Putin to spend more than a few crumbs on ordinary Russians

April 24, 2018

From Bloomberg

Vladimir Putin is planning a roughly 10 trillion-ruble ($162 billion) increase in spending on health care, education and infrastructure, hoping to kick-start sputtering economic growth in his new presidential term, according to people familiar with the plans.


Questions remain on how Putin plans to finance the much needed increase in spending to raise the living standards of ordinary Russians. Who knows? He may even consider a tax on the oligarchs mega wealth generated by their control of Russia’s banks and resources and by using some of their ill gotten gains stashed away in offshore bank accounts. He may even decide to return Russia to sovereign money and abolish the private central bank charging circa 11% interest and crippling the economy.

Among education initiatives, a programme teaching ethical and social responsibility to Russia’s oligarchs and their children should be considered in a bid to reign in the country’s an out of control McMafia culture. Diplomats could also be included. Then, Russia might not find itself so friendless at the UN and on the international stage whenever a WW3 crisis occurs. Even when the Russians genuinely are the victims of a false flag, they can barely muster a handful of supporting countries in the UN. Why is this?

Pentagon pulls plug on corporate controlled Skynet cloud run by Globalist front Amazon

April 24, 2018

From the next web

The Pentagon just flipped the terms for bidding on a cloud technology contract worth billions as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and other high-tech giants lobby and jockey for position amid allegations of favoritism in the award process.

“We’re doing things differently,” Dana White, the Pentagon’s chief spokesperson, told reporters at a briefing. The original contract terms out for bidding were for a 10-year deal worth about $10 billion, but White said the award will now be an initial two-year contract.

Once the two years are up, “we will re-examine the marketplace” and there will be open bidding again for extensions of five years and then three years, she said at a Pentagon briefing.

Moving to the cloud at the Defense Department “will rapidly deliver advantages to the battlefield by enabling new machine learning and artificial Intelligence [AI] capabilities,” White said.

“We are looking for a fully interoperable, user-friendly, affordable and secure cloud solution,” she said.

Cloud technology uses a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data — rather than a local server.

White’s announcement came three days after Safra Catz, the co-chief executive officer of Oracle Corp., said she had discussed the contract with President Donald Trump and complained that Amazon is attempting to get an edge on the deal.

“It just made no sense,” Catz told reporters at Oracle’s offices in Israel, according to a Bloomberg report.

She said of Amazon, “I have no idea why they were given unfair advantage. I have no idea why anyone would think that is a good idea.”

Trump told her “he was very confident that the Pentagon would have a fair review,” Catz said.

Earlier this month, Trump unleashed a Twitter storm against Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, accusing Bezos of running a company that fails to pay its share of taxes and takes advantage of the struggling U.S. Postal Service.

Trump has also continued to single out The Washington Post, which is owned by Bezos, for

allegedly spreading “fake news.”

The president said he is “going to take a pretty serious look” at Amazon because “the playing field has to be leveled.”



April 24, 2018

The chances of a successful summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have declined after Trump made the false claim in a tweet that Kim Jong had agreed to denuclearize ahead of a summit.

From the Guardian

Over the weekend, Trump celebrated the North Korean announcement that it would suspend nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) testing, closing down its nuclear test site, as a big diplomatic victory.

“Wow, we haven’t given up anything & they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for World), site closure, & no more testing!” the president wrote on Twitter.

However, the North Korean leader has now pledged to keep his country’s nuclear arsenal for generations.”


The full tweet with Trump’s fake news dated 22nd April is in his response to fake news by NBC in what looks increasingly like a Globalist psy op. A fake new channel puts out a fake claim and Trump answering the fake claim by slipping in more fake news.  Why does Trump follow fake news so religiously if he considers it fake? Is it responding to fake MSM just a (increasingly pathetic) attempt to get cover for pursuing the same Globalist agenda?

“Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Fake News NBC just stated that we have given up so much in our negotiations with North Korea, and they have given up nothing. Wow, we haven’t given up anything & they have agreed to denuclearization (so great for World), site closure, & no more testing!”

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis got it right when he expressed optimism on Monday about the summit on the grounds that Kim Jong Un has promise to stop testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons ahead of the summit.

Let’s be clear about this.

Kim Jong Un did not agree on denuclearization ahead of the summit. That is a fake news that Trump has included in his tweet.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis gt it right when he expressed optimism about the upcoming talks on the grounds that Kim Jong Un’s had promised to cease testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons ahead of his expected upcoming summits with the presidents of South Korea and the United States.


The diplomatic victory is that Kim Jong agreed to discuss denuclearization at a summit as part of an exchange for economic development help and regime guarantees.

For Trump to falsely claim on twitter North Korea agreed on denuclearization before the summit is setting up the summit for failure.
Kim Jong agreed to denuclearization as part of a quid pro quo process of economic peaceful development. Not unconditionally as Trump claimed.

It will be absolutely not reasonable for Trump now to insist Kim Jong Un denuculearizes before a summit or make it a condition of a summit just because he spread fake news. An agreement has to be a quid pro quo. Denuclearization for ecoomic help and regime guarantees. The exact process and the timeline needs to be determined during a summit.

To ask Kim Jong Un to give up nuclear weapons before a summit is like asking Americans to give up their weapons given US’s recent history of brutal Libya and Ukraine regime change.

Are the Americans willing to give up their right to carry guns with a chemical attack false flag imminent on US soil and with the prospect of being herded into a FEMA camp and exterinated there?

Unfortunately, after the Syrian false flag missile strike and push for regime change in Syria, Kim Jong has all too good a reason to believe he is going to end up the victim of a Gadaffi style Globalist double cross and regime change op.

Who can have any faith in the foreign policy of the Trump admin as long as people like George Soros and Hillary Clinton regime change fixer and false flag organizer US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt is left to brazenly destabilize Greece, Turkey, the Balkans  after toppling the Ukraine government in 2014?

Pyatt is also likely the fixer of the constant attempts to have me executed  because I have exposed the Globalist depopulation plans and more recently, now a Syrian chemical attack false flag.

The fact that my life continues to be in such danger may not have escpaed North Korean intelligence.

A key question is how the new State Secretary Mike Pompeo is going to behave. If Pompeo insists on denuclearization by North Korea as a condition of a summit following Trump’s fake claim, the world will know he is a cynical liar, pushing the Globalist WW3 agenda.

A litmus test will also be if Pyatt is left in his position or immediately removed by Pompeo.

Pompeo has no credibility as an anti interventionist patriot with a Geoffrey Pyatt as ambassador in a key region. That’s like Adolf Hitler saying he wants peace while sending in a million strong army to invade Poland and Russia. Pompeo has to walk the talk.

Trump has already lost his credibility with his twitter lies over the Syrian missile strike and his push for regime change.

His latest tweet over North Korea with his fake news claim setting up the summit for failure is becoming part of an all too familiar pattern and will fuel fears he is compromised.



Mike Pompeo nominated after Trump persuades critics he is not a neo con war mongerer and false flag liar like John Bolton. Let’s judge on what Pompeo actually does

April 24, 2018

From Infowars

In a stunning reversal, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has expressed his support for nominating CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State after weeks of promising to block him over his interventionist views.

“Having received assurances from President Trump and Director Pompeo that he agrees with the President on these important issues, I have decided to support his nomination to be our next Secretary of State,” Paul tweeted Monday.

“President Trump believes that Iraq was a mistake, that regime change has destabilized the region, and that we must end our involvement with Afghanistan.”

Paul had previously said he would “do whatever it takes” to block Pompeo’s nomination, citing his support for the Executive Branch to use unconstitutional unilateral authority to conduct war.

“You really want a diplomat to be in charge of the State Department, not someone who is advocating for war,” he told Face the Nation about the CIA Director.

“I frankly think that Pompeo’s positions are too much of an advocate for regime change, really everywhere.”


Alex Jones source detained by FBI after warning of ISIS false flag against CNN, UN and Fed, Jess Sessions compromised

April 24, 2018

The Alex Jones Channel 

Published on 23 Apr 2018

Alex Jones breaks down how Zaq, a longtime, high-level intelligence source to Infowars, was detained at the San Francisco Airport by the FBI who briefly confiscated his laptop.


April 23, 2018


Incredible! Plans seem to be in the work to stage false flags, possibly with chemical weapons, by ISIS against Globalist entities CNN, the UN and the Federal Reserve etc to allow for the Globalists to portray themsleves as victims and link the Globalists’ enemies to ISIS.

Globalists will use pictures of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia wielding swords and grasping glowing globe to link Trump supporters and Infowars with ISIS.

Jeff Sessions is compromised by his former links to the KKK, rumours swirl. That’s the reason why Sessions is standing down in relation to the Clintons and Huma Abedin and allowing Rod Rosenstein and Mueller to persecute Trump.

Resign, Jeff Sessions! Do the honourable thing! Apologize and resign!

US military industrial complex opposes peace on the Korean peninsula. Plans for false flag to be blamed on North Korea to derail peace talks.

North Korea is being linked by Globalist misinformation to chemical weapons in Syria.


Fact is Infowars and Trump supporters are the most anti ISIS people on the planet.

Take the Syria missile strike quiz for UK citizens questioning the official narrative, my “war effort” to help repair damage caused by my email to W.H.O.

April 23, 2018

To help the UK government deal with a massive wave of doubt reported among  “educated and informed” people about the official narrative of the Syrian missile strike, I have decided to try, humbly, to help them out.

Yes, heartbreaking indeed, Emma, to think there are still critical thinkers! I know!

By the way, this re education effort is going to be in an  easy to answer, quiz format.

We’re going start off with a simple, warm up questions to test your general powers of logic.

1.  2 plus 2 equals?

A. 4
B. 5

The correct answer is B

If you said A, your logical processes are not acceptable to the UK government, go to advanced reeducation boot camp in detention centre London square.

If you said B, “I am your doormat, trample with your jackboots all over me,” collect a point towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.

2. Read the two propositions and determine which one of the following four statements about these propositions is true?

Proposition 1
The UK government is
always great
always good
always honest
always right on Syria
never lies
pro you

Proposition 2
The Russian government is
always wrong on Syria
always lies
anti you


A. Proposation A or B is true
B. Neither A nor B are true
C. Both A and B are partly true
D. Proposition A and B are true

The correct answer is D

If you said D, collect two points towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.

If you said A or B, go to reeducation detention centre Lubjanka square.

If you said  C, go straight to Lubyanka prison and forget about coming back out.

Oh, so you don’t want to collect points to get conscripted into an EU army? Well, it’s a damn sight better than a spell in a detention centre, okay? At least, you will have some chance of surviving on the eastern, North Korean, Syrian front (at least for a few months) and you will get a tobacco, alcohohl and food ration. But just for saying you don’t want to be conscripted, you go straight to Lubjanka. There’ll you’ll learn to appreciate the great, good, honest UK gov, okay?

On to our quiz..


3. What is the single, correct word to DESCRIBE a person who does not repeat propositions A and B when called on to

A. reasonable
B. a Russian disinformation agent

The correct answer is B

If you said A, go to reeducation detention centre Lubjanka square.

If you said B, collect five points towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.


4. Is there any other word correct to DESCRIBE a person who does not repeat propositions A and B when called on to do so?

A. Yes.
B. No

The correct answer is B

If you said A, go to advanced reeducation boot camp in detention centre London square.

If you said B, collect ten points towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.

5. What is the correct way of describing a Russian disinformation agent with a British passport, education and family?

A. My mate or pal or chum or family relative etc
B. A Russian bot

The correct answer is B. A British Russian disinformation agent is subhuman, a machine, android, a bot.

6. Is there any time the UK government is ever wrong?

Hint. Check propositions question 2

A. Yes.
B. No

The correct answer is B.

If you said A, go to reeducation detention centre London square.

If you said B, collect ten points towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.

7. How should you address Theresa May?

A. Dear Prime Minister
B. Heil Fuhrer

The correct answer is B.

If you said A, go to reeducation detention centre London square.

If you said B, collect twenty points towards your conscription in an EU army or workforce.

Now we come to the practical part of your Syria education programme.

8. The words you can use to talk about the UK government are only ten in total, namely, great, good, honest, always true, heil Fuhrer, World War Three.

A Correct
B False

The correct answer is A.

Below is a video of a Russian agent who was engaged in cyberwarfare in an office in London following the Syrian missile attacks in a mobile Russian troll farm.


9. If the UK government were to tell you this is a Russian panda destroying  key computers and spreading disinfo, would you say

A. You must be smoking something?
B. Heil Fuhrer

If you passed the test, you will allowed to maintain your UK citizenship on a provisional basis. You are getting the idea about why working out the truth about Syria is so “hard”.

It’s not about facts. It’s a about  a politically correct public narrative put out by the UK government which must be repeated without question using a vocabulary of four positive nouns and finishing with a gesture of abject submission (Heil).

Your partial UK citizenship means you can apply for the job as a journalist in the BBC, or for the job of Emma Beale. Poor thing, she needs a break.

If you did not pass the test, you will forfeit your UK citizenship. You are not getting the idea about why working out the truth about Syria is so “hard”.