Watch historic debate live at Infowars. After Brexit and Russia has partially left the New World Order, the USA is set to follow under a President Donald Trump spelling the final death blow to the Globalist plan for a One World Government

September 26, 2016
 TONIGHT tune into starting at 7pm Central for live coverage of the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It’s the first major debate of the election, it’s 90 minutes long, and we are airing it in it’s entirely commercial-free with our own real-time analysis of Hillary’s LIES and omissions to help you separate the truth from the false narrative the mainstream media wants you to believe.

Will Hillary even make it through the night, or will she collapse on stage due to her failing health?

It’s going to be a rough night for Hillary.

For example, the presidential debate commission denied Hillary her request for a step-stool at her podium, according to the Drudge Report, and as Infowars reported in Aug., Hillary cannot give a long speech without having a step-stool – or a Secret Service agent – to lean on for support.

And, Infowars has learned that influential Democrats will pressure Hillary to drop out of the race if she has a bad showing at the debate.

So, again, tune into starting at 7pm Central TONIGHT, Monday, Sept. 26 for live coverage of the presidential debate.

It’s a very historic time to be alive.

Epic debate tonight between Trump and Hillary to rival the Super Bowl in viewership

September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton has reappeared in public for the debate tonight looking very frail. She descended a few steps gripping a rail and wrapped up in a thick coat sparking speculation mounts of whether she will have a health episode during the first of three televised debates tonight predicted to rival the Super Bowl in viewer numbers.

The debate, taking place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, from 9 to 10:30 p.m EST, which will be streamed live on Infowars, comes as the opportunistic Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump in a clear sign that top establishment insiders expect him to win and are jostling for his favour.

The debate is widely seen as the most dramatic and epic in modern US political history. For the first time, a candidate, Donald Trump is campaigning on an anti Globalist platform.  Using the power of the internet and new media, Trump has redefined the political landscape and made attacking the Globalists and their agenda his target. He has pledged to dismantle the corporate and banker New World Order in the USA and restore prosperity and security.

Hillary Clinton is a Globalist candidate. Her single biggest donor is George Soros. She has made her career in the theatrical arena of the false right and left wing paradigm projected by the mainstream media and faced few serious challenges until now from fake opponents.

Apart from her ill health, her robotic reflexes will make it hard for her to grapple with the individualistic Trump.




September 26, 2016

Germany’s federal government is expected to have to spend 93.6 billion euros on illegal migrants from radical Islamic countries until 2020 alone.

Billions more will have to be spent by the states to cover the cost of the unprecedented influx of millions of migrants after Angela Merkel unilaterally, without asking parliament, opened the borders last year.

Now Merkel is reported to have ruled out 14 billion euros in help for Germany’s biggest bank, Deutsche Bank, which is in the crosshairs of the Globalists and speculators like George Soros.

If Merkel allows this bank to go under, Germany will look like Weimar overnight. There will be social and political upheaval. Someone in Germany has to take the reigns out of Merkel’s suicidal hand and make sure this bank stays afloat.

As for Deutsche Bank, I have a bank account there and I can testify it has by far the best customer service of any bank I have ever used. Its share price in no way reflects the excellent standards of the average employee.

New Russian radar data shows George Soros controlled Kiev shot down MH17, crash allegedly killed WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas who prevented Ebola mass vaccination campaign in July 2014

September 26, 2016

From RT

Newly discovered raw data picked up by a civilian radar station on the day of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash shows no signs of a missile being fired at the plane from territory controlled by rebels, the Russian military and radar producer said.


The Russian military said Ukraine’s refusal to publish its radar data, the positions of air defense batteries it had deployed in the area, and communications between MH17 and the Ukrainian traffic controller directing its flight towards the rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine, made it look suspicious.

“The Ukrainian side has air situation data in the area of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 crash from both civilian and military sources. The fact that Ukraine has not published radar data leads us to the  conjecture that the missile, if it was a Buk, was launched from territory under the control of the Ukrainian military,” the general said.


September 24, 2016

70% of protestors not even from Charlotte
Joe Biggs | – SEPTEMBER 24, 2016

Black leaders are taking back their community after it was revealed that 70% of the protestors in Charlotte, N.C., don’t even live in the area:

Greek island rocked by migrant clashes set to be without air link to Europe as tourism dives

September 24, 2016

The Greek island of Chios could lose its air link to Europe as tourist visits plummet.

Violent clashes between migrants have spilled out from the island’s camp, intensifying fears among locals that the island could slip into a lawless, impoverished, isolated vacuum when tourists stay away.


EU president Donald Tusk facing criminal probe over cover up of Smolensk “night of the long knives”

September 24, 2016

EU president Donald Tusk facing criminal probe in Poland following president’s plane crash

PROSECUTORS in Poland are looking at the potential of bringing criminal charges following the plane crash that killed country’s president and his wife in 2010.

And they are turning their attention to EU president Donald Tusk who was Prime Minister of the country for seven years amid a storm of anger that he could have broken section 129 of the country’s penal code citing that he could be investigated for treason.

Politician Beata Mazurek, an advocate of law and justice, has called on the country’s National Public Prosecutor’s office to investigate claims Mr Tusk may have acted in detriment to the state.