Is George Soros behind Tsipras’ political lynch justice system? His fixer Geoffrey Pyatt was caught bribing prosecutors in the Ukraine before he moved to Greece


Geoffrey Pyatt, an ally of George Soros, and US ambassador in Athens, was caught trying to bribe prosecutors in he Ukraine in 2016. I am sure he has had a role in setting up a system of bribery and blackmail in Greece to turn the country’s court and police into a Soviet style political execution system.

Buildings belonging to the US embassy may even be used as a CIA run torture centre in any purge.

A leaked memo shows that Soros ruled the Ukraine in 2014, largely through Pyatt.

From media
It seems reasonably beyond dispute that the US and other foreign governments have transferred, through the US embassy in Ukraine, funds directly to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecution service was hit by scandal last July when two high ranking officials were detained on suspicion of corruption and a large quantity of diamonds and money were found in raids on their homes.

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