My tip to Kim Jong Un, just sit back and let the eugenicist Globalists wipe out the USA and West, then take over with China, only country with serious epidemic and vaccine rules, invade South Korea and do a good economic deal with them

White House national security adviser John Bolton, backed by a passive Mike Pompeo and James Mattis, has again said North Korea has not taken the steps necessary to denuclearize when the whole world knows that Kim Jong Un never agreed to do so unless he got economic help, and he has not received any.

Where is the deal to supply North Korea with  an energy and transport infrastructure, build up its economy, education system and hospitals in return for denuclearization?—fox-10597232

My tip to Kim Jong Un is just sit back and allow the eugenicists Globalists carry out their plans and wipe out the USA, West and Russia.

In 20 months of one pandemic simulation, America will be wiped out according to a leading Senator role playing James Mattis, okay, Kim Jong Un? Got that! “Wiped out.”

Take a look at the calendar, Kim.

Yet another Ebola has just started again. Add 20 months and the USA could  well have wiped itself out without you doing a thing, Kim, okay? And the West and Russia and Africa could also be wiped out.

Take a look at the map. Which countries are not going to be wiped out? China and North Korea, okay, Kim?

Read that it again, Kim.

“America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.

Yes, that’s right, the person role playing James Mattis finishes the simulation by declaring the USA has been wiped out. Not severely damaged as may happen with casualties of 15 to 20 million. The term wiped out implies that by the end of the 20 months a major part of the population such as 150 million or more have been killed with the rest barely able to function.

Once, the USA has wiped itself out, Kim Jong Un can also invade South Korea  since its main protector will have just destroyed itself through the sheer decadence of its people.

China is emerging as a model when it comes to protecting its population from faulty vaccines and epidemics.

Following evidence an outbreak of the plague on Madagascar in 2017 was orchestrated, China immediately closed its borders.

It has arrested 15 executives of a vaccine manufacturer that falsified records.

The Chinese are transparent in communicating the results of their investigation.

Parents are allowed to form protests groups.

Look at the situation in the USA and Europe!

The whole world can verify the facts and documents proving that Washington DC and Brussels are led by eugenicist Globalists determined to wipe out America and the rest of the world.

They are brazenly simulating wiping out the USA using a biological weapon.

” Brighter Dawn’s stated goal was to reduce the world’s population to pre-industrial levels. By the end of the day, which represented twenty months in the simulation, they had managed to kill a perfectly respectable hundred and fifty million people. “America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.

By the end of the simulation, American health care had been forcibly nationalized.Governors enacted state-level quarantines and border cordons.”

This simulation took place on May 15th just days after the White House rescinded Ebola funding and fired epidemic expert Tim Ziemer and just three days before WHO was about to declare an Ebola outbreak a health emergency, triggering mass vaccination campaigns.

They clearly did not expect that declaration to be stopped at the last second. The high level participants in this simulation are brazen about their true motives. There is, for example, no discussion about whether America’s borders should be closed or not. The discussion revolves solely on how to sell keeping the borders open to the public.

China, North Korea and the rest of the world can see that the only ones still pretending no one can see that the USA and West is set to be wiped out by an epidemic are the West’s military, intelligence community, FBI, CIA and NSA, media and politicians etc anxious to cling to their salaries.

Kim Jong Un should relax and watch the US military and intell community let the eugenicist Globalists wipe their feet all over them and try to remove them from the planets year in, year out.

Look at Tim Ziemer, for example. Fired, yes, but that should not mean inactive. The retired admiral could start a blog or do something real world to deal with epidemics. Has he? Not as far as I can see. It seems that unless he is paid by a eugenicist Globalist administration to be the figleaf to pretend Trump takes epidemics seriously, he will not do anything. Is that a sign of moral person, a patriot? Or of decadence?

Or take John Schindler and his rambling twitter feed, policing the boundaries of what is acceptable to say or not for the NSA who know about the eugenicist Globalists but cover their activities.

Or take Robert Mueller, James Comey, or the FBI or the military. Do any of them show up and start investigating the participants of the pandemic simulation for brazenly game playing depopulating the USA using bioterrism?

What are all the US soldiers and families doing (voters with a political voice) to get James Mattis put ousted for his role in neglecting biological warfare at their expense? Or for the way he is helping to escalate the conflict with North Korea by sitting back and refusing to insist North Korea gets the economic help that was part of the deal? Where is Mattis’ public letter to Bolton and Trump reminding them of the deal and urging some economic help?

Have the US soldiers, nurses and their families been on their smartphones so long they have a mental age of three year olds? That could be an explanation.

Social media and video games are creating a generation of children with the mental and emotional immaturity of three-year-olds, one of Britain’s most eminent brain scientists has warned.

Do they want to end up being wiped out by Ebola or chemical or biological weapons on domestic or foreign soil with the help of their own commanders?

The Chinese are on social media and forming protests groups.

Where are the US soldiers and families forming protests groups to say, we want a peaceful deal with North Korea, economic help for Kim Jong Un in return for denuclearization?

Many of these are Trump voters. Trump was voted in on a platform of non military intervention. Their votes count. Their voices count.

Where are the hundreds of protest groups in the USA about Trumps course? Where are the millions of US service men and families on the social media, saying “We don’t want another pointless, bloody, costly hideous war with North Korea and we don’t want to nuke North Korea either if we can do a deal and we can do a deal. Do the deal, Mattis, or resign. Do the deal your voters want, Trump, or get out of office.

Where are they insisting the FBI finally starts arresting the eugenicist Globalists openly simulating wiping them out?

Okay, Kim, so just take it easy.  My tip is  install a military government in South Korea to extract the money and know how to build up the North Korean economy.  It’s better to do a deal with South Korea than bomb it to smithereens or wipe out the population with biological and chemical weapons.

A deal could look like this

Year One, help with immediate food and medical supplies, installation of an electricity grid and solar panels in every village and town in North Korea and the building of transport networks in return for self government for the protectorate of South Korea.

Year Two, help with building the infrastructure for an economy, education systems, optic fibres, business know how etc

Year Three, help with building manufacturing capacity and financial system.

Keep the central bank nationalized like China to make the country prosperous.

Year Four, help with building up a health system.

Year Five, help with merging the North Korea currency with South Korea to create a common market.

Kim Jong Un could sell it as a good deal to South Korea. As a reward, he could promise South Korea free elections in Year Six.

Kim Jong Un could even obtain an exclusive private banking license from the nationalized central bank to ensure his family remains very prosperous for decades.

This is the kind of deal, Trump’s voters expect him, Mattis and Bolton to be offering Kim Jong Un to avert war or have they gone to sleep?



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