January 21, 2017

Police investigate shooting during ugly University of Washington confrontation

SEATTLE — A protest at the University of Washington over a controversial speaker turned ugly Friday night. Seattle police report that a 25-year-old man had been shot in the stomach and had to be removed from the crowd.

The man was shot behind Kane Hall. Seattle Fire said the victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical conditiion. He was in surgery late last night.

Alt-Right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, a writer for the conservative website Breitbart, was scheduled to speak at 7:30 p.m. Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter in 2016 after his followers targeted an African-American actress. He has also been criticized for his involvement in GamerGate, which “claims to promote ethics in gaming journalism but has been condemned for its treatment of women,” according to CNN.

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George Soros admits Russia needs Europe to sell its gas, poses no threat

January 21, 2017

The world’s best known New World Order Globalist and reader of my blog George Soros has admitted that Russia poses no threat to Europe.

Soros told Bloomberg that Russia needs Europe as a market for its natural resources, specifically gas, albeit while couching his admission in cryptic language.

“I did overstate slightly the danger facing the Europe Union – namely that it is facing disintegration,” he said.

“That was a slight exaggeration because neither Putin nor China want Europe to disintegrate.

“Each have their own reasons – China needs Europe as a market, Putin needs Europe to provide the capacity to produce something because the Putin regime is only capable of exploiting natural resources,” Soros said.

A translation of Soros’ remark into plain English is that Putin needs Europe to PURCHASE something because the Putin regime produces natural resources such as gas. Gas needs a market to generate cash i.e. a market in Europe (pipelines present a geographical limitation to selling gas for Russia to continents other than Europe).

This blog has pointed out that Russia needs to sell its gas to Europe to generate revenue, and, therefore, cannot afford to invade Europe. Russia’s military strategy is defensive not offensive. It seeks to defends its borders.

Trump confirms former generals James Mattis and John Kelly as defence and homeland security secretaries

January 21, 2017

“Just hours after President Trump was sworn into office, amid Chuck Schumer’s jabs over HUD, the Senate has confirmed retired Marine General James Mattis as defense secretary and retired Marine General John Kelly as homeland security secretary,” reports Zero Hedge.

Let s hope Kelly doesn t propose using private NWO Globalist security firms like G4S or Dyncorp to guard America’s southern border. Their record is terrible.

Guarding the border is a job for a well paid, well trained, well equipped federal agency which is fully accountable for its performance to Congress and the Senate and to Donald Trump.

Personally, I have confidence in the integrity of Mattis and Kelly. They are soldiers who have had to produce results in the real world, in real wars, or suffer the consequences i.e. death, defeat, disgrace.

Mattis’ Senate Hearing confirmed he understood the need to get appointed in the first place by saying the things Senators wanted to hear. A very promising sign he will be able to bridge the military civilian divide.



January 21, 2017

Treasury Secretary nominee and former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin said he would increase the size of the Internal Revenue Service during his confirmation hearing in another strong indication that Mnuchin is Globalist banker plant.

Mnuchin said: ‘I can assure you that the president-elect understands the concept of “we add people, we make money.”‘

He added: ‘That’s a very quick conversation with Donald Trump,’ Bloomberg reported. 

Well, if that’s true, Trump is in big trouble.

The reality is every tax dollar extracted from the American people is one dollar less for the real economy, especially if that money goes to service the interest on the gigantic debt of the USA, something which will send America into a Greek style debt death spiral.

Mnuchin should have told the truth to Trump. That is  “we add people to the IRS, we extract money for Wall Street and private banks, we crash the real economy, foreclose on homes and business, and you will be voted out of office for failing to deliver prosperity.”

The government does not need to make money, as Mnuchin says. It can issue money, as much as it likes, if the Federal Reserve is renationalized.

As this blog has pointed out, federal income taxes and the body to collect them, the “IRS”, were created in 1913 by the private bankers to pay for their stealth privatization of the money supply through their capture of the Federal Reserve that same year.

The solution is not to increase the IRS. The solution is to abolition the IRS and federal income taxes altogether, something that will be possible as soon as Americans no longer have to shoulder the enormous costs of a privatized system of money creation.

Trump needs to understand, he did not succeed as a property developer because of the private banks. He succeeded in spite of them. The banks gave him no money, nothing of value. They gave him loans created as book keeping entries. In return, they have extracted interest from him as explained by Vienna economics professor Franz Hoermann in an article in 2010.

A translation of his article “Banks create money out of thin air” on my blog has received tens of thousands of views. In fact, it may be one of my most viewed posts.

Hoermann, controlled opposition, does not give the full truth. He withholds, for ecample, information about the role of the central bank in enabling private banks to operate the fractional reserve banking system. he also obscures the identity of Jerome Daly, the US lawyer, who stopped the foreclosure of his property by pointing out that the banks did not lend him anything of value when they gave him a mortgage created as a book keeping entry. But Hoermann’s central argument is accurate, and Mnuchin knows it as a Goldman Sachs snake.

Apart from lying to Trump about the IRS, Mnuchin also lied to the Senate by withholding information about 100 million dollars of assets and his involvement in an offshore tax haven.


January 21, 2017

Are Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Reince Pierbus and Greek advisor George Papadoulos on the George Soros blackmail list?

Panos Kammenos, Greece’s defence minister, who deliberately flooded Europe with migrants and Islamic terroritsts, has praised both Pierbus and Papadoulos as faithful minions of the New World Order after meeting them in Washington. Kammenos also asserted that the Trump team would support the Greek orthodox church.

The Greek Orthodox church is the instrument to assert the Globalist agenda in Greece, as my own case underlines.

Whether it is targeting journalists opposing George Soros for death, opening borders to flood Europea with Islamic radicalists, setting up a one world religion or draining Greece and Europe of its money, the Greek Orthodox church is at the forefront.

In a meeting before the inaugruation with Reince Priebus, who has Greek roots, as well as with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, and also  Archbishop Demetrios of America, Kammenos said he expects the Greek Americans in the Trump administration to continue to promote the Globalist agenda.

Trump, Kammenos said, has “some very important Greek-Americans by his side who maintain their ties with our country, with Orthodoxy and with the Greek people. We are certain that when the time comes for them to help their homeland… they will do so do the best of their ability.”

Reading between the lines, that means that Pierbus and Papadoulos are George Soros minions and they may even be blackmailed.

After all, we all know in the meantime, how deep the involvement of another Greek American John Podesta in the paedophile scandal of Comet Pizza is.

A poem for Gunthilde Schmidt, dear friend and vaccine damage campaigner, taken to hospital in Vienna

January 21, 2017

One of my dearest friends and biggest supporters of this blog and my battle every day against the corrupt Greek clergy and justice officials, Gunthilde Schmidt, has had to go to hospital in Vienna after suffering a stroke.

Gunti is the mother of Florian, another of my dear friends, a wonderful, philosophical young man, who passed away recently due to vaccine injury.

I ask the readers of this blog to pray for Gunti and her family at this time, pray that she may see the fruits of her tremendous work to alert people to the dangers of vaccines as we enter a new  era of open information.

Whenever really good people cross our path in life, it is always something of a mystery, no? Why are some people pure, good, generous and true and others hard, cold and indifferent? At the end of the day, I believe it comes down to this. The presence of God in our lives. God gives us the strength to be good, to be honest, to be generous in spite of the culture of this world which is all about greed, selfishness and opportunism. And God is a mystery to us. The eternal life God gives us by His presence in our heart, His love is a mystery to us, but so real nonetheless.

A poem for Gunti


I looked up and saw
something which will always be
to me,
blue sky,
transparent, even,
yet always a mystery.

I looked up and saw
green leaves
waving to me,
yet always a mystery.

I looked around and saw
the supranatural power
of the human heart,
good and true,
always unknown
always a mystery.


January 20, 2017

Powerful first speech by the newly inaugurated President David Trump, emphasising government of the people by the people and for the people as well as unity across divisions.

The Rubicon has now been crossed. In spite of all their efforts, the Globalists have failed to block or disrupt the inauguration of Trump. A new era begins.

Revitalizing America, restoring freedom, prosperity and democracy, will be a huge task. But if Trump succeeds, and I believe he will succeed, it will be a world historical achievement.

May God bless his efforts and keep him and his family safe!