Courage, Greece! The Anti Christ, identified by St Paisios as Tsipras, is the man doomed to destruction (2 Thess 2), but now is the time to lock and load against a super evil Stalin style purge threat predicted by St Paisios (“any excuse to throw them in jail”)

A prayer to St Paisios, who was a soldier in the Greek civil war…
Help us, St Paisios, at this time of danger,
illuminate and guide us,
give us energy, determination,
good motives, cool thinking,
give us courage to defeat evil,
to destroy the Anti Christ,
the man of lawlessness,
the man doomed to destruction,
and his minions
quickly as God wills,
and to protect all lives.

Grant God, divine help to the executioners of the Anti Christ and his minions.


Memo to Tsipras and co

Well, there is now almost no time left for Tsipras and Kammenos and co to cancel my Soviet show trial on October 5th which will result in my jailing and execution.

Plus, there seems to be a November 17 hitman and his minions on the loose in the area.

So, you could very soon be guilty not of attempted murder but of actual murder , Alexis. The evidence that you have tried to murder me by turning my case into lynch justice to remove an obstacle to wipe out Greeks is all in the real file Delta 15 218.

All the police and judges, who have helped them, will make themselves guilty of actual murder as opposed to attempted murder.

The Anti Christ system has remained quite abstract until now. If I am murdered in the next week or two, it will become very concrete.

I am delighted if I can take down the Anti Christ system.

I am not leaving Greece without cast iron guarantees I will not be arrested and have money on my bank account. Also, I am not leaving without the remnant from the monastery of Theodekti.

They are also in danger from a crazed bunch of Satanists. There also have to be cast iron guarantees none of them have to return to Greece either.

Furthermore, the Greek army will know if I leave alive or not as I insist we all leave on a Greek army transport plane.

You see, I am not afraid of death.
My conscience is clear and I will go to Paradise.
Jesus Christ will find a way to fulfil his Divine Plan and remove you the man doomed to destruction soon.

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