Alexis Tsipras may use clashes expected on Saturday over the murder of a rapper by Golden Dawn activists as a cover to launch false flag political assassinations to be blamed on the army, police members start a purge using false witness statements and forged documents.

The actual anniversary of the rapper’s death is on Thursday but the first clashes are expected on Saturday.

Greek judges should condemn the murderers of the rapper immediately or at least be seen to be about to do so, or they will become the first targets of a purge. I have to say, the judges have shown bias.

“Look at those judges! They are all on the side of the extreme right! Purge them, put them in prison!”

Recall Globalist minion Alexander Oekonomou is the head of Athens criminal court and he has a motive to help purge the judiciary, police and army because he is facing years in jail for his role in misusing the legal system to set me up for a lethal penalty on October 5th.

Larisa, Volos, Trikala courts are all under the control of the Globalists.

The army and police would be wise to also make statements saying they hope for a speedy end to the trial, a fair trial and due process to distance themselves from any false flag group.

From Ekathimerini
The first major event for which police are preparing is a rally being organized by the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) and other leftist groups in Omonia Square at 5 p.m. on Saturday. A concert is to follow two hours later at Syntagma Square.

Then on Tuesday – the anniversary of Fyssas’s death – anti-fascist protesters are to gather at the spot of the stabbing in Keratsini at 5.30 p.m. before marching to Golden Dawn’s offices in Piraeus.

Police are planning a large-scale operation in the area, fearing vehement clashes between leftists and members of far-right groups.

Police fear more upheaval this year, partly because members of far-right groups have been more visible, notably at protests against the Macedonia name deal. Authorities plan to take all possible action to keep rival protests separate.

The killing of Fyssas sparked a judicial investigation that culminated in a criminal trial against Golden Dawn and dozens of the party’s followers. In its fourth year, the trial is expected to run until 2020 or even 2021.

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