St Paisios prediction throws up shield of legal protection around Greek people as the man identified by him as the Anti Christ seems to readying for purges and epidemics. My case can also be used to convict Alexis Tsipras of attempted murder, and eventually murder with 99% likelihood in one to three weeks

Read and download the case against the Anti Christ caught pushing the depopulation of the globe below in Greek

My case can also be especially used if Tsipras and his helpers murder me either through a terrorist hit man or through a political execution at a show trial on October 5th


St Paisios’ prediction that the reign of the Anti Christ would coincide with attempts to jail the person resisting its system of global forced vaccination may just have helped save the Greek army, police and people from a Soviet style purge.

The prediction focuses the attention on a dystopian legal case which fits my own here in Greece.

There can only be one reason why Tsipras’ political courts refuse to admit I am innocent of the fake accusations and settle out of court. That is because this very lawlessness is a central part of his overall plan to eliminate all opposition in Greece.

The way St Paisios higlighted the legal case linked to the reign of the Anti Christ will help focus attention on the threat of a purge following some pretext to call a national emergency.

A Soviet style purge cannot occur in Greece if people are aware of due process and their legal rights.

Yet, many soldiers, police, teachers, doctors etc are not aware of their legal rights and due process.

They could conceivably have been taken by surprise by waves of illegal summons and arrest warrants following some false flag assassination.

A purge could result in the imprisonment and execution of thousands of Greeks within weeks.

But thanks to St Paisios’ prediction, many Greeks will now be thinking about this vital issue of due process.

Due process is simple to find out about my googling terms such “due process for an arrest in Greece,” “my rights if I am arrested” etc

To clarify. It is not the position of a person that makes a court or police action legal. It is the procedure.

A prosecutor or police officer who does not follow due process is breaking the law and can be charged.

Also, a Ministry of Interior special agent who does not have the authority invested in him by the law to summon people etc is breaking the law and can be charged.

My case is also all about due process errors.

It is also in Greek. That makes it even easier for local to use the documents in court proceedings as well as to find out about the due process tricks etc used by Tsipras’ lynch mob at Larisa court.

Luckily, the Greek army’s main base is here. They and the local police have been aware of my case for 3 years or so. They will now be able to get up to speed quickly and protect themselves with due process procedures.

Of course, there is a corrupt clique in the Larisa police force. But police officers have a duty of care to ensure they follow due process when serving arrest warrants etc. If they serve invalid ones, and do that knowingly, they are breaking the law.

Crucially, if a person is deprived on due process and such a deprivation threatens their life, they have the right to self defence, i.e. to shoot the person threatening them, shoot Tsipras and his conspirators.

Furthermore, they have the right to shoot anyone when there is evidence they are about to commit a crime, such as the evidence of Tsipras’s plan to depopulate Greece.

The right to self defense is fundamental under the Greek and European legal system.

So, removing Tsipras, Panos Kammenos and co is lawful as well as moral and divinely sanctioned. God does not want the Anti Christ system to wipe out all Greeks, I can assure you.

Indeed, he has already converted the country’s justice system into a Soviet style political execution system as my case shows.

My case proves that opposition to his crimes (depopulation etc) will result in massive violations of due process, the suppression of all the evidence against Tsipras and the setting up of his opponent for a Soviet style show trial to be followed by incarceration and murder.

To repeat, all the evidence against Tsipras and George Soros, which belongs to file Delta 15 218 under due process rules, has been stripped out.

The only item left in the trial judgment file are the fake accusations obtained with the help of the Ministry of Interior. I cannot  defend myself against these accusations since I appear illegally as a witness when I am actually a party.
Overview of the case Delta 15 218 and its violations of procedures


My appeal in Greek to the judgement of Ekaterina Papaiannou from April 2016 which makes the fake statements the sole basis of a trial and turns me into a witness.

Προτάσεις Jane Burgermeister

Προτάσεις Σχετικα

The court stamp

5. Appeal-pic

My appeal was rejected on the technical ground I am not an accused in case Delta 15 218 and only the accused can appeal a decision.

Προτάσεις παραλαβή

My email to the Supreme Court on all the irregularities after my appeal was rejected.

See evidence 48



The new testimony at Larisa court at the end of 2016 on the same crimes, people etc, ordered by the Supreme Court. Case closed without any investigation.

See the first 19 pages

Στοιχείο 33-44

The other 2 files in this series.

Στοιχείο 1-16

Στοιχείο 17-32

Evidence about the fake witness statements presented in a civil case

προσθήκη Jane Burgermeister

Π Ρ Ο Σ Θ Η Κ Η – Σχετικα

My case was rejected by the judge Vasilopoulos abusing the law. I filed charges to no avail.

Charges against Vasilopoulos




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