a life threatening situation. There’s a violent side to society. Ebola, especially, could stir primeval fears. And the Globalists are targeting for elimination virtually the entire world’s population, including the militaries of the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Africa etc.

In 2018, resistance can come from anyone, anywhere and just one action could be enough to take down the Globalists. Margaret Hamburg noted that “one thing that goes out in the media can suddenly mushroom, and before you know it, everything you’re doing… can be derailed.”

She may well have been referring to my humble blog. Infowars and Alex Jones, at any rate, have always promoted the Globalist’s agenda of mass epidemic vaccine campaigns. Anyway, the point is, the Globalists can’t predict which people are going to produce the information or take the action which could derail their plans in 2018.

In 2009, they did not, for example, predict I would come out of the blue taking everyone by surprise with my legal action against Baxter. The environment in 2018 is far more chaotic, complex and fast in changing, and the new Ebola false flag could be the final straw leading to the toppling of the Globalists.

How many hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the globe have become aware of the Globalist depopulation plans, I wonder?

In short, there are potentially trillions of targeted actions that could derail the Globalists in 2018 when so many people have been empowered by knowledge. And there are many trillions more of random actions, events and incidents that could derail them too. Let’s just think about the many forms of the predicted violence.

Maybe a Marine Corps corporal who has just heard that his family has been killed in an Ebola quarantine zone in Georgia, and who knows the real back story because, say, a cousin was in the 101st Airborne in Liberia in 2014, will snap, grab a fire fighting tool and hit not just Trump but also Mattis and Kelly as they walk down a corridor to a pandemic situation room, shouting “You’re not going to get me without a fight!”

Maybe an entire Marine Division will join together to imitate Stauffenberg and blow up Mattis, Kelly and Dunford as they stand over a map and coordinate the movement of army units to guard quarantine camps or force vaccinate people across the states.

Maybe some random airplane mechanic having just heard that their spouse and children have been killed in a California Ebola outbreak will sabotage Airforce 1 out of revenge. Maybe a Swedish or South African officer belonging to a UN navy coast guard, having heard their family has been wiped out by Ebola in Stockholm or Johannesburg, will fire a salvo and sink a superyacht identified with a Globalist like Bill Gates or the Rothschilds while passing by. Who is going to investigate if society is in collapse? Where is the deterrent going to come from? O

Or maybe some hacker, seeing millions dying from Ebola in the USA, may destroy the electricity system and the water and ventilation system of the functioning bunker in Washington DC or a superyacht?

Maybe a fellow student of Jennifer Gates, having found out their own parents are in an Ebola zone and the army is moving from door to door to force vaccinate everyone, will poison her as she moves around on campus? “So, your Dad wants to kill us. Take that!” the college pal might think as they poison her coffee etc

In addition, the Globalists have not factored in just how many governments and entities around the globe are poised to take advantage of the Ebola chaos to insert their own vaccine or biological warfare teams stealthily into the mix to confound the Globalists and everyone else. Moreover, the NWO has not, in my view, thought through the extent to which they will lose power if they succeed in their plan.

Deprived of their wealth, influence and power, they will find themselves entirely at the mercy of those countries that do not depopulate, which seems to be China and North Korea, or of other entities that remain organized like a portion of the US military or a corporation. What could, for example, a Bill Gates, a Jared Kushner do if a division of Chinese troops, landed, say, on their secret hide away island, of say Sardinia or the Cayman Islands? It would not matter how many private security guards, solar panels, computers, satellite dishes gold bullion or AI robots they had, they would be relative minnows. Yes, even North Korea will be a super power in comparison to them.

Trump’s and the Kushners entire wealth is based on real estate, after all. Depopulate the USA and they and their network risk being pauperized. Any hard assets in the form of gold etc could simply be confiscated. Why should a more powerful entity like a Chinese army unit or a marauding group of UN soldiers engage in trade when it could take their hard assets by force? What leverage will the Globalists have if they destroy the societies that are the very foundation of their wealth, influence and power? So, when the Globalists finally take a moment to think things through, they will, surely, reach the only sensible conclusion and decide depopulation is too risky. If they don’t desist, I am convinced as Paisios is, that Christ will intervene and slap them down. As I say, I am amazed at the accuracy of Paisios’ predictions about a really bizarre legal situation opponents to the NWO face.

Reality is, my case fits that bizarre description. My original, corrupted case Delta 15 218 is in Larisa. But the investigation of all the crooked judges ordered by the Supreme Court has been split between Athens, Volos and Trikala against my right to have all the evidence considered together.

Also, an attempt to have me arrested for failing to answer a summons about defamation charges may still be in Thessaloniki as far as I know. In addition, the attempt to have me arrested by a trick for posting up something about the Trump team’s Russian connections has been given to Trikala state prosecutors office.

Trump should take warning This is the only case in this group in Greece which has followed a standard procedure in as far as I filed charges over it, an investigation was opened, I did testify to a judge and the case was sent to a prosecutor in Trikala. It could well be that someone in a faction warring Trump (Soros?) is going to, at some point, roll out this case and make it a high profile camaign with the help of NGOS, fake friends and champions and the social media, and together with hacked? emails and SMS, implicate a large number of people around Trump.

And this brings me to the next point.

My case is so outrageous and implicates so many people that a hostile power or warring faction could at any point in the future, turn it into a high profile issue and get a lot of powerful people jailed or force them out of office. Especially, if I am killed at the next show trial date of October 5th, the way will be open for groups to present my case in whatever way suits their purpose as I won’t have any input.

The AFD, as mentioned, could take out some elements to discredit the CDU and CSU, the SPO to discredit Kurz, Strache and Kickl (yes, they could bring private prosecution charges against that trio for negligence risking or causing the murder of a citizen abroad) or the Chinese could, for example, roll out the entire case to destablize the USA and West and discredit the entire political system. In Greece, a warring faction or hostile power could use my case to discredit Tsipras or destroy Orthodox church as well as all the other parties to obtain political power and control of the nation’s resources. “And they all joined in the state organized murder of the blogger fighting Soros! All of them joined in! Including Mitsotakis!” And then there is the involvement of Angela Merkel, HR McMaster and the Pentagon’s Mattis and Dunford. A hacker has blocked me from naming my weekly mirror selfies after them, something I do to prove I am still alive since the intelligence services can analyse a picture and find out when it was taken and if it has been altered etc.

The local police, caught red handed in the corruption, have no incentive to register my murder.

See above selfie in different, summer setting, very hot.

My blog can be taken over and the public deceived. Presumably, this hacker is under instructions to hide the involvement of particular Globalists. Underlining what morons the Globalists are, the very action of blocking selected selfies has revealed a connection to a very dangerous case.

Recall just how bizarre my case is. Having failed to have me murdered in April 2015, proven readers George Soros and Alexis Tsipras suppressed the police reports and court documents, manipulated the original culprits to make slanderous statements against me, stripped me of my status as a party and put me on de facto trial with no right as a witness to cross examine the culprits or pick apart their contradictory statements and obvious lies. That is case Delta 15 2018. And October 5th is the third time in three years that a date has been set for this “trial”. The first time it was postponed due to shorter court session. The second time, it was postponed due to a sudden strike.

On October 5th, the Globalists either have to go ahead with their plan and kill me and send a shocking signal to the world warning everyone that they are ruthless killers intent on depopulating 7 billion people while turning me into a martyr heading for paradise. Or they have to settle out of court now and accept I am innocent as Paisios says. I am, in fact, the verifiable victim of massive perversion of justice and persecution for blogging about the NWO’s depopulation attempt using a vaccine which may contain a chip, as I mentioned in 2009, and I need to be compensated for all the expense, suffering and given back my purloined money.

The NWO appear to be betting on spreading so much Ebola around Greece and Europe and the USA by October, that our societies will be set on irreversible collapse. Then every trace of my case will also vanish along with the Greeks, Austrians etc. But I and, it turns out, Paisios, don’t think they will succeed or even will really try as they think it through. Also, crashing the stock market, the economy, starting WW3 with false flags etc, is going to result in the same pushback.

So, I am going to sit back and relax and leave everything in the hands of God. If they murder me, it will be useful in as far as it will help alert the world as to the wickedness of their plans and provide a legal case to take them or each other  down while relieving me of my sentry duty down here. There was a reason God made the impossible act of gathering all the evidence on time in a foreign city with  corrupt lawyers, possible. If they don’t want to risk that, then they must settle out of court before the executioner’s axe falls in just seven weeks.

In fact, I am going from now on to start preaching the Gospel myself using also this blog. If the cooks do not show up for work in a restaurant, the waiters may have to do their work too. The result may be a mess, but the readers of this blog, will be used to that.

BioFire and lamivudine: two effective Ebola defences for Germany and any country in the short term (long term removing eugenicist Globalists like Merkel is only way)

August 13, 2018

Giving hospitals around Germany a rapid and accurate diagnostic tool like BioFire and a stockpile of an HIV drug lamivudine which was proven to help Ebola patients in Liberia if they were given treatment quickly, Germany can take some effective steps to prevent its spread and avert any mass vaccinations.

By making controlling borders its election theme, the CSU could oust Merkel and regain voters.

The deal Merkel just struck with Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (with an Opus Dei and UN background) would be an ideal excuse to end the coalition. To drive home to voters that the CSU stands for the popular position of contolling borders, leading politicians could draw out the drama with theatrical visits to Germany’s borders, scare mongering over Ebola (warranted) backed up by a social media campaign.

From Euronews
A deal was struck between the governments of Germany and Spain last Monday in which Spain agreed to take back migrants that traveled north to Germany, but who had first been registered in Spain. The deal came into effect on Saturday and the process of returning each migrant will take 48 hours. However it is currently only in effect on the part of the German border between Austria and Germany, a route very few migrants from Spain would travel to Germany because it is too far east.

The new flow of migrants into Spain has reignited concerns in Germany. The liberal party (FDP) were the first to criticise Merkel’s statement in Spain as not going far enough. They, as well as Conservative MPs, the CSU sister party believe a lot more needs to be done to curb migration into Europe, such as strengthening Europe’s external borders. The interior ministry has provisional plans to control German borders along France, Benelux, and Switzerland to control migrants travelling north into Germany, and Seehofer is putting pressure on Merkel and the Social Democrats to establish his controversial ‘Anker’ reception centres for migrants across Germany. As Merkel heads back to the office, migration still remains an issue dividing the political spectrum.

From CNN

Dr. Gorbee Logan has given the drug, lamivudine, to 15 Ebola patients, and all but two survived. That’s about a 13% mortality rate.

“I’m sure that when [patients] present early, this medicine can help,” Logan said. “I’ve proven it right in my center.”

Logan is mindful that lamivudine can cause liver and other problems, but he says it’s worth the risk since Ebola is so deadly.

Logan said he got the idea to try lamivudine when he read in scientific journals that HIV and Ebola replicate inside the body in much the same way.
“Ebola is a brainchild of HIV,” he said. “It’s a destructive strain of HIV.”

At first he tried a drug called acyclovir, which is often given to HIV patients to treat infections that occur with their weakened immune systems. But it didn’t seem to be effective. Then he tried lamivudine on a health care worker who’d become ill, and within a day or two he showed signs of improvement and survived.

Lamivudine is a nucleocide analog, and other drugs in this class are being studied to treat Ebola.

From Time

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two new diagnostic tests that can detect Ebola from blood, urine or saliva samples in as little as an hour. The tests are made by BioFire Defense, a Salt Lake City-based company, and can be used in the company’s FilmArray machine, a device that can look for Ebola virus genes in the blood. In the U.S., 300 hospitals already use the machine to detect a range of infectious agents.

One test is designed for commercial use in hospitals and laboratories, while the other is approved only for labs designated by the Department of Defense.

While quick diagnosis of Ebola is critical to identifying patients infected with the virus and providing them with health care that can save their lives, officials at Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF) say that the BioFire tests do come with some disadvantages in the field. Currently, lab technicians use a gene-based assay to pick up genetic fingerprints of the Ebola virus. The test takes four hours, but the current technologies can run multiple samples from different patients at the same time, allowing clinics like MSF to test up to 70 people a day. While the BioFire platform can spit out results in one hour, it can only run one sample at a time, so to maintain the high volume of testing at outbreak centers, says Erwan Piriou, laboratory advisor at MSF, “we would need multiple devices to reach the same throughout in a day. I feel in that sense the device doesn’t solve

The big advantage to the BioFire platform, however, is that it requires less handling of the samples that could potentially be infectious. At field clinics in West Africa, testing currently occurs in small tents or facilities outside of the Ebola treatment areas. Ebola treatment areas require health care workers to don full personal protective equipment that reveals no skin that could potentially be exposed to virus. Health care workers draw blood and sterilize the outside of the vial with chlorine to kill any virus that may have contaminated it. The vial is then brought to the testing area, where technicians work in glove boxes—transparent, sealed boxes with built-in gloves so that technicians can destroy the virus. Once the virus is deactivated, the sample is put through a molecular process to amplify the viral genes and then analyzed for presence of Ebola RNA.


August 13, 2018

Bill Gates and Merck have joined forces to get an Ebola vaccine licensed in USA and Europe in 2019, though it could be sooner.

Merck’s Ebola vaccine did not receive a license in 2015 because the “unusual trial design yielded data that were not deemed strong enough to lead regulatory bodies to license the vaccine.”

The same unusual trial design, a so called ring study without a control group, was used in May in the DR Congo during an Ebola outbreak and it is being used again now.

In spite of the trial design deficit which means the studies will never yield data strong enough to obtain a license under standard procedures, this risky vaccine is being promoted by Bill Gates’ Gavi foundation and Merck not only in the DR Congo but also in the USA and Europe. They are seeking a licenses, presumably to allow for mass vaccinations.
From Fierce Pharma

The vaccine is deemed highly effective and safe but has not yet been approved. WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) has recommended its use under a compassionate use pathway during Ebola outbreaks of the Zaire strain.

“We are in the process of assembling the critical components required for licensure with regulatory agencies and are looking into options to accelerate the registration process,” Merck spokeswoman Pamela Eisele told FierceVaccines. Merck now expects filing with the FDA and the EMA in 2019, said Eisele.

Jašarević said that 3,200 doses left from the last outbreak are stored at Congo’s capital, and Eisele said the company has over 300,000 stockpiled doses that could be supplied at short notice.

 J&J is testing the vaccine—which targets the Ebola Zaire and Sudan strains and Marburg virus—in 11 clinical trials and has filed for Emergency Use and Assessment listing with the WHO. If approved, it can also be used in an emergency.


August 13, 2018

From Rfi

Des officiels congolais et de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé portent des combinaisons de protection alors qu’ils participent à une formation contre le d’Ebola, près de la ville de Beni, le 11 août 2018.
© REUTERS/Samuel Mambo
Par RFI Publié le 12-08-2018 Modifié le 12-08-2018 à 23:22

Ce n’est pas la première fois que la RDC est touchée par l’épidémie d’Ebola, mais la particularité cette fois, c’est que le virus sévit dans une zone très peuplée et en proie à la violence, le Nord-Kivu. L’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé s’inquiète pour la sécurité des humanitaires et de la population. La région qui constitue l’épicentre de l’épidémie est connue pour être une zone de guerre. Dans un communiqué, l’OMS demande à avoir un accès sécurisé pour atteindre les malades.


August 13, 2018

A very dangerous precedent is being set in the DR Congo which could be used anywhere around the globe under various pretexts (e.g. armed police in London have to guard Ebola vaccine centres from ISIS terrorists and these armed police can also be deployed to compel vaccination of people in affected area by medical teams at the same time or armed police in Athens have to guard the demolition of illegal houses posing fire risk and these armed police can also be used to force vaccinate Greeks)

From Sfgate

Global health officials have warned that combating this virus outbreak is complicated by multiple armed groups in the mineral-rich region and a restless population that includes 1 million displaced people and scores of refugees leaving for nearby Uganda every week.
The insecurity means health workers might have to change a vaccination strategy that proved successful in Congo’s previous Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization’s emergency preparedness chief Peter Salama said Saturday.
The “ring vaccination” approach of first vaccinating health workers, contacts of Ebola victims and their contacts might have to give way to the approach of vaccinating everyone in a certain geographic area such as a village or neighborhood. That would require a larger number of vaccine doses.

Official at epicentre of Ebola outbreak calls for the entire population to be given risky vaccine

August 13, 2018

From Radiomotofm

Au nom de la population de Beni, l’administrateur de ce territoire a encouragé toutes les parties prenantes dans la lutte contre l’épidémie. KASEREKA KIBWANA Donat a au même moment plaidé pour que la vaccination soit élargie à toute la population de la zone de santé de Mabalako et environs. De son coté, le ministre nationale de la santé a transmis la compassion du chef de l’Etat à tous les citoyens, victimes de la dixième épidémie Ebola en RDC. Oly ILUNGA a sensibilisé la population à avoir confiance aux experts de santé qui sont en l’œuvre afin d’éradiquer la maladie.

African media focuses on Trump’s corrupt CDC chief who said that water was enough to stop Ebola. Is the USA really prepared?

August 13, 2018

From Modern Ghana

Ex-CDC head, Dr. Brenda Fiztgerald bows in shame when her corruption came to light. Time will when the CDC and WHO will be exposed for allowing the US government to test Aids and Ebola bio-weapons in Africa

She has to resign as head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC in shame after corruption with shares of the ‘Tabacco industry’ is exposed.

In fact, Fitzgerald, a former major in the U.S. Air Force and a one-time president of the Georgia OB-GYN Society, also purchased stocks of pharmaceutical titans like Merck and Bayer even after being named CDC Director.

The same way one day, unexpectedly, the whole world, (the poor and the rich, the healthy and handicap, illiterates, and scholars) with one voice, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization will be exposed for their roles in Aids and Ebola man-made diseases in Africa.

Tom Frieden, heading a corrupt CDC institute, faces disclosures of cozy corporate alliances. A group of more than a dozen senior CDC scientists has reportedly lodged an ethics complaint alleging the federal agency is being influenced by pharmaceutical and political interests in ways that shortchange taxpayers.

A group calling itself CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research (CDC SPIDER), put a list of complaints in writing in a letter to CDC Chief of Staff and provided a copy of the letter to the public watchdog organization US Right to Know (USRTK). The members of the group have elected to file the complaint anonymously for fear of retribution.

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, also commissioner of the state Department of Public Health Georgia, together with Governor Deal and several other medical officials stated during the late Ebola crisis: “The U.S.A. and Georgia are prepared to respond to the Ebola virus.”

“The overall conclusion is that; “We are in pretty good shape here in Georgia. The most comforting thing is that water kills the Ebola virus. Moreover, water can kill Ebola in a petri dish.”

I’ve never heard that water can kill Ebola in a petri dish before. I thought it was something that (Ebola)was so contagious there wasn’t much you could do to prevent it or anything else, so her advice mainly must have been ‘wash your hands against Ebola.

But if so, then which ingredient within the water kills Ebola and could this ingredient be used as a cure against the virus?

Immediately after this statement of Fitzgerald about the deadly virus, Dr. Ford Vox, a Shepherd Center physician and outspoken critic of the governor, said; “Deal’s argument doesn’t hold water and that Deal shouldn’t give the public the impression that Ebola bows to good old H20.

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald was very outspoken and several times she pointed to World Health Organization guidelines that said washing hands with soap and water can help prevent contamination, and pointed to media reports that showed Ebola can only survive a few minutes in water.