Germany starts deportation of migrants

November 24, 2015

Germany is to start sending back migrants to the Balkans this week. Migrants without documents will be issued with an emergency travel document or Laissez Passer passports to allow for their deportation.


November 24, 2015

Federal states in Germany are planning to thwart Merkel’s unconstitutional and unlawful open borders policy by passing their own legislation to cap the numbers of migrants allowed to enter their states.

Saxony Anhalt’s CDU Governor Reiner Haseloff urged individual federal states to set their own limits independently of Berlin.

Haseloff said his state would set an upper limit of 12,000 people a year.

The push by federal states to legislate on the issue of migrants spells the end of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s power, according to a political analyst, Heinrich Oberreuter.

States laws may not conflict with federal laws, but no federal law has been passed for Merkel’s sanctuary country policy.

There are 16 federal states in Germany. Fifteen are states governed by a Minister President. Three of them, Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen, are city states governed by a Burgermeister.

Russian jet shot down by Turkey

November 24, 2015

A Russian Su-24 fighter has been shot down near the Turkish border, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

It is not clear if the plane had violated Turkish airspace. Turkey says the plane was given a warning about entering Turkish airspace before it was shot down.

Turkey has blamed Russian airstrikes for making the refugee crisis in Syria worse. Russian fighter planes have been accused of attacking civilian targets.

The Syrian government is engaged in a battle to defeat ISIS terrorists funded by the UK, USA, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

ISIS terrorists are an instrument being used by the Globalists to destablize the Middle East and, now, the rest of the world.

Under the pretext of regime change, the Middle East is becoming a region of failed states.

Turkey has closed its borders to refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria. It is not clear how many Syrian refugees are in Turkey but one estimate is 2 .2 million.


France targets the internet

November 24, 2015

From Infowars:

France has pushed through some kneejerk legislation that includes a plan to censor the internet. Specifically the Minister of the Interior will be given the power to block any website that is deemed to be “promoting terrorism or inciting terrorist acts.” Of course, this seems ridiculous on many levels.


November 24, 2015

Anonymous has already shutting down an ISIS forum, which was the main communications platform for terrorist organization, published the personal details of ISIS fighters, and wiped out thousands of facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now it has scored another stunning victory, hacking bitcoin accounts used by ISIS worth 3 million dollars.

Bitcoins are the Globalists favourite secretive, parallel currency. The bitcoin cyber currency is supposed to be a 100% anonymous and hack proof. No longer!

BILD newspaper running at a loss after circulation collapses

November 24, 2015

A top insider has told Compact that Bild newspaper is running at a huge loss after a sharp drop in circulation from 4.2 million to 1.5 million.

Watch the European debt clock in real time

November 24, 2015

An ever growing burden of interest is the result of allowing private banks the power  to create our money…Watch the interest grow in real time on the debt clock.


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