This blog has featured breakneck plot twists to make it some readers think they might be living through a James Bond movie.

And in a new twist, the most revered Greek saint who died in 1994, Saint Paisios, has weighed in predicting just the events readers of this blog will be familiar with more than 30 years ago in his Spiritual Counsels volume 2.

Here’s why, dear readers,  Saint Paisios prediction about the end of the reign of the Anti Christ  and a new era of spiritual serenity is so important.




The NWO Globalists and Satanists are, you see, occultists, who use witch craft, numerology and black magick to obtain power.


But they also know that only the true prophets know the true God can also tell the future and interpret dreams and other mysteries. The Globalists know Saint Paisios was filled with the spirit of God and so able to know only what God knows.

Furthermore, Paisios is a Saint who died only in 1994 so there are thousands of living witnesses of his miracles of healingand clairvoyance. He has thousands of spiritual children living all over the world.

120,000 people visited his grave on the 20th anniversay of his death and about 80 000 to 100,000 visit people still visit it every year.


Just as the Globalists were about to kill me following a show trial on October 5th and unleash plagues, wars, death etc on a new scale, they have been slapped down by Jesus Christ via Saint Paisios and his demonstrably correct predictions.

More than 30 years ago, he predicted the means the Anti Christ system would use to obtain power, namely a global vaccine campaign with chipping 666, as well as the the single event that characterizes the reign of the Anti Christ, namely, that the tiny resistance to this vaccine campaign will be compelled to go from court to court and city to city for 3.5 years in order to avoid being flung into jail (and killed) as well as the outcome, namely, that their time is over and they will have to settle out of court with me, who alone fulfil the criteria, beause the evidence of their crimes is so overwhelming.

A twist is that I am not Greek and don’t speak Greek and  had no idea about Paisios until April 2015.

Now, oracles, astronomy and other signs have been used to try to guess future events from the beginning of history. Whoever knows the future can try to control and influence it.

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the Oracle of Delphi could give “glimpses of the future”.


Greeks consulted the Oracle before making important decisions. It is said the Oracle predicted the Trojan war, said Socrates was ‘wisest of men’, advised Athenian law maker Solon on how to capture the island of Salamis etc

King Nebuchadnezzar fell prostrate before Daniel when he revealed his dream, something the king’s sorcerers, magicians weren’t able to do.

47 The king said to Daniel, “Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you were able to reveal this mystery.”


So too Satanists and Globalists recognize that God really is the true power in this universe and things really will turn out as He decides.

They recognize divine providence.


Up to now, they have been able to push through their NWO agenda because God has allowed it as a period of testing for humans. 

When the Globalist media etc predict, for example, that an Ebola outbreak will occur or the Twin Towers will collapse, it is because they have been planning it in advance and are using their power in this world to carry it out. But they do not know the future in the real sense.

They have been operating on their own interpretation to the future and it is one in which would allow them to kill me on October 5th and then unleash incredible destructive power.

Now, they seem to be panicking because they recognize that God will not allow them to do that. St Paisios predicted God would  take from the Anti Christ, his supranatural power at the 3 and a half year mark, and we can be sure this has happened or is in the process of happening.

Furthermore, St Paisios predicts that they will have to let me go.

Finally, the authorities will say
“We’re sorry, we were wrong. You are innocent.”


We are in that finally period, that final stretch with just five weeks to go  to a Roland Freisler style execution signed off by  corrupt officials at Larisa court who have striped the file of evidence and set me up for a de facto execution.

When you have my dead body on your hands, a red line will be crossed since you will be known throughout Greece, and the world, as the Satanists who with extreme violence killed the blogger who tried to stop them killing 7 billion people, including the members of the militaries and police of the US, Greece, Germany, in a bid to kill them too.

In another correct prediction, Paisios told Supervillain, NWO Abbot Ephraim in the eighties that he was going to live in the age “when the word of God will go simultaneously to all the world.”

Ephraim often met Paisios when Ephraim was still at the monastery Koutlomousiou between 1982 and 1984.

Ephraim said “of course, it meant using the internet.”

Yes, Ephraim,  knowledge of your crimes and fake religion will go out throughout the world as well as the true, which will lead to the emptying of the church and monasteries and a spiritual revival.

A picture of Ephraim with Tsipras in 2015 and an aide of the PM in power enabling Ephraim’s land grab.


Land grab abbot Ephraim is at the epicentre of the NWO clergy corruption, meeting the likes of Geoffrey Pyatt, Putin, Prince Charles etc




Ephraim says he chided Paisios for making jokes with pilgrims…


Όταν είμαστε στην Ιερά Μονή Κουτλουμουσίου (1982-1984) είχα το διακόνημα του πορτάρη και ο Γέροντας μού είχε αναθέσει να πηγαίνω και φαγητό στον π. Παΐσιο. Είχα την ευκαιρία να συνομιλήσω με τον Γέροντα για πολλά και διάφορα θέμα. Μία ημέρα, λόγω της παρρησίας που είχε η σχέση μας, τον ρώτησα για ποιο λόγο κάνει τόσα αστεία με τους προσκυνητές, που ίσως μπορεί κάποιοι και να σκανδαλίζονται, και μου απάντησε ο διακριτικός Γέροντας:  «Παιδί μου οι σύγχρονοι άνθρωποι είναι πολύ επιρρεπείς στην κατάθλιψη, στην αποθάρρυνση, στην απογοήτευση. Τους κάνω αυτά τα αστεία για να τους ενθαρρύνω λίγο, να τους χαροποιήσω ώστε μετά να τους πω και κάτι πνευματικό, γιατί διαφορετικά δεν θα μπορεί να περάσει τίποτε, δεν θα μπορώ να τους ωφελήσω. Σε πληροφορώ ότι μόλις φεύγουν από το κελλί μου οι προσκυνητές αμέσως έρχεται το πένθος στην καρδία μου, και τα δάκρυα στην προσευχή μου».

Άλλη φορά μου είπε: «Δεν ξέρω πώς αλλά εσύ θα ζήσεις στην εποχή που ο λόγος του Θεού θα πηγαίνει ταυτόχρονα σε όλη την οικουμένη. Δεν ξέρω αυτό πώς θα γίνεται, αλλά εσύ θα το ζήσεις. Και εννοούσε βέβαια για την χρήση του διαδικτύου».

Tomorrow, I will have message for Tsipras from Saint Paisios, who prayed for the repentance of Satan…

St Paisios said the Anti Christ would in some manner be Satan incarnate ie Tsipras. He also said Satan, originally called Lucifer, the angel who fell from heaven, still has formidable  powers as a former archangel. His purpose has been fulfilled and now he has been stripped of them.

St Paisios also prayed that Satan would repent because he was the most miserable and tormented creatures in his me only, narcisstic hell. Now is your chance Tsipras to get back some bliss. Why not read up on yourself in Paisios’ Spiritual Counsels and get a few tips about your renewal.

Jesus Christ also hopes you will be saved. This is a message He gave me.

The same applies for the bunch of Satanist losers now trying to rally around Tsipras and cling on to power. You will only go down with him.

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