July 2, 2018

From The Daily Mail

We must urgently prepare for man-made viruses that are ‘easy to develop’ and could wipe out tens of MILLIONS of people, scientists warn
•Existing bacteria and viruses can be engineered to be much more harmful
•Application of this synthetic biology will become achievable in the future
•Recreating viruses from scratch, making bacteria more deadly and modifying microbes are the three most pressing threats

Urgent action is needed to defend against man-made viruses that are ‘easy to develop’ and could wipe out tens of millions of people.

That’s the terrifying warning made by scientists to the Pentagon in a major report created for the US Department of Defence.

In it, scientists claim that rapid advances in biology are making it easier for terrorists to develop biological weapons by engineering microbes.

They say that there are three main scenarios that governments must prepare for to safeguard their citizens.


Viruses could be created from scratch to infect millions of people. 

Fairly simple procedures can be used to modify the genes of bacteria that would make them resistant to antibiotics, the report found.

This would potentially make people who got infected incurable. 

Ex-Nato commander James Stavridis has previously described the prospect of advanced biological technology being used by terrorists or ‘rogue nations’ as ‘most alarming’.

He said that it could lead to an epidemic ‘not dissimilar to the Spanish influenza’ a century ago.

He claims biological weapons of mass destruction with the ability to spread deadly diseases like Ebola and Zika could wipe out up to a fifth of the world’s population.

In 2015, an EU report suggested that ISIS has recruited experts to wage war on the West using chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

Last year researchers created an infectious horsepox virus.

Scientists from the University of Alberta hope that the virus could be used to create more effective vaccines for smallpox — one of the most deadly viruses that caused millions of deaths around the world.

But other experts have warned that the relatively easy technique could be replicated by terrorists to create biological weapons.


While WHO guidelines prevent scientists from attempting to build the full smallpox genome, this new research shows that it is possible to buy the DNA building blocks without being flagged.

And experts say the technique is fairly easy to replicate.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Peter Jahrling, a virologist at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said: ‘Maybe not some guy in a cave, but a reasonably equipped undergraduate microbiology lab could repeat this trick.’

In the wrong hands, the technique to synthesise viruses could be diasterous.

Speaking to Science, Paul Keim, an expert in bioweapons at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, said: ‘Bringing back an extinct virus that is related to smallpox, that’s a pretty inflammatory situation.

‘There is always an experiment or event that triggers closer scrutiny, and this sounds like it should be one of those events where the authorities start thinking about what should be regulated.’

These include the prospect of recreating viruses from scratch, tweaking bacteria so that they are more dangerous, and tweaking microbes so they manufacture toxins.

Although malicious applications of this synthetic biology might not seem plausible now, they will become achievable in the future, the Pentagon was told.

African MSM identify Ebola and AIDS as bioweapons used by (Globalist elements in) American and British military

July 2, 2018

From Modern Ghana

Evidence that the military is responsible for chemical and biological agents

 Joel Savage

For decades, the British and American military are responsible for the planting of biological weapons in African jungles, or through contaminated vaccines, giving birth to various deadly man-made diseases.

At the same time, the military can be held accountable for using chemical weapons on selected population despite lies and denials.

In this article, are clandestine chemical and biological weapon crimes committed by the German, British, and the US military, to give ample knowledge to readers on how the afore-mentioned countries, especially, Britain and America have killed thousands of people, including Africans with biological weapons, such as Aids and Ebola, yet continue to deny any involvement with such agents.

At the same time, this article will educate African leaders to prevent the US military parading on African shores, since their aim is to build US military bases across Africa to gain access to use Africans as guinea pigs in testing both new drugs manufactured in Europe and America and the test of biological weapons.

Proposed Trump cuts increase epidemic disease threat to USA as well uncontrolled, experimentation with drugs

July 2, 2018

Eugenicist Globalist Donald Trump is proposing to slash by nearly 40 percent a public health body tasked with stopping epidemic diseases and monitoring drug safety, putting the USA at far greater risk.

The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps has played a crucial role in public health emergencies, helping to contain yellow fever, cholera and plague as well as the Ebola epidemic in 2014.

The proposal to cut the Corps from  6,500 officers to “no more than 4,000 officers.” was announced last week by White House’s Office of Management and Budget. Its chief, Mick Mulvaney, is being touted as a possible candidate to become the new chief of staff.

The proposal would also allow for the recruitment of private citizens to a new Reserve Corps to be deployed in a public health emergency or to fill critical positions left vacant, presumably also to monitor the use of drugs under new “Right to Try” laws.

Jim Currie, director of the Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S. Public Health Service, said the reductions endanger an effective response in public health emergenecies.

“I don’t quite understand the animosity toward the Commissioned Corps,” he said. “These folks are doing day jobs” – at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and elsewhere – “and when they’re needed, they go and deploy and work their butts off for 12 to 14 hours a day.”


July 2, 2018

migrant route.pngSocial media have reported an outbreak of Ebola in a Libyan city which was the exit point for 90,000 migrants arriving in Italy in 2017, many of whom presumably went further north to Germany, Austria and Sweden.

The Libyan city lies on a major migrant corridor through central Africa to Italy and also on direct route from the sub Saharan country of DR Congo where nine Ebola outbreaks have occurred.

“At least half of the 180,000 migrants who arrived in Italy via Libya last year passed through Sabha. “The majority of west African migrants come through Agadez in Niger, then through Qatroun. And the east Africans come up from the border with Chad,” explains Ashraf Hassan, at the UN’s International Organisation for Migration. Then through people-smugglers migrants negotiate further passage north – or not, if the slavery allegations are true.”


July 2, 2018

Social media have reported cases of Ebola in Libya, a major exit point for refugees from Africa trying to take boats to Europe.

The new social media reports from a city in west central Libya could be an attempt to build plausibility into the narrative that migrants infected  with Ebola in DR Congo have travelled via Libya to Europe bringing the disease.

An Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo is coming to an end.

The Syrian false flag chemical incident promoted by social media sites underlines the way the Globalists are increasingly turning to social media to push a fake narrative.

“The intelligence assessments presented over the weekend by the United States and France to justify missiles strikes against Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons in a Damascus suburb relied to an unusual degree on information gleaned from open source material and social media,” wrote Foreign Policy.

It is likely that social media sources could also be used by Globalists as a source of propaganda to spread fear of an Ebola epidemic to justify the use of martial law measures and mass forced vaccination in Africa, Europe and the USA.

Cambridge Analytics weaponized social media to promote eugenicist Globalist Donald Trump and his circle into power.

Ebola cases were reported by social media sources in the Libyan city of Sabha where migrants from west Africa seeking to reach Europe are sold in slave markets, according to the BBC.

The city in the middle of the desert also has an airport.,_Libya

The National Centre for Disease Control has denied that there were cases of Ebola disease at Sabha Medical Center.,-3.4896611,4z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x13c6fae4f4b8f1b3:0x7b8430bd8ab104e!8m2!3d27.0254222!4d14.4400263



June 29, 2018

Germany’s fate may now depend on whether the CSU can topple
eugenicist Globalist Angela Merkel by closing its borders.

Bavaria’s CSU should, in my view, reject the EU plan to put migrants
into concentration camps as dangerous, especially from the epidemic disease point of view, ignore easily  manipulated polls and aim for a big country wide, victory in
snap elections. It may be Germany and Europe’s last chance to avoid catastrophe.

Hungary’s Victor Orban won a resounding election victory in
April fighting on the issue of open borders. That, although
polls (controlled by the Globalist media and easily
manipulated) predicted he was losing support.

“Even as Fidesz has shed support in most polls during the
election campaign, its backing is still roughly equal to the
combined opposition,” reported Bloomberg just before Orban
obtained a huge majority.

The CSU would not need to invest a great deal of money or
energy in building up an election campaign staff in the other
15 states in Germany. This because everyone would know what the
CSU stood for form the reason that they toppled Merkel in the
first place. The headlines in the media showing the CSU closing
the border would be the CSU’s campaign material.

To strengthen their hand, the CSU could also emphasise the
economy. Mass migration from the failed states of the Middle
East has had huge extra costs and negative economic
repercussions for Germany.

Surely, setting up CSU candidates in 15 states is an
administrative hurdle that the CSU with its huge network can

Also, the CSU should call out the AFD for what they are, fake
opposition and Globalist pawns just like Sebastian Kurz in
Austria, who has just pushed through CETA against the wishes of
all six People’s Party federal state heads and the entire base,
naturally with the help of Freedom Party heads Strache and

And Kurz is the poster child of the AFD?

Predictably, Kurz has just threatened the CSU if they closed
Germany’s borders.

Putting migrants into concentration camps in Europe as the EU
and Merkel, like Trump in the USA, is dangerous for many
reasons, not least the risk of the camps becoming hotbeds of
diseases and epidemics.

Last summer, the German speaking crime series Tatort portrayed
illegal African migrants as vectors for the Ebola disease in
Austria, in hindsight prepping the German speaking population
for just such a scenario.
Merkel has emerged as a leading figure together with Bill Gates
in the simulation of Global pandemics at the World Bank, Davos
and G 20 summits.

It is not a coincidence in my view that Merkel is also a
leading proponent of open borders. Open borders make pandemics
more difficult to control.

Migrants are especially easy targets for the “special
provisions for emergency procurements , use of pharmaceuticals
or vaccines that may not be registered in the country, critical
human resource including international medical teams who may
not have work permits” which are part of Merkel’s plan.

Held in large concentration camps, they will become especially
vulnerable to any disease introduced into the camp. Should
Ebola, for example, break out in crowded conditions, migrants
will naturally try to flee the camp, spreading the disease or
at the very least giving Merkel and Donald Trump in the USA
eventually, the pretext they need to declare an emergency,
introduce martial law measures and forced vaccination.

From Merkel’s pandemic simulation, we can get a clue about the
prominent role that Germany and the German government officials
could be set to play in any Ebola false flag in Europe . This,
because it is a technical team from Germany which has been
singled out for speical pandemic drills (apparently two
pandemic outbreaks are being planned simultaneously). Ebola and
bird flu?)with WHO officials.

“In preparation for the two major events, the World Bank will
collaborate with the technical team from WHO, WEF and the
German government to conduct similar exercises for G20
technical staff and and G20 Ministers of Health. Simulation
exercises help make a theoretical possibility real, by allowing
policymakers to role-play and map out gaps and concrete
solutions to those gaps along with their peers.”

The eugenicist Globalists control the governments of Greece
(Tsipras), Austria (Strache, Kurz), Germany (Merkel), UK, (May)
and USA (Trump), a very dangerous situation.

Kurz, Strache and Kickl have also refused me the help I am
legally entitled to here in my case in Larisa against the
eugencist Globalists George Soros and Alexis Tsipras precisely
because they are on the same page as them.

Indeed, an email exchange I had with Strache’s deputy Dagmar
Belakowich Jenewein in 2009, which I posted on this blog, over
the Baxter incident, confirms the truth of what she said,
namely, that it was Strache who pressured her to hide Baxter’s
massive crime. Strache is a Vatican and Globalist pawn.

The Globalists are targettting me to get their next pandemic
going, for no other reason. The degree of danger I am in should
be a warning to you. They intend to kill me at the latest in
October because they intend to kill significant numbers of you,
yes, billions, using false flag epidemics.

Still alive…but Globalists continue depopulation plan rampage unchecked…

June 25, 2018

fedupski.jpgBizarre situation continues, threatened and menaced with murder by the NWO for my blog covering their depopulation plan and no help from anywhere.

I am the canary in the coalmine as the spear head of resistance to the Globalists for the past ten years i.e. there is still no sufficient resistance to their plan to kill billions using bioweapons in the near future. The only answer now is the miraculous intervention of God, which is the reason why my blog is now focussing on how to pray to God for help. See post below for a few practical tips, dear reader.