Has Bill Gates’ superyacht been converted into a pandemic operations centre, and is Angela Merkel spending her hols there supervising the Ebola false flag?

Unusual secrecy has enveloped much of Angela Merkels holiday. Security guards usually accompany her whenever she takes her holidays and their sudden, short notice cancellation of a hotel booking first alerted the Germany media that Merkel was not going on her usual summer holiday with her husband to South Tyrol after all.

But since then, every trace of Merkel has apart from fleeting appearances in Munich and Salzburg. 


A scheduled meeting with Spain’s Minister President this weekend has been announced.


Given the fact that Merkel is one of the most high profile people in Europe, followed by the press and paparazi etc, I agree with the German media that her disappearance requires a special explanation.

One such explanation could be, and I venture this and with no firm proof I must add, that she may have joined Bill Gates on his superyacht Alfa Nero in order to manage and coordinate the false flag Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo.

The superyacht is rented by Gates for his holidays and it was sighted in Palma, Mallorca, a week ago.


It is now at Castellammare di Stabia, a Naples port just 60 kilometres south of the key Nato base, Allied Joint Force Command Naples which directs Nato operations in migrant hotspots, Italy, Greece and Turkey






I am not saying that Merkel is spending time off radar on Bill Gates’ superyacht conducting pandemic operations. I am saying her disappearance is odd, and the presence of Bill Gates and his superyacht at the same time in the Med could be more than a coincidence. Furthermore, my thinking is an operations hub hooked up to computers and communications systems would be needed to simulate huge numbers of events simultaneously, consider outcomes and then issue directions, for example, to technical teams from WHO, WEF and the German government, and just such a hub could be set up comfortably on a superyacht.

Bill Gates and Angela Merkel have, after all, been at the heart of the decision making process in pandemic simulations at the World Bank, Davos and elsewhere. Their personal and close collaboration appears to be central to the exercises, and a superyacht would be an ideal place for the pair to meet, plan and conduct secretive  real time, live operations.


Superyachts allow guests and their security guards and aides to escape from intrusions from the media etc by its remoteness and mobility. 

Moreover, the Alfa Nero also has a helipad to allow them to fly in and out. And if the superyacht and crew happen to belong to a Kremlin oligarch and Putin Crony who is also in favour of depopulation, then there is no need to worry about leaks if that is what Merkel and Gates are planning.

The superyacht could easily be converted into a full-scale operations center for a live pandemic false flag.

Computers and cables  hooked up to satellite communications for encrypted phone calls and e-mails.

Here Merkel and Gates could study updates, share information, determine what actions they need and  direct subordinates to start necessary tasks.

A huge set of events would need to be simulated to allow for a relatively certain outcome.

And if things go wrong, as they almost always inevitably do, then Merkel and Gates  could discuss options immediately and  improvise more quickly.

Many aspects of a pandemic are, after all, quantifiable, such as the number of vaccines available, infections from vaccinations , and therefore, can be simulated by computers. And Bill Gates has lavished funds on just such pandemic computer simulations.

During a lecture in May, Gates showed a “simulation that illustrates how devastating the effects of a flu pandemic would still be in every corner of the world.”


Gates’Foundation spent $10-million on just one computational models that simulate the spread of infectious disease.


But other aspects of a pandemic such as media coverage and the reaction of the public (fear, anger, scepticism) are uncertain.

For example, the DR Congo government may be reluctant to use all 300,000 Merck vaccines immediately. Pressure could, then, be applied on the governmentby activating a civil society groups, directing them to call for mass vaccinations.

Time could also be a real constraint. Merkel may feel an urgency to get Ebola cases registered in Germany before her holiday is over. When she returns to Berlin, the pressure on her to close Germany’s borders entirely will increase. She could be toppled from power by the CSU and angry voters as she nearly was in July.


The CSU managed to partially regain control at least of the Bavarian border with Austria, reducing the epidemic risks there.


But the border with France remains open and may be a tempting target for anyone seeking to introduce Ebola into Germany via Spain and France, not least because the major airport of Frankfurt and US airforce base of Ramstein are on that side of the country.

Given the fast moving political environment in Germany, Merkel may have felt the need to pitch in immediately and cancel her holiday.

While Gates could manage, coordinate and supervise the entire process, there may be some tasks that only a person with the political weight of Angela Merkel can get done, requiring her direct participation, for example, in going to arrange with Spanish politicians an Ebola false flag , involving migrants travelling in crowded buses to Frankfurt (infecting hundreds) and possibly “infected” medical personnel at a local Spanish hospital etc.

The superyacht  may even continue on to Corfu (Rothschilds and Deripaska) and Athens (Geoffrey Pyatt, Alexis Tsipras)


A plan to wipe out circa 7 billion people through a pandemic virus and the aftermath is a complicated thing, involving models of collapsing  health-care systems collapsed, economic systems and crashing  stock market crashed, and the incapicatation of governments.

Millions of calculations occur in epidemic simulations based on just a few veriables, so somewhere the Globalists would need to have a command hub.

From Brinknews

Computer simulation models assess the likelihood of loss by projecting plausible disease transmission events globally. For example, simulators can depict the potential spread of pandemic flu or outbreaks akin to the 2003 SARS and 2014 West Africa Ebola events. Probabilistic models show disease emergence, rate of spread, number of people infected, and the resulting rates of health care utilization and mortality.

 Altogether, an extremely large set of simulated events allows for the estimation of potential financial and human losses.

Such models can also show the probability of individuals moving across travel networks as well as the probability of their transmitting disease within each network node. Millions of calculations occur in a single epidemic simulation.

http://www.brinknews.com/using-modern-data-and-analytics-to-confront-the-challenge-of-epidemic-risk/To quote anothe World Bank blog about whole-of-society plans on pandemics


“Death will be only a part of the impact. Billions would suffer from illness and survive. Nearly all, ill or healthy, could face chaos and the effects of a global economic recession caused by people’s reaction to an invisible threat, high labor absenteeism, plummeting consumer and business confidence, and cascading service failures. Imagine megacities lacking food deliveries, transport, and police. Pandemics are not mainly a health problem because they can disrupt the functioning of economies and societies. Reducing pandemic risk is a low priority in the health sector, which, moreover, cannot address the externalities involved. Non-medical measures and whole-of-society plans for business continuity are required to reduce the potentially catastrophic impacts on health, economies, and society, but such preparedness for complex emergencies is rare.”

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