Stalin’s secret police used torture instruments on millions permeated with Satanic, Illuminati and Freemason symbolism and rituals displayed by the likes of Madonna during her Super bowl half time performance.

Stalin was a Globalist just like Hitler and their totalitarian systems resembled each other (cult of the party leader, propaganda, totalitarian bureaucracy, torture etc) because they were created by the same Freemason, Illuminati cabal which ran the Habsburg and Hohenzollern empires.

Stalin’s terror and torture regime was directed mainly against the Russian people. Millions were killed by his secret police. Christians and the Orthodox church were especial targets.

The man identified by St Paisios as the Anti Christ seems to have incarnated as a Youth Communist leader to follow the same game plan as Stalin, targeting all Greeks, especially, it seems, Christians and the Orthodox church.

My case Delta 15 218 shows that he has already converted Greece’s justice system into system of political execution, which can be rolled out anytime now.

Torture instruments were called things like the witches chair and the Judas Cradle, an Illuminati pyramid.

The worst torture took place in the monastic cells of a former monstery.

The minions of Communist Youth Leader Alexis Tsipras, identified as the Anti Christ, by St Paisios, will certainly use far more hideous torture on any Greeks they get their hands on in a purge.

“The idea (behind the Red Terror) was to separate, suppress, or destroy “categories of individuals”—priests, landowners, and other “enemies of the Revolution”—and to begin creating a pool of slave labor.”

But the idea behind the Anti Christ’s system of global control is to kill all Greeks. Being Satanists, they will try to torture as many as hideously as they can with methods possibly even worse than Stalin’s Interior Ministry, the NKVD.

The NKVD secret police carried out a series of mass executions against political prisoners across Eastern Europe during World War II….The total number of deaths reached approximately 100,000 victims in the span of just a few weeks.”
5. The Witch’s Chair

This “remedy” must have extracted a confession or two in its time with the pain it was capable of inflicting. Under suspicion of being a witch or in some other way in union with the devil, the accused was undressed and made to sit in the chair against those tasty spikes in the back- and arm-rests, while the wrists and ankles were shackled. The procedure sometimes dragged on well beyond 24 hours, and even surviving the torture without confessing was deemed proof of guilt of witchery, punishable by death. A no-win situation if there ever was one.

8. The Guided Cradle

OK, let’s get this over with: an excruciating looking instrument sometimes referred to as the Judas Cradle or Chair. The accused was sat on top of a pyramid-shaped seat, with the point implanted rudely in their naked nether regions.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called it “the most terrible prison the MGB had.”[2] He went on to write that interrogators used the mere threat of being sent there to intimidate prisoners, and there was no way to question those who had been there as they either had been driven mad or were dead.[3] He described the prison as comprising two buildings: one in which the prisoners were housed and the other containing 68 monastic cells where interrogations took place. The food was said to be the best of all the political prisons since the food was brought over from the nearby Architects’ Rest Home, but the food ration for one architect in the home was divided among twelve prisoners and the prisoners were frequently tortured, deprived of sleep and kept in solitary confinement, including in small, closet-like cells where they could not sit down or move; they were also left in hot and cold rooms to sweat or freeze, and were not allowed exercise outdoors.[4]

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