July 13, 2015

From Global Research:

German newspaper Bild found that the US military used deadly anthrax spores in chemical weapons defense training on a military base in Germany.

In an article with the headline “US Army operated biological weapons in Germany,” Berlin daily Bild revealed that the US military used deadly live anthrax spores in military exercises.

The investigation revealed that several of the US military exercises on German soil involved “incidents” in which live anthrax spores were released. The incidents took place in the town of Landstuhl, near France, Luxembourg and the Ramstein military base. The US military previously sent live anthrax spores to South Korea.


July 13, 2015

Greece must pass tough reform measures through its parliament by Wednesday if it is to avoid exit from the euro.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras signalled his support for the measures presented to him by the Eurogroup on Sunday, saying radical reforms were needed to get rid of the “old oligarchy” in his country.

Greece has to pass laws to boost its value-added tax (VAT), reform the pension system, make the statistics authority independent, reform the civil judicial system, de-politicize the Greek administration,
eliminate political interference in the financial sector, especially in the appointment processes, introduce market and labour reforms, and speed up privatisations under independent oversight.

Also, state assets worth up to 50 billion euros be placed in a trust fund beyond government reach to be sold off with proceeds going directly to pay down debt.

Tsipras will now have to rush legislation through parliament this week to convince his 18 partners to release bridging funds to avert bankruptcy and a Grexit.

Tsipras may not be able to summon a majority in parliament for the austerity deal, forcing him to rely on opposition parties and likely leading to new elections in autumn.

The bailout deal still has to pass through 18 national parliaments, many of whom have indicated they think a Grexit is a better option.


July 12, 2015

By Kurt Nimmo

Goldman Sachs — the Great Vampire Squid that helped oligarchs and corrupt politicians hide the debt central bankers say the Greek people owe — faces legal action over the role it played in the financial crisis.

Every single country in Europe which has had to contribute to the bankster bailouts should sue Goldman Sachs for its role in the fractional reserve debt scam.

Instead of investigating and prosecuting Goldman, EU apparatchiks ignored the scandal. They should also to be called to account for their dereliction of duty and for exposing Greece and Europe to rampant bank fraud.

MH17 report brings little clarity

July 12, 2015

By Robert Parry
Global Research

The Dutch investigation into the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine last July has failed to uncover conclusive proof of precisely who was responsible for the deaths of the 298 passengers and crew but is expected to point suspicions toward the ethnic Russian rebels, fitting with the West’s long-running anti-Russian propaganda campaign.

A source who has been briefed on the outlines of the investigation said some U.S. intelligence analysts have reached a contrary conclusion and place the blame on “rogue” elements of the Ukrainian government operating out of a circle of hard-liners around one of Ukraine’s oligarchs. Yet, according to this source, the U.S. analysts will demur on the Dutch findings, letting them stand without public challenge.


July 12, 2015

Greece’s parliament has been asked to pass legislation for economic competitiveness, fiscal rectitude and the reform of public administration by Wednesday, and to implement the legislation immediately, to stay in the eurozone.

Chancellor Merkel said that the most important currency, trust, has been lost. She said there would be no agreement at any price.

Syriza would do well to start immediately to debate its plan for an Icelandic style default and the introduction of sovereign money in parliament in the event that the Drachma has to be introduced immediately. An appeal can be made to Europe to help transition to another currency to limit the potential chaos.

The Syriza rank and file should also prepare to purge the leadership in the run up to possible election. The likes of Alexis Tsipras, Yannis Varoufakis and Zoe Konstantopoulou must go.

Death threat over my Greek court case? “they kill ppl who get in the way”

July 11, 2015

I have had many death threats since uncovering the Baxter bird flu scandal in 2009. Strangers came to my home in Vienna and told me I was going to die as a result of filing charges against Baxter for its contamination of 72 kilos of seasonal flu vaccine with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 facilities in Orth an der Donau, charges which the Vienna police prosecutor pursued.

Now, I have what could be interpreted as another death threat froma person calling himself Keith Riley over my case arising from the attempt at my unlawful seizure in April in Greece by Theodekti Vallianatou, sister of Grigoris Vallianatos, an adviser of George Papandreou like Yannis Varoufakis.

Keith writes…

i think you should drop yr greek litigation

do u really think they r gonna let u expose their corruption

they are far far far more powerful than you

they kill ppl who get in the way

i wd ve thought you wd know that.

think b4 u act…

I do think before I act, Keith or is it Kieran? I think about the importance of justice, the importance of truth. I think about the reality of the existence of God who helps us when we risk our lives for others. I do think before I act and I do not fear death or the so called powerful people you mention.

You should think before you send emails like this because it looks like a death threat and worthy of the attention of the police. It is only speculation but it could be sent via the Irish Freemason and banking mafia, which is sucking the Irish people dry just as the Greek people are being sucked dry by the private bankers, and which is into injecting them, too, with dangerous vaccines such as the swine flu vaccine.

There will be justice, Keith. The so called powerful people you mention will be ground into dust by far higher forces. I would have thought you knew that.

death threat


July 11, 2015

As Greece faces an economic catastrophe sucked dry by vampire banks, Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble has floated the plan of a temporary five-year Grexit if Athens does not committ to deeper structural reforms.

The Grexit will be supported by humanitarian aide, technical help and funds to help Greek industry grow, according to the German plan.

Certainly, an orderly introduction of the Drachma as sovereign money with high quality, forgery proof notes and strict inflation controls would help Greece produce and export again. It would help reverse de industrialization and create jobs.

But only if the switch is adequately planned and supported. For example, farmers in Greece will need financial help buying packaging from abroad until such time as  a Greek factory is set up producing such material, something, which will, in turn, require investment in euros.

Technical assistance in replacing the monopoly CIA-controlled Singular Logic holds on the  vote counting IT system would surely also be a good thing in delivering fairer election results.

A Grexit would also allow for the astronomical and growing national debt to written off, vital for Greece to recover.

A temporary five year exit under these terms could, indeed, help Greece recover from the punishing austerity resulting, ultimately, from the private creation of money.

In fact, it could be the Icelandic-style default and introduction of sovereign money, some Syriza MPs wanted before they were pushed aside by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The new bailout deal is going to send Greece deeper into the debt death spiral and increase the misery of Greeks, and the Europeans who have to pay the banker bailouts. It also leaves the interest of the Oligarchs and private bankers more or less untouched.

And sitting on the side lines watching while Greece undergoes a chaotic default and unplanned introduction of IOUs and a parallel currency risks hyperinflation, mass impoverishment, social upheaval and a (CIA-controlled) dictatorship is not an option for the European Union. Prosperity, peace and unity in Greece serve Europe well. 

Sovereign money in the Eurozone serves Europe best.

At any rate, the need for humanitarian aide is becoming urgent. The European Union should stop stop talking about it, and start giving it immediately to those who can be trusted to deliver to the poor like the City of Athens and the Orthodox Church in Athens.

The Telegraph reports:

Yorgos Kaminis, the mayor of Athens, said the stand-off with creditors has brought the country to its knees. “Greece faces a national catastrophe. If there is no deal, we will be obliged to go back to the drachma immediately. Our country will be totally isolated. You can’t be a member of Europe if you are blackmailing the whole world,” he said.

Greek industry and the tourist sector are already preparing drastic steps to defend themselves if talks collapse and the government is forced to introduce IOUs and a parallel currency.


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