September 14, 2018

Alexis Tsipras may use clashes expected on Saturday over the murder of a rapper by Golden Dawn activists as a cover to launch false flag political assassinations to be blamed on the army, police members start a purge using false witness statements and forged documents.

The actual anniversary of the rapper’s death is on Thursday but the first clashes are expected on Saturday.

Greek judges should condemn the murderers of the rapper immediately or at least be seen to be about to do so, or they will become the first targets of a purge. I have to say, the judges have shown bias.

“Look at those judges! They are all on the side of the extreme right! Purge them, put them in prison!”

Recall Globalist minion Alexander Oekonomou is the head of Athens criminal court and he has a motive to help purge the judiciary, police and army because he is facing years in jail for his role in misusing the legal system to set me up for a lethal penalty on October 5th.

Larisa, Volos, Trikala courts are all under the control of the Globalists.

The army and police would be wise to also make statements saying they hope for a speedy end to the trial, a fair trial and due process to distance themselves from any false flag group.

From Ekathimerini
The first major event for which police are preparing is a rally being organized by the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA) and other leftist groups in Omonia Square at 5 p.m. on Saturday. A concert is to follow two hours later at Syntagma Square.

Then on Tuesday – the anniversary of Fyssas’s death – anti-fascist protesters are to gather at the spot of the stabbing in Keratsini at 5.30 p.m. before marching to Golden Dawn’s offices in Piraeus.

Police are planning a large-scale operation in the area, fearing vehement clashes between leftists and members of far-right groups.

Police fear more upheaval this year, partly because members of far-right groups have been more visible, notably at protests against the Macedonia name deal. Authorities plan to take all possible action to keep rival protests separate.

The killing of Fyssas sparked a judicial investigation that culminated in a criminal trial against Golden Dawn and dozens of the party’s followers. In its fourth year, the trial is expected to run until 2020 or even 2021.

Tsipras’ new national emergency agency may be modelled on the Cheka

September 14, 2018

Alexis Tsipras new National Emergency Management Service agency may be the embryonic government agency tasked to purge Greeks modelled on the Soviet Cheka, which ran the Red Terror.

The Cheka was established by an emergency decree, set up operations throughout the country within a year, and expanded to 200,000 strong force in just two years.

The Chekists also arrested judges, prosecutors etc in a warning to any Greek prosecutor or judge or police officer who goes along with any purge plan. Stalin purged his secret police and allies and raped and killed his colleagues wives.

Tsipras may seek to exploit a false flag political assassination to declare a national emergency and issue an emergency decree investing the National Emergency Management Service, under the control of the Interior Ministry, with the task and authority to eliminate the networks allegedly behind the assassination.

The NEMS agents could become the secret police fanning out across the country to arrest people at midnight and transport them to the Ministry of Interior or other torture prisons or gulags without due process under the pretext of a national threat posed by some network.

The Cheka became judge, jury and invariably executioner.

This is how they executed people…
The ingenuity of the Cheka’s torture methods was matched only by the Spanish Inquisition. Each local Cheka had its own specialty. In Kharkov they went in for the ‘glove trick’ – burning the victim’s hands in boiling water until the blistered skin could be peeled off: this left the victims with raw and bleeding hands and their torturers with ‘human gloves’. The Tsaritsyn Cheka sawed its victims’ bones in half. In Voronezh they rolled their naked victims in nail-studded barrels. In Armavir they crushed their skulls by tightening a leather strap with an iron bolt around their head. In Kiev they affixed a cage with rats to the victims torso and heated it so that the enraged rats ate their way through the victim’s guts in an effort to escape. In Odessa they chained their victims to planks and pushed them slowly into a furnace or a tank of boiling water. A favourite winter torture was to pour water on the naked victims until they became living ice statues.

Cheka torture methods are described by historian Orlando Figes in his book “A People’s Tragedy”

 The Cheka however operated outside the rule of law: it acted of its own accord, investigated and arrested whoever it chose, and answered to no-one. It was never restricted by the rule of law or any obligation to due process or the rights of suspects. Chekists operated as investigators, arresting authorities, interrogators, prosecutors, judges, juries and executioners. The Cheka was of extreme importance, along with the Red Army (headed by Trotsky) in providing the support Lenin needed to secure his powers and ideals of the new union.

The Terror was soon expanded to include anyone who might pose a threat to the Bolshevik party or its policies: former tsarists, liberals, Mensheviks, members of the Russian Orthodox church, foreigners, anyone who dared to sell food or goods for profit. Peasants who refused to meet state requisition orders were branded as kulaks – greedy parasitical speculators who hoarded grain and food for profit, while other Russians starved – and were subject to arrest, detention and execution. Later, industrial workers who failed to meet production quotas or dared to strike were also targeted. As the Bolsheviks expanded their definition of who was an enemy of the revolution, they also expanded the Cheka. A small force of just a few hundred men in early 1918, within two years the CHEKA was large government agency employed around 200,000.


September 14, 2018

Stalin’s secret police used torture instruments on millions permeated with Satanic, Illuminati and Freemason symbolism and rituals displayed by the likes of Madonna during her Super bowl half time performance.

Stalin was a Globalist just like Hitler and their totalitarian systems resembled each other (cult of the party leader, propaganda, totalitarian bureaucracy, torture etc) because they were created by the same Freemason, Illuminati cabal which ran the Habsburg and Hohenzollern empires.

Stalin’s terror and torture regime was directed mainly against the Russian people. Millions were killed by his secret police. Christians and the Orthodox church were especial targets.

The man identified by St Paisios as the Anti Christ seems to have incarnated as a Youth Communist leader to follow the same game plan as Stalin, targeting all Greeks, especially, it seems, Christians and the Orthodox church.

My case Delta 15 218 shows that he has already converted Greece’s justice system into system of political execution, which can be rolled out anytime now.

Torture instruments were called things like the witches chair and the Judas Cradle, an Illuminati pyramid.

The worst torture took place in the monastic cells of a former monstery.

The minions of Communist Youth Leader Alexis Tsipras, identified as the Anti Christ, by St Paisios, will certainly use far more hideous torture on any Greeks they get their hands on in a purge.

“The idea (behind the Red Terror) was to separate, suppress, or destroy “categories of individuals”—priests, landowners, and other “enemies of the Revolution”—and to begin creating a pool of slave labor.”

But the idea behind the Anti Christ’s system of global control is to kill all Greeks. Being Satanists, they will try to torture as many as hideously as they can with methods possibly even worse than Stalin’s Interior Ministry, the NKVD.

The NKVD secret police carried out a series of mass executions against political prisoners across Eastern Europe during World War II….The total number of deaths reached approximately 100,000 victims in the span of just a few weeks.”
5. The Witch’s Chair

This “remedy” must have extracted a confession or two in its time with the pain it was capable of inflicting. Under suspicion of being a witch or in some other way in union with the devil, the accused was undressed and made to sit in the chair against those tasty spikes in the back- and arm-rests, while the wrists and ankles were shackled. The procedure sometimes dragged on well beyond 24 hours, and even surviving the torture without confessing was deemed proof of guilt of witchery, punishable by death. A no-win situation if there ever was one.

8. The Guided Cradle

OK, let’s get this over with: an excruciating looking instrument sometimes referred to as the Judas Cradle or Chair. The accused was sat on top of a pyramid-shaped seat, with the point implanted rudely in their naked nether regions.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn called it “the most terrible prison the MGB had.”[2] He went on to write that interrogators used the mere threat of being sent there to intimidate prisoners, and there was no way to question those who had been there as they either had been driven mad or were dead.[3] He described the prison as comprising two buildings: one in which the prisoners were housed and the other containing 68 monastic cells where interrogations took place. The food was said to be the best of all the political prisons since the food was brought over from the nearby Architects’ Rest Home, but the food ration for one architect in the home was divided among twelve prisoners and the prisoners were frequently tortured, deprived of sleep and kept in solitary confinement, including in small, closet-like cells where they could not sit down or move; they were also left in hot and cold rooms to sweat or freeze, and were not allowed exercise outdoors.[4]


September 14, 2018

Stalin’s secret police head Lavrenty Beria was responsible for the death of millions of Russians . He was a sadist  torturer who raped and killed possibly thousands of Russian women.  He even raped and killed them in his own home. A grave of his victims contains two children’s remains.

From The Telegraph

Lavrenty Beria was responsible for the death of millions of Russians but is now a morbid sideshow, writes Julius Strauss in Moscow

12:01AM GMT 23 Dec 2003
In the oak-panelled office where he plotted his victims’ fate, a small fire still glows just as it did when he was alive.
In the room where he raped countless young women, the huge bed has been changed for a smaller one but the other furniture remains. Down in the sprawling cellars, the bones of his victims are still hidden behind false walls or cemented into the masonry.

In 15 years as head of the secret police, the NKVD, he was responsible for overseeing the murder of millions of Russians, some shot at night in the depths of the Lubyanka, others dragged off to the gulags.

Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko, a historian, who spent 13 years in the camps and later wrote a book about Beria, said: “The gulags existed before Beria, but he was the one who built them on a mass scale. He industrialised the gulag system. Human life had no value for him.”

He was also deeply depraved and a notorious sexual predator. At night he would cruise the streets of Moscow seeking out teenage girls. When he saw one who took his fancy he would have his guards deliver her to his house.

Mr Antonov-Ovseyenko said: “Sometimes he would have his henchmen bring five, six or seven girls to him. He would make them strip, except for their shoes, and then force them into a circle on their hands and knees with their heads together.

“He would walk around in his dressing gown inspecting them. Then he would pull one out by her leg and haul her off to rape her. He called it the flower game.”

– Building workers digging a ditch in the centre of the city on Friday unearthed a common grave near the mansion once occupied by Stalin’s secret police chief, Lavrenti Beria, writes Helen Womack. Since Beria was notorious for carrying out interrogation and torture in his own home, it is reasonable to assume that the bones are the remains of his personal victims.

The mansion on Moscow’s Kachalova Street is a pleasant pastel building housing the Tunisian Embassy. But Russians cannot pass it without shuddering, for it is believed that Beria lured young women there, had sex with them, then had them murdered in the basement.

The workers had been digging for several hours when they came upon a pile of human bones, including two children’s skulls covered with lime or chlorine.

Tsipras’ new Justice Minister seems to be following Stalin’s gameplay for the Great Purge, grooming terrorists for political assassination, also likely in Larisa, and controlling the media

September 14, 2018

Alexis Tsipras’ new Justice Minister  Michalis Kalogerou, seems to be using Stalin’s paradigm for conducting a purge, which includes grooming terrorists for political assassinations and controlling the media for a news black out.

“Purge trials, also called Great Purge, three widely publicized show trials and a series of closed, unpublicized trials held in the Soviet Union during the late 1930s, in which many prominent Old Bolsheviks were found guilty of treason and executed or imprisoned. All the evidence presented in court was derived from preliminary examinations of the defendants and from their confessions. It was subsequently established that the accused were innocent, that the cases were fabricated by the secret police (NKVD), and that the confessions were made under pressure of intensive torture and intimidation.”

Kalogerou was responsible for the drafting of the Law on Digital Television Licenses, which was a power grab by Alexis Tsipras over the Greek media.

Stalin’s control of the media and censorhsip played a key role in his Great Purge.

Selected show trials were widely publicized but other trials and the mass arrests were subjected to censorship.

An assassination of a Syriza politician in Larisa could  provide a pretext to start a purge of Greece’s main army base, air force bases, police, many of whom have been following my case for three years since the evidence against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras emerged.

Anyone who finds themselves summoned to the police or court following a political assassination should immediately alert as many others as they can.

The purge would then broader to include Syriza members and lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Greeks in a short time.

the Justice Minister Kalogerou appears to be grooming November 17 hitman Dimitris Koufodinas to organize terrorist cells or commit himself a political assassination in the Volos or Larisa area, allowing him to have a five day holiday from Volos farm prison on his first day in office.

Koufodinas may also be masterminding multiple assassinations around Greece to give Tsipras the pretext to declare a national emergency and suspend due process.

Stalin and the Ministry of Interior groomed a young assasin called Leonid Nikolaev to kill Sergei Kirov.

The assassination provided a pretext for a purge that led to “millions of innocent party members and others were arrested—many of them for complicity in the vast plot that supposedly lay behind the killing of Kirov. From the Soviet point of view, his murder was probably the crime of the century because it paved the way for the Great Terror.”

“Stalin then used the murder as an excuse for introducing draconian laws against political crime and for conducting a witch-hunt for alleged conspirators against Kirov.”

Kirov “was a full member of the ruling Politburo, leader of the Leningrad party apparatus, and an influential member of the ruling elite” and popular.

A similar figure and target in Larisa could be Apostolos Kalogiannis, Syriza mayor of Larisa, with close ties to Alexis Tsipras and political heavyweights like Globalist George Papandreou.

Kalogiannis knows all about my case and has refused  me a meeting to discuss it. He is likely pulling lots of the political strings in Larisa to place Syriza hacks into key positions in the court and police. He and other members of the Larisa part apparatus may know too much from the point of view of Tsipras.

More on Soviet censorship akin to Greek media censorship on my case.
Censorship in the Soviet Union was pervasive and strictly enforced.

All media in the Soviet Union were controlled by the state including television and radio broadcasting, newspaper, magazine and book publishing. This was achieved by state ownership of all production facilities, thus making all those employed in media state employees. This extended to the fine arts including the theater, opera and ballet. Art and music was controlled by ownership of distribution and performance venues.

Censorship was backed in cases where performances did not meet with the favor of the Soviet leadership with newspaper campaigns against offending material and sanctions applied though party controlled professional organizations.


September 14, 2018

The Friday deadline for the cancellation of my show trial October 5th at Larisa court has passed with no contact from Larisa court.

Alexis Tsipras may well have planned a false flag political assassination as a pretext for a Stalin style purge to be carried out around now to destroy opposition to his depopulation plan.

It may even involve the Syriza  Mayor of Larisa, who has refused to help me with my case.

A November 17 hitman style attack seems to be being planned in the Volos and Larisa area. Any assassination could be blamed on members of the army, police etc and be the pretext for mass arrests without due process.

If events happen like and they receive a summons to the police station or cort, they should not obey it.

They should also not open their door at night if police or special agents turn up demanding entry or be tricked into opening their door by someone posing as a neighbour in need etc

They could be taken to the court and police station and never come out. Arrested there, they could be transported directly to Min of Int in Athens, as nearly happened to me in February 2016!!!

There they could be drugged or tortured into making a confession for a show trial or just killed as happened under Stalin.

Also, mobile gas vans might be used to kill them on the way as happened under Stalin.

Ignore any attempts at pyscho terror, bullying, threats, if you are phoned or find people beating on your door.

Instead phone for help.

Patriot police should arrest any special unit which is suddenly set up inside their police station and which proceeds to deny people due process or to transport them to Athens.

Since any such special unit is committing crimes by dispending political justice, they should be arrested or shot as part of the right to protect the right to life.
Also, any superior issuing such orders should be arrested or shot.

Instead of going to any police station or court,  send or make a statement on the phone instead if ever in such a position.



Nikos Kotzias used a libel suit to try to destroy an Athens magazine which made a reference to his communist past.

Model statement

The events described in Larisa court case Delta 15 218 give me reasonable cause to believe that the summons is part of political justice plot to use fake witness statements or forged documents to implicate and  eliminate me and others identified as opponent to Tsipras’ plans to depopulate Greece. Delta 15 218 gives me reasonable cause to believe I could be denied due process and be found guilty without a trial, then jailed and executed as part of a purge.
I hereby exercise my life and health and refuse to risk a trap that could be state organized murder. I also assert my right to self defence also by lethal force should police or special agents of the Min of Int try to serve this summons.
I am happy to answer any questions in writing sent by fax, email, post since I am inncocent of any role in the assassination of the Mayor of Larisa, Athens, Thessaloniki, the Syriza Minister XX.

St Paisios prediction throws up shield of legal protection around Greek people as the man identified by him as the Anti Christ seems to readying for purges and epidemics. My case can also be used to convict Alexis Tsipras of attempted murder, and eventually murder with 99% likelihood in one to three weeks

September 13, 2018

Read and download the case against the Anti Christ caught pushing the depopulation of the globe below in Greek

My case can also be especially used if Tsipras and his helpers murder me either through a terrorist hit man or through a political execution at a show trial on October 5th


St Paisios’ prediction that the reign of the Anti Christ would coincide with attempts to jail the person resisting its system of global forced vaccination may just have helped save the Greek army, police and people from a Soviet style purge.

The prediction focuses the attention on a dystopian legal case which fits my own here in Greece.

There can only be one reason why Tsipras’ political courts refuse to admit I am innocent of the fake accusations and settle out of court. That is because this very lawlessness is a central part of his overall plan to eliminate all opposition in Greece.

The way St Paisios higlighted the legal case linked to the reign of the Anti Christ will help focus attention on the threat of a purge following some pretext to call a national emergency.

A Soviet style purge cannot occur in Greece if people are aware of due process and their legal rights.

Yet, many soldiers, police, teachers, doctors etc are not aware of their legal rights and due process.

They could conceivably have been taken by surprise by waves of illegal summons and arrest warrants following some false flag assassination.

A purge could result in the imprisonment and execution of thousands of Greeks within weeks.

But thanks to St Paisios’ prediction, many Greeks will now be thinking about this vital issue of due process.

Due process is simple to find out about my googling terms such “due process for an arrest in Greece,” “my rights if I am arrested” etc

To clarify. It is not the position of a person that makes a court or police action legal. It is the procedure.

A prosecutor or police officer who does not follow due process is breaking the law and can be charged.

Also, a Ministry of Interior special agent who does not have the authority invested in him by the law to summon people etc is breaking the law and can be charged.

My case is also all about due process errors.

It is also in Greek. That makes it even easier for local to use the documents in court proceedings as well as to find out about the due process tricks etc used by Tsipras’ lynch mob at Larisa court.

Luckily, the Greek army’s main base is here. They and the local police have been aware of my case for 3 years or so. They will now be able to get up to speed quickly and protect themselves with due process procedures.

Of course, there is a corrupt clique in the Larisa police force. But police officers have a duty of care to ensure they follow due process when serving arrest warrants etc. If they serve invalid ones, and do that knowingly, they are breaking the law.

Crucially, if a person is deprived on due process and such a deprivation threatens their life, they have the right to self defence, i.e. to shoot the person threatening them, shoot Tsipras and his conspirators.

Furthermore, they have the right to shoot anyone when there is evidence they are about to commit a crime, such as the evidence of Tsipras’s plan to depopulate Greece.

The right to self defense is fundamental under the Greek and European legal system.

So, removing Tsipras, Panos Kammenos and co is lawful as well as moral and divinely sanctioned. God does not want the Anti Christ system to wipe out all Greeks, I can assure you.

Indeed, he has already converted the country’s justice system into a Soviet style political execution system as my case shows.

My case proves that opposition to his crimes (depopulation etc) will result in massive violations of due process, the suppression of all the evidence against Tsipras and the setting up of his opponent for a Soviet style show trial to be followed by incarceration and murder.

To repeat, all the evidence against Tsipras and George Soros, which belongs to file Delta 15 218 under due process rules, has been stripped out.

The only item left in the trial judgment file are the fake accusations obtained with the help of the Ministry of Interior. I cannot  defend myself against these accusations since I appear illegally as a witness when I am actually a party.
Overview of the case Delta 15 218 and its violations of procedures


My appeal in Greek to the judgement of Ekaterina Papaiannou from April 2016 which makes the fake statements the sole basis of a trial and turns me into a witness.

Προτάσεις Jane Burgermeister

Προτάσεις Σχετικα

The court stamp

5. Appeal-pic

My appeal was rejected on the technical ground I am not an accused in case Delta 15 218 and only the accused can appeal a decision.

Προτάσεις παραλαβή

My email to the Supreme Court on all the irregularities after my appeal was rejected.

See evidence 48



The new testimony at Larisa court at the end of 2016 on the same crimes, people etc, ordered by the Supreme Court. Case closed without any investigation.

See the first 19 pages

Στοιχείο 33-44

The other 2 files in this series.

Στοιχείο 1-16

Στοιχείο 17-32

Evidence about the fake witness statements presented in a civil case

προσθήκη Jane Burgermeister

Π Ρ Ο Σ Θ Η Κ Η – Σχετικα

My case was rejected by the judge Vasilopoulos abusing the law. I filed charges to no avail.

Charges against Vasilopoulos