Does the Black Death mean the end times really are here? Or is it just a symptom of our growing and now almost all pervasive corruption?

October 23, 2017

Surreal times like those in the Book of Revelation, depicted in a pretty amazing way in an animated series for kids called Superbook.

Okay, Superbook is for children and its study guide is  very simple, yet they also get to the point.

2017 is not a pretty picture. The hope that Donald Trump’s victory brought is, in the meantime, almost extinguished. His entire administration, if not Trump himself, is virtually indistinguishable from Obama and packed with bankers and eugenicists and a trio of complicit or incompetent Generals.

There are Black Death, Marburg and Cholera outbreaks. War with North Korea, whether nuclear or biological, seems imminent. Financial collapse is on the cards. Soft kills like vaccines electrosmog, smart meters, GMO, chemtrailing are growing. Corruption. Spinelessness. Greed. Selfishness. Narcissm. Self aggranizement. Incompetence have endangered our future.

True, there has been an enormous awakening, Brexit, the Catalonian election etc,  a phenomenal increase in knowledge about the New World Order and also about its depopulation plan. And there have been some people who have tried to do the right thing bravely. But they have been very few. The catastrophe facing us is not the result of the strength of the 1% Globalists but of the corruption of the 90%.

On a personal note, the Black plague is a turning point for me as a blogger.

Let’s be frank. If the Black plague, which killed between 30 and 60% of the European population of the Middle Ages, starts to spread and keeps intensifying with the help of the Globalists, most of us will be dead in three years.

But this will have been the choice collective humanity made over these ten years, doing nothing, or not enough.

This is not just an information battle. It is also a spiritual battle. We are in the middle of a spiritual fight between God and Satan, and we must chose sides. We are called on to proactively fight for justice, truth etc

In 2017, we can say humanity has overwhelmingly chosen to side with evil through inaction, passivity, selfishness.

Nothing substantial has been done to improve biosecurity by those who are responsible. Vigorous action on time against the Globalists could have averted the Black plague and other disasters around us. But there was no vigorous action, none from the likes of Chris Christie, none from Donald Trump, none from the Trump children either.

Panels like the Blue Ribbon Study Panel were set up in 2014 to address the Ebola shortcomings revealed in this blog. These panels are part of the problem because they also persistently refuse to address the real issue. It is not a lack of policies or bidefenses that threaten the USA as the panel claims.  It is the way those policies and biodefenses are systematically, deliberately and persistently undermined by key people in government, in the CDC and the FDA, and with a clear criminal intention, belonging to an international criminal gang, for their personal advantage, etc, whenever a bioterrorist threat approaches. It is the way governments and the Pentagon refuses to prepare for future threats, including James Mattis and the Trump administration. The problem is corruption, personal, moral, intellectual corruption.

No doubt, the likes of Chuck Hagel, Martin Dempsey, James Comey et al, busy thinking about their careers, their next book deal, taking care of their precious self, thought sneaking around in the shadows with half measures and panels was the ideal solution in 2014. For them! But not for America or the world. And now, just 3 years after Ebola nearly engulfed the USA, a repeat of the Ebola disaster but many magnitudes worse is unfolding.

If God does not intervene to stop this plague (the likes of the Generals are certainly not going to be able to stop it even if they can take their eyes off their bank accounts for one hour), so be it. God will use the Black plague for his own ends and wipe out the Globalists and the crony Generals too.

All we should worry about right now is whether we have got our heart right with God or whether we are going to collapse into hell with the Satanic Globalists.

For God will be the victor in this battle against evil. The Book of Revelation ends in the final victory of God and Jesus Christ over Satan and his evil and passive hordes. That victory is not an archetype or a myth but the way things will really end. For those who strove to do their best, there awaits a place in the New Jerusalem, a lovely prospect.


Will Kremlin Oligarchs double cross the US Globalists and exterminate them after they have unleashed Black Death on USA? Extremely dangerous and confusing situation emerges as North Korean is thrown into the mix

October 23, 2017

Interesting that Harvard is suddenly issuing a warning that North Korea has weaponised the Black Death and is preparing to unleash it.

The Globalists who have captured most of the Trump administration, including the Treasury, the CDC and the FDA, could be planning to stage a Black Death false flag in the USA and want to pave the way to blame it on North Korea.  On the other hand, North Korea could really be planning to unleash the Black plague as a proxy for China or Russia.

We could have North Korea,  Chinese, the Kremlin oligarchs or some other nation unleashing the black death and blaming it on the Globalists or vice versa. Or we could see various warring factions in the Globalist system combine with various hostile foreign powers to unleash the Black Death or some other lethal disease, though perhaps no disease is as lethal as that one.

The eugenicist Globalists are divided into two sometimes warring factions, one centered around Barack Obama, Alexis Tsipras and George Soros and the other around Henry Kissinger, the Kremlin Oligarchs and the Rothschilds. As they struggle for control of the NWO, their seems to be a lot of double and triple crossing.

The American Globalists are desperate to act because the financial system is about to collapse under the private system of the creation of money. By raising interest rates, they will crash the system altogether but they need a medical tyranny control grid or lethal disease in place to eliminate hundreds of millions of impoverished Americans.

The Kremlin oligarchs might let them do it only to wipe them out and take over the USA.

So, we are facing an incredibly dangerous and confusing situation.

The introduction to the study below…

North Korea’s Biological Weapons Program: The Known and Unknown
Authors: Hyun-Kyung Kim Elizabeth Philipp Hattie Chung | October 2017

Amidst the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear program, the assassination of Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother via VX nerve agent in February 2017 brought renewed interest in North Korea’s other weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs—chemical and biological weapons. If used on a large scale, these weapons can cause not only tens of thousands of deaths, but also create panic and paralyze societies. Nevertheless, the vividness of the nuclear threat has overshadowed other weapons programs, limiting the attention and policy input that they deserve. This paper focuses on North Korea’s biological weapons (BW).

Accurately assessing the threat from North Korea’s biological weapons is challenging. Whereas North Korea has publicly declared its will to become a nuclear power many times, it has been less overt about its intention or capability for biological weapons. BW capabilities are inherently hard to detect and measure. While nuclear programs can be monitored by the number of nuclear tests and the success of missile tests, weaponizing and cultivating pathogens can stay invisible behind closed doors. Moreover, equipment used for BW production are often dual-use for agriculture, making external monitoring and verification virtually impossible. Limited information on North Korea’s BW program leads to a low threat perception that may undermine preparation and response efforts.

Nonetheless, preparation against BW is urgent and necessary, which will also serve as defense against naturally occurring epidemics that increasingly threaten the 21st century. Military and public health sectors should cooperate to urgently prepare for “dual-response” mechanisms. Components of a well-established “dual-response” program should include the best possible threat assessment by military and intelligence communities, a strong public health detection and response system, a well-coordinated crisis communication strategy among multiple stakeholders, and compliance from an informed public.

In this paper, we examine the state of knowledge on North Korea’s BW program. Current literature describes North Korea’s BW program with mixed levels of credibility. Using publicly available information, including articles, books, governmental and non-governmental reports, as well as interviews with subject matter experts and former government officials, the authors map the known and unknowns of North Korea’s BW program.

Second, we examine where policy on North Korea’s BW stands. We focus our analysis on the policies of South Korea and the United States, rather than at an international level, as North Korea has had limited participation in the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Lastly, we present recommendations on how to improve assessment and surveillance of North Korea’s BW program, especially with new technologies, and how to improve current policies regarding North Korea’s BW program.

Harvard University report. North Korea could unleash Black Death in biological warfare attack

October 23, 2017

NORTH Korea is feared to be preparing for World War 3 by weaponising the Black Death for use in a biological warfare attack.

PUBLISHED: 18:35, Sun, Oct 22, 2017 | UPDATED: 18:49, Sun, Oct 22, 2017
A chilling new report claims Kim Jong-un’s regime could unleash the plague, cholera and other diseases across the US and South Korea.

The document, by Harvard University’s Belfer Centre, says Pyongyang may use missiles, drones or planes to spread the deadly viruses.

And it warns preparation against the devastating threat of biological warfare is “urgent and necessary”.

Japan to turn up heat against North Korea as Shinzo Abe wins election
World War 3: North Korea ready for WAR as it completes nuclear arsenal
North Korea is thought to already have 13 pathogens in its weaponry, the researchers said, including anthrax, smallpox and yellow fever.

And scientists are feared to be weaponising the viruses in top-secret labs across the war-crazed rogue state.

The report states: “While nuclear programs can be monitored by the number of nuclear tests and the success of missile tests, weaponising and cultivating pathogens can stay invisible behind closed doors.

“Moreover, equipment used for BW [biological warfare] production are often dual-use for agriculture, making external monitoring and verification virtually impossible.”

Morocco to send emergency medical aide to fight plague

October 23, 2017

Morocco is to send 34 tonnes of emergency medical aide to Madagascar to help it fight the plague as the East African island institutes checks on people leaving the capital following the death of a French national in another city.

Europe and the USA have not, until now, been very forthcoming in sending aide to stop the Black Death.




Kenya strengthens border controls to stop the plague and Ebola like virus

October 23, 2017

Kenya has strengthened disease surveillance at all points of entry into the country, including airports, to prevent the black plague and the Ebola like Marburg virus, ravaging Madagascar and Uganda respectively, from entering.

Jackson Kioko, from the Ministry of Health, said that Kenya was at risk because there were about 20 flights a week to Madagascar and because a long section of its frontier bordered Uganda.

Australia warns travellers against Black plague

October 23, 2017

IT’S a disease most people associate with the Black Death, which wiped out a quarter of the world’s population more than 600 years ago.
But the plague is still a problem and now it’s gripped the holiday island of Madagascar, where at least 94 have died as a result of the killer disease already.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warned Australian travellers to exercise caution in Madagascar due to the plague epidemic, where health authorities are scrambling to stem an outbreak amid fears it could spread further.

Black Death killed 30 to 60% of European population in Middle Ages. Meanwhile, it has been weaponized…

October 23, 2017

Interesting facts about the Black Death in The Sun.

The Black Death  peaked in Europe between 1346 and 1353.

It left an estimated 75 – 200 million people dead in Eurasia.

The fatality rate was 30-60 per cent of the European population at the time.

It took around 300 years for global populations to return to pre-plague levels after the outbreak.

And this was before the Black Death was weaponized…

From The Sun

BLACK DEATH IS BACK When was the Black Death, what are bubonic plague symptoms and what has happened in Madagascar?
Here’s everything you need to know about the devastating disease amid an outbreak in Madagascar
By George Harrison
22nd October 2017, 8:14 pmUpdated: 22nd October 2017, 9:29 pm
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THE Black Death, one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, reduced entire civilisations to their knees during the last major outbreak.

Earlier this year it was confirmed the plague has hit America, and an ongoing outbreak in Madagascar has left 100 dead. Here’s the lowdown.

 The Black Death often conjures up chilling images of masked plague doctors, who would stuff fresh herbs and spices in their ‘beaks’ to deal with the smellGETTY – CONTRIBUTOR
The Black Death often conjures up chilling images of masked plague doctors, who would stuff fresh herbs and spices in their ‘beaks’ to deal with the smell
What is plague?

Plague is an infectious disease caused by bacteria usually found in small mammals and their fleas.

It has an extremely high fatality rate and is very infectious, although it can be treated by antibiotics if it’s caught early.

There are three forms of plague infection: pneumoic plague, septicaemic plague and bubonic plague, the most common form.

Bubonic plague was known as the Black Death in medieval Europe, where an outbreak brought entire civilisations to their knees and decimated the world’s population.

Black Death is spread through the bite of infected fleas, whereas pneumonic plague, the most contagious form, develops after a bubonic infection.

Pneumonic infections can then be spread through the air, while septicaemic plague occurs when infection spreads through the bloodstream.

 Plague is a bacterial disease which swept through medieval Europe and has cropped up occasionally in the centuries sinceCUSTOM MEDICAL STOCK PHOTO – GETTY
Plague is a bacterial disease which swept through medieval Europe and has cropped up occasionally in the centuries since
When was the Black Death?

The Black Death, a widespread bubonic plague infection, peaked in Europe between 1346 and 1353.

It was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, leaving an estimated 75 – 200 million people dead in Eurasia.

This fatality rate represents a staggering 30-60 per cent of the European population at the time.

After the plague, society experienced a series of marked changes, including a rise in religious fanaticism.

Lacking the medical knowledge to understand the pandemic, some groups blamed Jews and lepers for the outbreak – resulting in mass killings throughout Europe.

It took around 300 years for global populations to return to pre-plague levels after the outbreak.

 The Black Death decimated the population of Europe when it swept through the continent in the 1300sALAMY
The Black Death decimated the population of Europe when it swept through the continent in the 1300s
What are plague symptoms?

The World Health Organisation describes plague symptoms as “flu like”, with one to seven days between incubation and the symptoms emerging.

Sufferers are likely to have painful lymph nodes, chills, fever, headaches, weakness and fatigue.

In bubonic sufferers, these inflamed lymph nodes may end up turning into pus-filled open sores.

Bubonic plague is fatal in 30-60 per cent of cases, while the pneumonic kind is always fatal, if left untreated.

 Bubonic plague, the most common form, is spread via the bites of infected fleasOXFORD SCIENTIFIC RM – GETTY
Bubonic plague, the most common form, is spread via the bites of infected fleas
How is plague spread?

The three different types of plague all refer to different ways the disease can be spread.

In bubonic infections, plague-causing bacteria can be transmitted between animals and fleas, with infected fleas then passing the disease on to people through bites.

Infected people may then develop pneumonic plague once their bubonic infection becomes advanced.

Lung-based pneumonic plague can then sometimes be transmitted through the air between sufferers.

Following a pneumonic or bubonic infection, people can then develop septicaemic plague, which occurs when the infection spreads through the bloodstream.

What has happened in Madagascar?

Health officials have warned that “no one is safe” from a deadly outbreak of Black Death on the holiday island of Madagascar.

They say the disease has now become much more contagious because it is now being transmitted from person-to-person through the air – as well as from animals to humans through infected flea bites.

The death toll has reached at least 100, with the UK Government warning British tourists to stay away from plague-hit areas.

While cases of bubonic plague occur in Madagascar nearly every year, this years epidemic is “much more dangerous”, according to one expert.

The World Health Organisation said that this year, plague arrived earlier than expected, and the infection is also spreading in urban centres and in areas that until now had not been affected.