October 22, 2017

Schools in Madagascar will stay closed for another two weeks as cases of Black Death grow. According to the latest W.H.O. update 107 people have been killed by the Black Death and there are 1104 suspected cases.

When schools reopen on November 6th, all pupils will have to go into a special isolation room to ensure they are not incubating the plague.

Teachers and parents are to be trained in the protocols needed to manage suspected plague cases.  Each isolation room will be equipped with protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, as well as thermometers and water, which the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) has promised to provide.


Where is the Pentagon or the European Union? This is the time to fly in massive amounts of the supplies needed to fight the Black Plague with the help of trained personnel with biosecurity level 4 equipment to ensure no one gets infected. Any plane will have to be thoroughly disinfected and the team put in quarantine on their return to base.

Imagine the Black Plague spreads to Tanzania, South Africa and to Europe and the USA? This is the time for fast, effective action by the Pentagon and Euopean countries. They should send vast amounts of  disinfectants,  protective gear, isolation tents, rapid diagnostic kits, reagants, food, water etc without delay.


October 22, 2017

From The Sun

NO ONE IS SAFE Brits warned as BLACK DEATH plague outbreak intensifies on Madagascar and kills 100 on holiday island

The disease, which contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, has spread from rural into urban areas which are not usually affected

By Patrick Knox

22nd October 2017, 10:15 am
Updated: 22nd October 2017, 1:06 pm

THE Black Death outbreak on Madagascar is intensifying, with health officials warning “no one is safe” from the deadly plague.

As the death toll spirals to at least 100, the UK Government has warned British tourists to say clear of plague-hit areas on the holiday island.

Health officials say the disease has now become much more contagious because it is now being transmitted from person-to-person through the air as well as from animals to humans through infected flea bites.

The disease, which contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, has spread from rural areas into urban areas which are not usually affected.

While cases of bubonic plague occur in Madagascar nearly every year, this years epidemic is “much more dangerous”, said Elhadj As Sy, secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), from Madagascar.

This year, plague arrived earlier than expected, and the infection is also spreading in urban centres and in areas that until now had not been affected, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said this week.

Dr Ibrahima-Soce Fall says World Health Organisation are working to prevent the spread of plague on Madagascar

Health officials say the medieval illness is spreading at an “alarming rate”.

Dr Manitra Rakotoarivony, Madagascar’s director of health promotion, said: “Normally, people who catch the plague live in poor areas, but people in every place in society are catching the disease.”

The country reports between 300 and 600 cases of bubonic plague each year — equal to 80 per cent of the world’s total cases.

But experts say the deadlier version of the disease, pneumonic plague, is spreading rapidly into towns.


Health officials say the medieval illness is spreading through the island at an’ alarming rate’

Madagascar, off the south- east coast of Africa, is a popular destination with travellers and has a British and American expat community among its 25million population.

Jimmy Whitworth, professor of International Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: “It has been a long time since we have seen the plague in an urban environment.

“The risk of it spreading internationally is low. But the risk of this continuing to spread within Madagascar is still quite high.”

It is thought to have killed around 25 million people when it reached Europe in the late 1340s and 100 million worldwide.

The disease came in three different forms.

The most common was the Bubonic plague, which caused painfully swollen lymph nodes in the groin, armpit, or neck.

The Septicemic plague spread in the bloodstream from fleas or someone else infected by th plague.
Finally the Pneumonic plague was the most infectious type, which is passed directly from person to person through airborne droplets coughed from the lungs.

The bubonic plague kills around 50 percent of those it infects.

The other two forms are almost always fatal if not treated with antibiotics.

The legal light sabre in the hands of Donald Trump to save his personal business empire while benefitting millions of Americans at the same time. The “checkmate” move against the Globalist bankers in courts of law, compelling debt cancellation

October 22, 2017

As Donald Trump, along with millions of other Americans, faces ruin through the obligation to repay interest to private banks for loans created out of thin air, he can instruct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to accept in US courts of law the factually and legally correct argument used by Jerome Daly in 1969 to stop the foreclosure of his house.

By doing so he will deal the equivalent of a Death Star blow to the banksters and Globalists, free hundreds of millions of Americans from debt bondage and restore the US Constitution.

In 1969, American lawyer Daly managed to stop the foreclosure of his house by noting that his local bank created his mortgage as a book keeping entry out of thin air. This was something the bank manager Lawrence Morgan was forced to admit during the trial when he was called to testify as part of due process.

The judge agreed that the bank could not obtain something of value, namely Daly’s house if it did not give anything of value.

Fraud vitiates all contracts.

He also ruled that the private creation of money was unlawful and unconstitutional.

On appeal, Mahony’s ruling was overturned but the appeal court gave no reasoned argument for overturning the decision because there is no argument against these facts.

In 1969, there was no internet. Information like this was easy to bury. The story now is very different with the internet.

Compelling private banks to cancel all their debts, whether cred card, mortgages, student or business loans is a necessary step to resetting the financial system. Inflation has to be controlled carefully in the sovereign money model. That means the central bank must sometimes set high interest rates. It cannot do so without crushing the US economy until the vast amount of debt is removed from the system. There is no alternative to debt cancellation on a massive scale.

Trump and Sessions can instruct private banks to cancel all debts or face fines and class action civil and criminal lawsuits for their fraud.

Using the Bradbury Pound, as explained in a blog post below, money can be given directly to the relatively tiny proportion of real world businesses that actually get bank loans.

Read the transcript of the legendary trial at the link


Key excerpts

Plaintiff (Credit River bank and its manager Lawrence Morgan) brought this as a Common Law action for the recovery of the possession of Lot 19
Fairview Beach, Scott County, Minn. Plaintiff claimed title to the Real Property in question by  foreclosure of a Note and Mortgage Deed dated May 8, 1964, which Plaintiff claimed was in default at the time foreclosure proceedings were started.

Defendant (Jerome Daley, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner etc)) appeared (as part of due process) and answered that the Plaintiff (Credit River bank and its manager Lawrence Morgan) created the money and credit upon its own
books by bookkeeping entry as the consideration for the Note and Mortgage of May 8, 1964 and  alleged failure of the consideration for the Mortgage Deed and alleged that the Sheriffs sale  passed no title to plaintiff.

The issues tried to the Jury were whether there was a lawful consideration and whether
Defendant had waived his rights to complain about the consideration, having paid on the Note  for almost 3 years.

Mr. Morgan (Credit River bank manager) admitted that all of the money or credit which was used as a consideration was
created upon their books, that this was standard banking practice exercised by their bank in
combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, another private Bank, further that he
knew of no United States Statute or Law that gave the Plaintiff the authority to do this. Plaintiff
further claimed that Defendant by using the ledger book created credit and by paying on the Note
and Mortgage waived any right to complain about the Consideration and that the Defendant was
estopped from doing so.


3. As is evidenced from the book: “The Federal Reserve System; Its Purposes and
Functions,”; (1st Ed.) pages 74 to 78 and 177 and 180, put out by the Board of
Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C., 1963, and from
other evidence adduced herein, the said Federal Reserve Banks and National
Banks create money and credit upon their books and exercise the ultimate
prerogative of expanding and reducing the supply of money or credit in the
United States. See especially page 75 of the Manual.

This creation of money or credit upon the Books of the Banks constitutes the creation of
fiat money by bookkeeping entry.

Ninety per cent or more of the credit never leaves the books of the Banks as the Banks
produce no specie as backing.

When the Federal Reserve Banks and National Banks acquire United States Bonds and
Securities, State Bonds and Securities, State Subdivision Bonds and Securities,
mortgages on private Real property and mortgages on private personal property, the
said banks create the money and credit upon their books by bookkeeping entry. The
first time that the money comes into existence is when they create it on their bank books
by bookkeeping entry. The banks create it out of nothing. No substantial fund of gold or
silver is back of it, or any fund at all.

The mechanics followed in the acquisition of United States Bonds are as follows: The
Federal Reserve Bank places its name on a United States Bond and goes to its banking
books and credits the United States Government for an equal amount of the face value
of the bonds. The money or credit first comes into existence when they create it on the
books of the bank. National Banks do the same except they must have One ($1.00)
Dollar in Credit on hand for every Four ($4.00) Dollars they create.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis obtains Federal Reserve Notes in
denominations of One ($1.00) Dollar, Five, Ten, Twenty, Fifty, One Hundred, Five
Hundred, One Thousand, Ten Thousand, and One Hundred Thousand Dollars for the
cost of the printing of each note, which is less than one cent. The Federal Reserve Bank
must deposit with the Treasurer of the United States a like amount of Bonds for the

Notes it receives. The Bonds are without lawful consideration, as the Federal Reserve
Bank created the money and credit upon their books by which they acquired the Bond.
With their bookkeeping created credit, National Banks obtain these notes from the
Federal Reserve banks.

The net effect of the entire transaction is that the Federal Reserve Bank and the
National Banks obtain Federal Reserve Notes comparable to the ones they placed on
file with the Clerk of District Court, and a specimen of which is above, for the cost of
printing only. Title 31 U.S.C., Section 462 (392) attempts to make Federal Reserve
Notes a legal tender for all debts, public and private. See page 72. From 1913 down to
date, the Federal Reserve Banks and the National Banks are privately owned. As of
March 18, 1968, all gold backing is removed from the said Federal Reserve Notes. No
gold or silver backs up these notes.

Key portions of the judgment of Justice Martin Mahoney…

The activity of the Federal Reserve Banks of Minneapolis, San Francisco and the First
National Bank of Montgomery is contrary to public policy and the Constitution of the
United States and constitutes an unlawful creation of money and credit is not warranted
by the Constitution of the United States.

The Federal Reserve and National Banks exercise an exclusive monopoly and privilege
of creating credit and issuing their Notes at the expense of the public, which does not
receive a fair equivalent. This scheme is obliquely designed for the benefit of an idle
monopoly to rob, blackmail and oppress the producers of wealth.

The Federal Reserve Act and the National Bank Act is in its operation and effect
contrary to the whole letter and spirit of the Constitution of the United States, confers an
unlawful and unnecessary power on private parties; holds all of our fellow citizens in
dependence; is subversive to the rights and liberties of the people. It has defied the
lawfully constituted Government of the United States. The Federal Reserve and
National Banking Acts and Sec. 462 (392) of Title 31, U.S.C. are not necessary and
proper for carrying into execution the legislative powers granted to Congress or any
other powers vested in the Government of the United States, but, on the contrary, are
subversive to the rights of the People in their rights to life, liberty and Property. The
aforementioned acts of Congress are unconstitutional and void and I so hold.

The meaning of the Constitutional provision “No State Shall make any Thing but Gold
and Silver Coin a tender in payment of debts” is direct, clear, unambiguous and without
any qualification. This Court is without authority to interpolate any exception.

Patriotic Swiss central bankers do the opposite of the US private Fed, dash to lower interest rates and save the real economy from being wiped out ahead of referendum on sovereign money in 2018

October 22, 2017

While the private US Federal Reserve is planning a massive increase in interest rates, the private Swiss central bank is planning to keep interest rates at record lows for another two years to help the real world economy, “cheering” Swiss manufacturers.


“Swiss exporters may carry on benefiting from a relatively weak Swiss franc for some time, with economic, monetary and technical factors all suggesting the currency’s descent against the euro has further to run.”


Low interest rates and a weak Franc  make Swiss exports to the eurozone more  competitive and so boost jobs and income. Easy credit encourages investments in manufacturing etc.

The value of the franc has been massively overinflated by flows of money seeking a “safe haven” in the face of a likely collapse of the Eurozone.

In short, even the banking superpower Switzerland would rather support its manufacturing sector than its financial sector.

Switzerland recognizes that the manufacturing sector is the generator of real world wealth while the financial sector is the destroying of real world wealth through interest charged on money printed out of thin air.

Back in the USA, meanwhile, the Globalist private Federal Reserve is planning to wreck real world manufacturers, exporters and crash the economy with huge interest rate hikes.

Top Swiss economists, company directors and even bankers are supporting an initiative to switch the country’s money supply to debt free, government issued money.



Team patriot could get in contact with them and set up a conference to work out all the factors needed to switch the US Titanic economy over to sovereign money before it hits the proverbial iceberg being put in its path by the private Fed.

A good mathematical model is needed to model the factors such as money supply, interest rate, inflation, production, dollar value, loans to manufacturers, accurately and prevent system upsets or subsystem crashes.

In anticipation, perhaps, of the success of a referendum to switch Switzerland’s money supply to government issued, debt free money in 2018, the Swiss central bank has been using its power to print money out of thin air while it can to buy vast amounts of Apple and other shares.

The Swiss central bank now owns 18 million Apples shares alone as it builds up a broad portfolio of stakes in companies with real world profits as a wealth buffer for Switzerland should it switch over to sovereign money.


Support for the referendum is being organized on the social media and internet. The country’s mainstream media is largely opposed to a change over of the way money is issued in Switzerland because the media is part of the bankster control complex.

Putin crony who says Tsipras and Putin alike makes money grab over Greek media. Banksters always target media for control also in USA

October 22, 2017

A crony of Vladimir Putin, helped to become one of the wealthiest men in the world by Putin’s control of the banking system, has bought large swathes of the Greek media.



Controlling the media is a strategic target of the banksters, especially in Greece in the throes of a death debt spiral, stripping the people of all their wealth, property, future.

The Washington Post is run by the scion of a private Federal Reserve banker who bought the Post in 1933 with, no doubt, highly favourable loans printed out of thin air from crony banks precisely to help control public opinion.


Greek Russian oligarch Ivan Savvidis, a former member of the Russian Parliament, closely linked to the president Vladimir Putin, has also praised Alexis Tsipras, saying he is like Putin.

That tells us all we need to know about Putin. Words like low intelligence and curnning pyschopath may come to some people’s mind when the name of eugenicist Globalist Alexis Tsipras is mentioned.

As for myself, when I think of my proven reader, Tsipras whom even the crooked Greek justice officials under his control, have, in the meantime, been forced to formally accuse as part of a murder investigation, words like Satanically evil looser come to mind.

Putin and Savvides new media are sure to be rolling out pro Tsipras propaganda, however, here in Greece.

“He has 19% of Mega Channel and in 2017 his Dimera Media company acquired the Pegasus Publications, which includes the newspapers of Ethnos and Imerisia.[13] On 11 August, he bought the E Channel (Greece) from businessman Philipos Vryonis and the market agreement was ratified on 21 August 2017,” says Wikipedia.

Vladimir Putin versus JF Kennedy. Divergent policies on private central banking reveal which one wants to crush his country and people

October 22, 2017

As the world prepares for the release of the secret JF Kennedy assasination documents, which could give a hint as to the role of his Eexecutive Order 11110, this blog is taking a moment to reflect on Vladimir Putin as the ultimate bankster.

Putin has been the chairman of the state run Vnesheconombank (VEB) bank since 2008, and oversees other banks like VTB, which are charging punishing interest rates of 11% on mortgages in lockstep with the private central bank in Moscow.


Meanwhile, Putin has propped up a private bank, Bank Rossija, whose sole function seems to be to channel vast and super cheap loans to his inner circle to make them super rich.

So, here we see Putin using finance to crush the people, the educated middle class,  crush competition, and keep his oligarch cronies in elevated positions of power.

That is also the aim of the private Federal Reserve and Wall Street in the USA.

Is it any wonder that Putin and the Goldman Sachs bankers in the Trump administration seem to have formed such a close alliance?

Read the exchange between Putin and Kostin here…

President and Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin: Thank you, Mr President, things are not bad.

Over the first half of the year, the bank showed good, positive dynamics. Suffice it to say that profit for the first six months came to 60 billion rubles, which is more than the bank earned for the whole of last year. We see how economic recovery has led to growth in our loan portfolio, including in our work with the general public. This year, we expect our mortgage loan portfolio to increase by 23 percent. Interest rate reduction is also showing positive dynamics. The average interest rate on mortgage loans is around 11 percent today, but we believe that it can be brought down to 10 percent by the end of the year.

Vladimir Putin: There was a time when we dreamed of 12 percent.


Eurobank loan scam worthy of Snoke, paradigmatic of fraud of the “foreclosure kings” in the USA

October 22, 2017



The nature of private bank fraud is underlined by the way Eurobank in Greece has just sold a 1.5 billion portfolio of bad loans or debts to a Swedish hedge fund for just 45 million euros in a move supposed to improve the health of Eurobank’s balance sheets.


Let’s think about that for a moment and examine the absurd logic.

Eurobank writes off loans totalling virtually 1.5 billion euros and its financial state is supposed to be healthier.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?  Unless you realize Eurobank never gave anything of value in the first place as Vienna economist Franz Hoermann explained. Eurobank created the 1. 5 billion euros in loans as book keeping entries and it can just strike them off its books without losing a single real world cent.

What Eurobank loses is its right to demand interest from the people it gave these book keeping entry loans too. But since its customers can no longer pay the sky high interest, it loses no real world money either.

The malicious fraud of the bankers at Eurobank is shown by the way they have sold the right to collect interest to a Swedish hedge fund for just 45 million euros. They could just as easily have sold the 1.5 billion euros in loans back to their customers for 45 million euros. I am sure that the customers of Eurobank would have jumped at the chance to buy their own debt at about 5% of its original value. But they were not given the chance. The aim of banksters like Steve Mnuchin is to collect the collateral, the houses, the businesses, the things of real world value.

By transferring the loans to a hedge fund, the Euorbanksters hope to circumvent consumer protection rights and  rules signed into their original loan contracts with customers. The Swedish hedge can fraudulently claim to have entered into a new contract with Eurobank’s customers without the same consumer protection rights and start aggressively seizing assets. In fact, the Swedish hedge fund has not entered into a new contract with customers and cannot seize the assets.

The success of the scam depends on the ignorance of people and the corruption of the lawyers and courts, who do not protect the rights of people.

It is precisely because the scam depends on ignorance that the banks invest so much money in the media. Mainstream media bought by bankers creating money out of think air like the Washington Post never explain to their readers how the privatized Federal  Reserve works.