European Commission has detailed Grexit plan

July 19, 2015

A report on how to deal with Greek exit from the euro has been compiled by European Commission officials.

The report examines around 200 issues that could arise from a Grexit, “including potentially devastating social consequences,” according to Kathimerini newspaper.


July 19, 2015


Following the arrest of more than a dozen non-Greeks during riots in central Athens on Wednesday, police officers told Kathimerini that there have been other recent cases of rioters from abroad being caught and that some of them have told authorities they were paid to take part in the disturbances.

 A total of 26 people were arrested on Wednesday night, of whom 14 were foreigners. Police said a Syrian, a Pakistani and a Georgian were arrested during similar clashes on July 5, after the referendum.

Kathimarini reported that four of those arrested came from Germany, two were French, one Australian, one Ukraine, one Dutch and three Polish. There were given charges relating to damage of a metro station.–but-not-one-of-them-was-from-greece-10393386.html

Greece ranked below Botswana and El Salvador in press freedom, journalists regularly attacked…

July 17, 2015

Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras promoted a No vote in a referendum with biased and one-sided arguments in derelection of his duty to provide objective information.

Now, that same government is inciting an investigation into journalists who promoted a Yes vote in the referendum with equally biased and one sided arguments in derelection of their duty to provide objective information.

It’s an artificially engineered confrontation. It serves one purpose: “divide and rule” the Greek people. This is the agenda of the Oligarchs and the private banks who control both the media as well as the top politicians.

But press freedom in Greece is too precarious to risk another wave persecution of journalists. Even of  mainstream journalists who say what they know is expected of them.

In Greece journalists are regularly harassed, attacked and sued. The NGO’ Freedom House’ said Greece is 92nd in the world in terms of press freedom, behind countries like Botswana and El Salvador.

As I experienced myself in April when I was writing this blog in Greece, it’s a dangerous place indeed for anyone who makes legitimate criticism the government, the banks and the Oligarchs.

Europe needs to take the decline of press freedom more seriously.

Germany’s Parliament approves plan for new Greek bailout

July 17, 2015

German lawmakers voted by a large majority of 439 to 119 with 40 abstentions on Friday in favor of new bankster bailout discussion. Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the alternative was chaos in Greece.

“The alternative to this agreement would not have been an orderly — because it was wanted by Greece and organized in a joint effort — time-out from the euro, but foreseeable chaos,” she said.

Greek banks are set to open again on Monday after receiving emergency liquidity from the ECB and a loan from the EU.

The long lines of people outside bank cash machines in Greece raises the question why private banks are allowed a monopoly on the only legal tender in the Eurozone in the first place?

Where in the EU treaties or constitution is it said that the private creation of money in the Eurozone is lawful or constitutional?

Article 123 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU contains the technical paragraph which enables the private creation of money. But there seem to be no treaties allowing this, in the first place.

The private creation of money is incompatible with financial stability in the Eurozone. It is a system which inevitably, inexorably and logically leads to debt, inflation and hyperinflation.

Why do we in Europe still not have government issued, sovereign money? The ECB should give money directly to governments. This is not state financing. It is a return to the original function of money as a means of transaction.

Europe should think about starting a campaign informing the public about how the money system works.  The mainstream media  owned by the very banks and corporations which profit from the private creation of money are giving a distorted view of the Eurozone debt crisis. It is essentially a crisis caused by  private banks monopoly on the creation of money and the resulting, exponential interest.


July 15, 2015

Shortly after 2 am local time tonight, Greece’s lawmakers passed a bailout and reform package that keeps the country, for now, in the euro, sparking hopes that capital controls will soon be eased.


July 15, 2015

A Liberian woman has died of Ebola in a hospital in Monrovia, becoming the second death from the virus and the sixth confirmed case since Ebola resurfaced last month after a seven-week lull.

It is almost one year since Ebola was declared an international emergency by W.H.O. This declaration triggered special global laws allowing for forced mass quarantines and vaccination, with an untested and potentially dangerous vaccine. These emergency laws were extended last week by W.H.O. for another three months.

From the Liberian Observer:

Dr. Francis Kateh, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Deputy Health Minister, has confirmed two persons who have died of Ebola, with a new case being reported in Paynesville, on A.B. Tolbert road, outside Monrovia.
 Dr. Kateh made the disclosure yesterday in Monrovia at the Information Ministry regular press briefing on Capitol Hill.
 According to him, the new case brings the total number of confirmed cases to six but four are in at an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU). The two deaths were reported from Margibi and Montserrado counties.


July 13, 2015

From Global Research:

German newspaper Bild found that the US military used deadly anthrax spores in chemical weapons defense training on a military base in Germany.

In an article with the headline “US Army operated biological weapons in Germany,” Berlin daily Bild revealed that the US military used deadly live anthrax spores in military exercises.

The investigation revealed that several of the US military exercises on German soil involved “incidents” in which live anthrax spores were released. The incidents took place in the town of Landstuhl, near France, Luxembourg and the Ramstein military base. The US military previously sent live anthrax spores to South Korea.


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