Mirror selfie as my reader Angela Merkel makes mysterious visit to migrant hotspot Spain where Bill Gates’ super yacht, belonging to a Putin crony, was spotted, according to media


Mirror selfie with crucifix to keep the vampires away…

Angela Merkel’s movements during her traditional three week summer holiday have just become even more mysterious and suspicious.

She is set to hold an informal meeting on Saturday and Sunday to discuss migrants  in southern Spain where Bill Gates’ holiday yacht has recently been spotted, according to media. It is not clear if Bill Gates is on board, but it is the traditional time for a summer holiday.


The yacht, which Bill Gates rents for holidays from a Russian oligarch, Alfa Nero, is now at a port in Italy, another migrant hotspot, according to a website to track vessels in real time, which may or may not be accurate…


Alfa Nero belongs to Putin crony Andrey Guryev.


The venue for her meeting with Spain’s Minister President is the country’s southern coast, which has seen a surge in migrants arriving from Africa along routes from parts close to the new Ebola outbreak.



Merkel may have a few things to settle while she is staying at the National Park Doñana outside Sevilla if she is, indeed, a fixer for the eugenicists Globalists, as she appears to be.


If she wants to stage an Ebola false flag involving migrants she may find help from the three firefighters from Seville who have just been cleared by a court in Greece of smuggling migrants.


They could “rescue” the Ebola sufferers at sea, provide them with IDs from the DR Congo or Uganda, bring them to shore at a pre pared place for an Ebola outbreak.

Unfortunately, the option exists to poison unsuspecting migrants with formaldehyde to simulate Ebola symptoms.


The simulation of Ebola symptoms would make it easier to manage an Ebola false flag by ensuring any involved, such as the fire fighters, are not infected.

Migrants known to stick together in one area could then be given real Ebola or be given false positives.

Merkel has also been spotted during her holidays in the border area between Germany and Austria, another possible place for an Ebola false flag.

The Globalists could be planning multiple, simultaneous false flags in different locations such as Andalucia, Salzburg, Bavaria to suggest a massive, uncontrolled outbreak and to prepare the public for Ebola patients arriving by plane en masse in the USA, UK, Australia etc.

Now that Angela Merkel has been caught intervening with my mirror selfies to cover her role, likely through minion Alexis Tsipras, she has a strong personal motive to get an epidemic moving.

My case here in Larisa against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras is very strong and the evidence that all the police and court documents has been supressed is indisputable. That I have been set up for being de facto jailed and murdered through slanderous statements of the original culprits of a murder attempt is crystal clear. The icing on the cake is that my status has been changed from party to witness, meaning I cannot question the statements or even be represented by a witness at the upcoming trial at the minor court in Larisa on October 5th. This is state organized murder. If Merkel is linked to my case she could be facing years in jail if the justice system starts to function.

She may even be reading this right now as she gads about Europe during her summer holidays.

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