July 5, 2015

*Company with links to CIA and banks is in charge of every aspect of the Greek referendum

*Singular Logic owned by KKR

*Previous owner of Singular Logic has faced criminal investigation in Cyprus for his role in the fractional reserve banker fraud when depositors lost much of their savings

*Current owner of Singular Logic is KKR, head is David Petraeus is a former CIA director and Bilderberger

*Singular Logic has been in charge of every election in Greece since 1981

*Has every election result since 1981 been manipulated?

*Role of Singular Logic in forthcoming election must be examined, new IT system needed

*Bilderberg Economist magazine predicts No vote

When Greeks view the referendum result on the internet, they will see the logo of Singular Logic, a company owned by US investment bank KKR.


The monopoly control tha Singular Logic has over all aspects of the referendum process, raises fears of rampant manipulation and fraud by its banker owners to spin the referendum result in the way that makes them most profit.

Former CIA director and Bilderberg regular David Petraeus is on the board of KKR, and so one of the ultimate controllers of Singular Logic and the Greek referendum result.

Petraeus represented the US at this year’s meeting in Austria. He was spotted at Innsburck aiprort with Henry Kissinger in July after leaving the Bilderberg meeting.

The Economist magazine has just predicted a No vote. The Economist would know about any rigged vote in advance. Representatives of The Economist Magazine Have Attended Nearly Every Bilderberg Meeting Since 1978

Singular Logic has managed all aspect of elections and referendums in Greece since 1981. It provides the software, hardware as well as the personnel. The company is in charge of the predictions, the counting of the votes and announcement of the results, allowing huge opportunities for back door manipulation by the banks, who ultimately own Singular Logic.


Since the victory of PASOK in 1981, Greece has had a series of Prime Ministers who have allowed the banks a blank check to ransack the national and European economy, including Alexis Tsipras.

The results of elections since 1981 now have to be called into question. There is a clear motive and an enormous opportunity for bankers to manipulate the voting process to put into power politicians who push their interests.

The former owner of Singular Logic, Andreas Vgenopoulos, has been investigated by the Cyprus state prosecutor for his role in the bankster bailout, which cost depositors much of their savings.

Before it was sold to KKR last year, Singular Logic belonged to the Marfin bnaking group whose Andreas Vgenopoulos has been under investigation by the state prosecutor of Cyprus for his role in the engineered banking crisis.

Der Spiegel identified Vgenopoulos as one of the people who caused the Laiki Bank to go broke and brought Cyprus to the edge of bankruptcy.

Vgenopoulos engineered a three way merger between Cyprus and Greek banks to create Greece’s fifth-largest financial institution only to inflate their balance sheets by risky loans, and then bring their bank and the island’s banking system to the edge of collapse under the weight of the huge debts.

A senior Cypriot lawmaker said the lending practices at Mr. Vgenopoulos’s bank, Marfin Popular, had cost Cyprus billions of euros, forcing it into a €10 billion bailout.

“A major scandal has been perpetrated against the banking system of Cyprus,” said Dimitris Syllouris, head of the pro-government European Party. “At least €4 billion has been lost through this plot.”

And it looks like the Greek bankers are committing another crime by artificially restricting cash and crashing the Greek economy under the pretext of the need to implement capital controls.

The role of Singular Logic in future also elections has to be examined.

The Greeks have behaved with admirable calmness in spite of difficult situation created by the Greek central bank and private banks, who have artificially restricted credit using an emergency panel.

All options are on the table for Europe to consider their next move. I believe the time has come for Europe to  switch over to sovereign money and reset the entire eurzone financial system.

It is certainly in the interests of the Greek people to unite and get rid of the CIA and banker puppets like Tsipras and Varoufakis once and for all, and this purge may just require a new IT election voting system.

Our fortress

July 4, 2015

“When daylight came, they did not recognize the land, but they saw a bay with a sandy beach…” Read the rest of this entry »

What if…?

July 4, 2015

As it has emerged that every single election result in Greece since 1981, including the victory of Alexis Tsipras, has almost certainly been rigged by the CIA and private banks through the US company Singular Logic, a new scenario comes to mind.

What if Europe stands aside for one or two weeks after the rigged referendum result is announced on Sunday, and lets the Greek people deal with CIA puppets Alexis Tsipras, Yannis Varoufakis, Panos Kammenos, the Oligarch clan Papandreou as well as private bankers in their own way…?

Tsipras fell conveniently short of a majority in 2015, justifying his decision to join forces with the ultra right party led by Panos Kammenos. The result was likely a decision of Singular Logic, not the Greek people.

Anyway, the Greek military has made it clear, it will not be instrumentalized by the No vote camp. And without protection from the Greek military, Tsipras, Varoufakis and the private bankers will have to face the people alone, alone when the banks close, ATMs run out of cash and supermarket shelves and petrol stations are empty…

After one or two weeks of true democracy in action, Europe can offer judicious assistance by introducing the equivalent of the Bradbury pound. Medical assistance to scrape up the remains of Tsipras, Varoufakis, Kammenos and co need not be provided. Too costly for Europen taxpayers.


July 4, 2015




The company, which will provide all the IT infrastructure to prepare, hold and count the referendum in Greece on Sunday, is owned by an investment bank run by former CIA director David Petraeus, it has emerged.

Singular Logic, which has been responsible for all aspects of elections in Greece since 1981, is a subsidiary of KKR, a US investment bank. Former CIA director and general David Petraeus is chairman of KKR Global Insitute.

Singular Logic has announced every election result in Greece since 1981, including local and European elections.

We can, therefore, safely assume every single election, including that of Syriza , has been rigged by the CIA, and the banks and the upcoming referendum will be fixed by the CIA and the banks if they can get away with it.

The 1981 elections were the first time that PASOK and Andreas Papandreou won a landslide victory.,_1981

The Papandreou clan is at the heart of the private bank empire in Greece. Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis and journalist Grigoris Vallaiantos served as special advisors to the Papandreous.

Varoufakis has said he is sure Greeks will vote No on Sunday, no doubt because he knows the vote will be rigged by the private banks and the CIA.

I hope Varoufakis gets his No result and Europe does not intervene for one week.

Hacking Singular Logic’s election software to record any fraud would be an important job for the hacker group Anonymous in Germany. Fair and transparent elections are vital for democracy.


July 4, 2015

A top Ghanaian medical doctor, Professor Felix Konotey-Ahulu, has backed a campaign by the Ghana Academcy of Arts and Science to get more comprehensive information about the  dangerous Ebola and GlaxoSmithKline Ebola vaccine trials from W.H.O.

A W.H.O. business plans foresee the vaccination of virtually the entire population of the world in the event of an epidemic declaration, which happened  in August last year. There are also provisions for forced vaccination in national pandemic plans.

W.H.O. is expected to recommend mass Ebola vaccinations at a meeting scheduled for August.

The ten questions that Ghanian doctors and scientists are insisting on getting answers to are:

“1. Major uncertainties about a. the nature and origins of the Ebola virus, including the circumstances of its appearance in Guinea;

2. Whether the Zaire strain of the virus, which is the one being used in the GSK vaccine to be tested in Ghana, is the strain responsible for the Ebola epidemics in Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone, and c. the identity and characteristics of other strains of the Ebola virus that might exist;

3. The use in the GSK/NIH vaccine of a gene particle of the wild species of the Zaire Ebola virus, rather than the gene particle of the Makona strain isolated in the epidemic in Guinea;

4. What pre-clinical animal experimentations had been carried out with a vaccine based on the Makona strain to establish evidence of safety, immunogenicity and protection?

5. What basis is there for expecting that immune responses generated against the wild type Zaire Ebola virus GSK vaccine formulation (construct), with a live non-replicating chimpanzee adenovirus carrying a gene from Zaire Ebola virus, would be effective against the Makona strain or any other Ebola virus species and strains?

6. After a test vaccine has been shown in the vaccinated individual to produce an immune response (immunogenicity), what guarantee would there be, in this instance, that the vaccine would offer protection against the full Zaire Ebola virus and other species and strains?
7. On the basis of research conducted so far towards vaccine development, what is the likelihood of the present construct of vaccines protecting communities against the rapid emergence of new, more virulent strains of the virus, as appears to have happened with the Makona: the risk of false confidence deriving from the use of a new vaccine must be noted;

8. What assurances do we have that the chimpanzee-derived live adenovirus vector used in the GSK vaccine construct, although non-replicating for now, will remain dormant and not itself cause a disease to compromise the health of the people of Ghana?

9. It is to be noted that the application for the GSK Ebola vaccine Phase II trial in Ghana includes children, even though the Phase I trial in the US, UK, Mali and Switzerland was limited to adults, raising the question of dosage profiles for children and other vulnerable groups in the Phase II trial;

10. What evidence is there of strict compliance with the International Committee on Harmonization Protocol Guidelines for Clinical Trials, including full “informed consent” by all volunteers?”


July 4, 2015

Liberia has confirmed two more new cases of Ebola after a teenager Abraham Memaigar died from the disease on Sunday.

Liberian officials and the WHO said the teenager was not believed to have travelled to Sierra Leone or Guinea, with Margibi County far from the epidemic’s remaining hotspots. This raises the question of how Memaigar came to be infected with Ebola in the first place and two months after the country was declared Ebola free.

Liberian Observer reveals how Masons plot to take over the Liberian government

July 4, 2015

The Liberian Observer has printed a refreshingly frank report about the influence of Masons on the country. It seems that the secretive  Masonic lodges have not yet taken over the Liberian government completely, but aim to do so…

The Liberian Observer also printed a report on the evidence that Ebola was a bioweapon, something which is only mentioned in the controlled (Masonic) western media to be dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”


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