Time for the Globalists to repent and remove themselves

July 16, 2018

With a clear conscience, St Paisios prayed for politicians who committed crimes against Greece to be given a chance to repent and to be removed. That, to prevent them from doing worse.

I pray the Bishop of Larisa had a chance to repent before he died last week, snatched from his life of pampered luxury, his palatial residence, his chauffeur driven limousine (tax exempt for clergy), his monthly salary as a civil servant and other guaranteed payments from the Greek government.



Among the fifty of so limousines belonging to the clergy  parked in the sweltering heat, one belonged to someone so special that it could dispense with numbers and letters altogether. The limo with just a red number plate and two stars likely belonged to the Archbishop of Athens Ieronymous, whose  chauffeur was waiting to transfer him after the service back to his crime den in Athens to continue plotting the destruction and depopulation of Greece together with Alexis Tsipras, Geoffrey Pyatt and other Globalist tools like Panos Kammenos.

Even as Globalist tool Ieronymous of Athens and the Bishop of Volos paid their respects to his body lying inside St Achilles church, the Bishop of Larisa’s soul will have transferred to another state. Ieronymous and the Bishop of Volos may have spared a thought to consider what state their ally’s soul is now in. In heaven or in hell?

There are only these two options, says Paisios, and I believe the same.

 Tsipras and Kammenos as key tools of Satan and the Globalists, helpers in their repeated attempts to depopulate Greece, the world are looking at a particularly harsh sentence in hell if they don’t repent and remove themselves.

Paisios called death a great journey. It’s worth taking a moment to consider what Paisios said about the journey we will all go on when we pass out of this world. That, could even be very soon for most of us if the Globalists finally carry out their depopulation plan using false flag pandemics and vaccines.

Let’s pray that Christ gives the Globalists repentance and removes them before we reach a point of no return. For if Christ does have to close the human experiment to salvage something from humanity, His Second Coming will also mean the Final Judgement.

NWO faction led by Trump and Putin struggles for dominance over Soros and Merkel ahead of next, joint depopulation push

July 16, 2018

Donald Trump has started his summit with Vladimir Putin days after special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian operatives belonging to a military spy agency of hacking Hllary’s emails and giving the info to Hillary’s political opponents ie Trump.


But it was the content of Hillary’s and the DNC’s stolen emails that was so devastating that Hilary’s ally Barack Obama ordered a stand down to allow Trump to win.

We don’t know what was in the stolen emails but Roger Stone, who admits being the American mentioned in the indictment, and his associate Alex Jones as well as FBI sources have hinted at a Satanic? paedophile ring.


The claim that Hillary is involved in a Satanism and a paedophile ring is all too plausible given her many other crimes(Uranium One, Cash for favours, kickback protection racket, Haiti etc).

And then, here are the, in the meantime, well documented Jeffrey Epstein and Jimmy Saville paedophile scandals.

Trump and Putin seem to work for a faction of the NWO engaged in a serious power struggle with the Hillary, Soros, Merkel, Tsipras faction, which obtained blackmail material on Hillary and threatened to release it to win the election for Trump as far as I can see.

Many of the concerns of Trump and Putin are legitimate. We want to see better relations between the USA and Russia, don’t we? We want to see peace. We don’t want to be dragged into a nuclear WW3 by false flag attacks such as the Syrian chemical weapons attack orchestrated by the UK’s White Helmets.

Surely, we should also want to see the Crimea recognized as Russian and the end of persecution of the locals by a fascist Ukraine government.

Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko called for the nuclear slaughter of Russians in an unhinged rant.


It was only the brave refusal of Ukrainian police and soldiers to shoot their fellow Crimean Russians which prevented mass massacres.


I, at any rate, am all in favour of peace, good economic relationships with Russia etc.

The problem is that the Trump, Putin and the Soros, Hillary faction both seem to be determined to kill 7 billion people as part of the NWO power grab over the planet

Trump’s cabinet is, in fact, packed with more committed eugenicist Globalists than Barack Obama’s was. Marine Division One generals John Kelly, James Mattis and Joseph Dunford emerging as key figures along with General HR McMaster who met Bill Gates when he was NSA to discuss universal vaccines and pandemic planning for the USA.

As far as I know, Obama’s NSA Susan Rice never met Bill Gates.

To my mind, the key question of the Russian investigation is who ordered the purge of the original line up of the Trump administration in November 2016 to pack his government with these eugenicists?


Given the pivotal role of John Kelly in pushing Trump’s eugenicist agenda, we should not be surprised to learn that Kelly is a long time friend of a child abuser and “pastor” Marine Colonel Shane Tomko who also plays a key role in the Wounded Warrior Invictus games, started by Prince Harry.





In fact, there is a picture of Prince Harry greeting serial child sex abuser Marine Colonel Shane Tomko of Quincy, Ill. when he visited the USO Warrior and Family Center in Virginia with Michelle Obama in 2015.





Following a visit in 2013 to the US-based Warrior Games for wounded, Harry created the international version of the Invictus games which provided the platform for him to introduce his CIA agent? Meghan Markle as his girlfriend after a whirl wind romance.

View story at Medium.com



Harry is now going to push a global HIV campaign, presumably focussing on a new HIV vaccine.



An HIV vaccine is also a Bill Gates’ theme. Trump has expressed huge enthusiasm for it in a meeting with Gates.

What am I saying? When we take a closer look at these warring factions, they seem to have certain things in common with each other which enables them to be on the same page. Paedophilia, Satanism, deceit and vaccines.

Child abuser Tomko became a pastor after retiring from the Marines.

The Trump cabinet is full of actors, with John Kelly being among the best.

St Paisios sai that the NWO is trying to set up global tyranny using Satan and the occult in his “Spiritual Counsels”. Now, 24 years after his death and 50 years or so after he said this, the facts are coming in and we can piece together a spirit of evil governing our planet which jsutifies calling it a time of the Anti Christ.

Although I am not privy to what Trump and Putin talked about in their private chat, I imagine depopulation plans were a big theme.

The amazing life of St Paisios and his insights into our times, which he says are the times of the Anti Christ of the Book of Revelation

July 13, 2018

Thousands of Greeks went to visit the grave of an amazing contemporary saint Paisios yesterday to mark the 24th anniversary of his death.




St Paisios lived in obscurity as a hermit monk on Mount Athos. He became known by word of mouth for miraculous healings and other amazing things he did, and continues to do.

A beautiful Russian documentary with a Greek narration and English subtitles can be seen on youtube.

His books “Spiritual Counsels” deal with signs that we are in the time of the Anti Christ. They are amazing because they are so accurate, describing the New World Order push for global tyranny, vaccines, the 666, how the few people resisting risk being put into jail for any reason and about the worldliness and corruption of contemporary Greek Orthodox Clergy! And he has a lot of humour!




Don’t worry! It will all turn out fine, says Paisios. These are times that God has allowed for our testing, spiritual development and refinement, okay?

Paisios also stresses we have to start speaking out, telling the truth plain and simple. The NWO is a construct of lies and murder. Anyone who goes along with their lies and murder plots and covers the facts up with silence will have no one to blame but themselves if they end up being depopulated by the NWO.

By lying we endanger our lives, the lives of others and we estrange ourselves from God, a double disaster, a physical and spiritual disaster!

But we will be held to account before God for what we have done to fight evil and the Satanic NWO or not, he warns.

“But these oppressions will not last for long: three, three and a half years. For the sake of the chosen the days will be hastened. God won’t leave a person without help. Tomorrow thunder will strike, and the brief dictatorship of the Antichrist-satan will come. Then Christ will intervene, will give the whole anti-Christian system a good shaking up. He’ll trample upon evil and turn everything to good use in the end.” Paisios says.

St Paisios distances himself from a claim that Constaninople could end up in Greek hands, but describes the essential signs of that we are in the Apocalypse.

A typical description of a meeting with St Paisios is given by Father Panayiotis Papageorgiou.

“Elder Paisios was gifted with the spiritual gift of discernment and was able to read the souls of those he encountered. He showed great compassion for the people who came to him from all over Greece and eventually from around the world. People unloaded their problems at his feet. He would pray, guide and comfort them, and they would walk away filled with joy and enlightened by his words.”


There are thousands of reports of his healings like this one .



Many people report seeing him radiating light like the rays of the sun or walking in the rain without ever having a drop fall on him.

“It is said that while in this world St. Paisios lived in a particular state of experience which altered the environment around him. The presence of St. Paisios could even alter the state of peoples’ hearts and draw them closer to Christ.”


There are six books of his incredible spiritual counsels full of vast  insights into human beings, the world, God and the deeper meaning of it all.

Paisios spent most of his nights in prayer and his days giving spiritual advice, healing, and helping people who visited him. So many people visited him that it prompted observers to say it was like seeing Jesus Christ surrounded by crowds. He had a gift resembling clairvoyance and could tell the names of people and their problems before they said a word, and even predicted their futures.

A convent in Greece especially close to Paisios collected his advice and published it in six voluments.

Volume 1 – With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man on the New World Order as we are experiencing it right now.

Volume 2 – Spiritual Awakening also on the New World Order as we are experiencing it right now

Volume 3 – Spiritual Struggle

Volume  4 – Family Life

Volume 5 – Passions and Virtues

Volume 6  On Prayer


Merkel decided on Brexit deal, admits UK PM as Trump lands in London

July 13, 2018

Angela Merkel has emerged as a key figure in the Brexit betrayal after  Theresa May admitted to her Cabinet Ministers that she had gotten the approval of the Globalist Kingpin in Berlin for her Brexit white paper.


In an article for the Spectator, journalist Charles Moore wrote: ‘At Chequers, I hear, one of her responses to suggested changes in her blueprint was to say, ‘No, that’s not possible, because I’ve already cleared it [the existing text] with Mrs Merkel’.’


So, here we have George Soros and Barack Obama’s right hand in Germany, Merkel herself directly implicated in a betrayal of the will of the British people that will reduce them to feudal serfs, who have to obey EU rules while having no input into those rules.

Donald Trump is, meanwhile, doing his comedy turn as controlled opposition on his visit to London by recommending eugenicist? Globalist Boris Johnson as a good PM to replace Theresa May with Trump’s pal and fake Nigel Farage poised to return to politics.



Meanwhile, the leader of the CSU, which is are trying to stave off defeat in Bavaria to controlled opposition the AFD in upcoming state elections by offering a more common sense migrant plan, is being subjected to a growing smear campaign by Merkel’s Globalist media in a bid to oust him.

71% of Bavarians would prefer to see the CSU leave government rather than continue with Merkel’s open door migrant policies.


Globalist fake opposition inside the CSU are likely spearheading the push to have Seehofer fired for trying to present policies that will appeal to voters and so remain in power.


The way forward for the CSU is to offer voters what they want. Voters don’t want uncontrolled immigration, TTIP or CETA.

Italy’s new government is the first to keep an election promise and refuse to ratify CETA.


Taking advantage of the CSU’s political suicide, the Globalist AFD, which has no qualms about thematizing George Soros’s role in the migrant invasion, has reached a new record in the polls.

George Soros admitted in a 60 Minutes interview that he was a Nazi collaborator.

John Schindler explains the concept of controlled opposition very well, but implies it is limited to Russia when the entire world, in the meantime, through the internet knows it applies to the UK, USA and Europe.

John Schindler writes

“Opposition is controlled by the regime, when not wholly fake. Resistance leaders are really regime operatives out to discredit the resistance. The most extreme anti-regime voices are not real. Russians think this way because that’s how their country actually works, whether under tsars, Red commissars, or “former” Chekists.

Worse, Russian spies have spread their provocative poison abroad, injecting the provokatsiya bacillus into their neighbors and beyond for decades. While this used to be costly and time-consuming (Russian spies are comfortable playing the long game), in the 21st century much of this mayhem can be spread online, with anonymous activists, trolls and bots, at minimal cost compared to old-school espionage.”


Fake opposition also applies to Trump and Putin, who do not represent their own countries’ interests as much as they represent different factions of the NWO fighting for more power and more control in a world after a planned depopulation.

Trump and Mike Pompe have treated us to yet another example of this fake resistance in relation to North Korea. Recognizing the resistance to John Bolton’s insistance on regime change and treating Kim Jong Un like Gaddafi, Pompeo and Trump pretended to sideline Bolton, held a summit with Kim Jong Un with a vague agreement, and then as soon as the spot lights went away they went back to insisting on denuclearization without any economic benefits and a de facto regime change/

Kim Jong Un has now diplomatically reminded Trump and Pompeo about the actual terms of their deal.


Let’s see if he can get a diplomatic deal to end the conflict since a diplomatic deal is not in the interests of the Globalists and the military industrial complex and Pentagon led by the clearly corrupted James Mattis.

Angela Merkel and the Globalists continue their rampage unchecked, no resistance to their depopulation plans

July 9, 2018


Another week, another mirror selfie, but still no sign of any meaningful resistance to the eugenicist Globalist agenda emerging in Germany, Greece or the USA or anywhere…

The stakes are too high for a muddler like Angela Merkel to stick around,  Bret Stephens in the New York Times has said, but she has managed to stick around after the CSU made a half hearted attempt to close Bavaria’s borders to illegal migrants.

Merkel gave only a few, doubtful concessions to the CSU in relation to the control of Germany’s borders in return for the opportunity to remain in power and push the Globalist agenda.


Given the CSU has failed again to take decisive action, controlled opposition AFD has, according to polls, reached record levels ahead of the Bavarian state elections in October.


Closing Germany’s all of borders, and not just Bavaria’s, is vital from the point of view also of a possible need for epidemic disease control.

Merkel has emerged as a leading figure in pandemic control, simulating global pandemics with Bill Gates at the World Bank, Davos and other forums.


Bill Gates, a member of the Good Club along with George Soros, is also had meetings with Donald Trump to push pandemic planning.


Open borders was the key ingredient in a  daylong pandemic simulation held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in May as an enthuistic open borders which resulted in death of 150 million people and the end of America.


Trump’s Defence Secretary James Mattis was portrayed in the simulation by one of Trump’s candidates for the position Senator Jim Talent as someone who would go along with open borders and the depopulation of the USA as he had a plausible explanation.

“America was just wiped out,” Talent said, before heading to a post-event cocktail reception.

Notice the simulation of a group’s attempt to reduce the world’s population to pre-industrial levels using a bioweapon was not repeated with closed borders in spite of the result.

Barack Obama’s cabinet emerged, at least key figures, as being opposed to the depopulation agenda during the Ebola false flag in 2014.

The Globalists seemed to have learned the lesson that putting out misleading information may no longer be enough in the age of the internet and blogs like mine, and they seem to have decided to pack Trump’s administration with committed eugenicists.

Trump appears to be playing a dangerous game after double crossing the US Intelligence Community and military who helped him become president precisely to oppose the Globalist agenda. But he appears to be assisted now by elements in the DOJ and FBI Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray and Robert Mueller who may be covering up eugencist aspects of the so called Russia probe.

It is not hard for them to do given the massive collusion of silence by so many parties.  For some reason, hard to fathom, people are more frightened of giving factual information about a real world problem than about being wiped out by an orchestrated epidemic, martial law, quarantines and forced vaccination possible under the International Health Regulations.

Serious questions have to be asked about the brainpower of managers in companies like BMW and Siemens in Bavaria, some of whom likely know all about the eugenicist plan, and who still, after ten years, offer no resistance. Has it occurred to the family Quandt, for example, that the wipe out of the USA, Germany, Bavaria etc means the end of their business, as well as of their lives.

While the Globalist companies pour vast sums of money into their plans, into controlling the media and political parties, those industrialists who have most to lose do absolutely nothing to counter act plans to wipe them and their businesses out.

And what about the CSU? Why don’t they put the facts about the plans to depopulate Germany and the rest of the world on the table and propose a counter plan?

We, humanity in 2018, are suffering a serious spiritual and brain problem. We have to pray to Jesus Christ to save us if He can be bothered…

Mattis is also covering Trump and Mike Pompeo as they push the Globalist agenda and set about sabotaging a diplomatic solution of the North Korea conflict by demanding denuclearization without any offer of tangible economic development.

As Fox News puts it, the options for the USA are very bad, including a full U.S. military assault on North Korea to rid the world of Kim’s weapons of mass destruction or a nuclear North Korea.


The White House has blocked an attempt by Robert Mueller to interview Donald Trump’s powerful chief of staff, Mattis’ Marine Division One crony, John Kelly as part of the Russia probe.

Kelly has emerged as a key figure in promoting Trump’s eugenicist Globalist agenda. His protege in the DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, was portrayed during the daylong pandemic simulation held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in May as an enthuistic open borders which leads to the death of 150 million and the end of America.

His planned exit at the end of July could be a clue as to when the next pandemic wave is planned. Kelly may be seeking a safe haven…



July 2, 2018









With an engineered global recession looming, we need to be on our toes for more false flag epidemic attempts to justify martial law measures as well as for more Globalist attempts to start WW3 and stoke conflicts as part of a “divide and rule” tatic.



Kim Jong Un has also not been offered a viable plan for economic growth in return to denuclearization by the Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo, meaning the North Korean conflict continues to simmer.

There have been social media reports of Ebola cases in a city in Libya which is a major exit point for migrants to Italy, many moving further north to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland Sweden etc, possibly setting the scene for an Ebola false flag in Europe in the near future.

An EU plan to build UN run concentration camps for migrants has been rightly rejected by Bavaria’s CSU. Holding centres for migrants at airports etc may be necessary but any such centres would need to be well run to reduce the risk of an (engineered) epidemic disease outbreak or a cholerea outbreak.

A shimmer of hope for the world comes from the fact that a pivotal figure for Globalist false flag epidemic plans in Europe, Angela Merkel, could be ousted by the CSU. Merkel, allegedly former Stasi agent IM Erika, blackmailed by the CIA after the fall of the wall, is also a key ally of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras…

The U.S. economy slowed to 2 per cent in the first quarter following the biggest drop in consumer spending in nearly five years following hikes in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, as the wheels come off Donald Trump’s economic propaganda campaign.


US Treasuries are also “perilously close to predicting a recession — something it has done before with surprising accuracy — and it’s become a big topic on Wall Street,” reports the New York Times.

The Federal Reserve has swamped the market with US debt as part of its so called balance sheet reduction plan, pushing up the cost of servicing US debt and driving the US economy into the ground.

The Federal Reserve has also been hiking interest rates at a time when corporations in American have record levels of debt of 6.3 trillion dollars and it has said there will be four increases this year.








July 2, 2018

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has offered his resignation as a row over open borders with Chancellor Angela Merkel intensifies.



The Bavarian conservative CSU could topple eugenicist Globalist Merkel from power, dealing a blow to any Globalist plans to use migrants and open borders to overwhelm Germany and Europe with epidemic diseases.

Polls claiming to show the CSU has been losing support can be easily manipulated. Angela Merkel’s unilateral decision to open Germany’s borders in 2015 to uncontrolled immigration and without any vote in parliament or referendum has been one of her most unpopular as well as disastrous decisions.

Polls in 2016 showed Hillary Clinton winning, sometimes even with double digits just two weeks before the election.


CNN predicted a 91% chance of Hillary winning one day before election day.