Will Trump resign soon? Ally caught communicating with Russian hacker told by Senate Intel committee to preserve evidence

March 19, 2017

Donald Trump has spent his weekend yet again at his golf club in Palm Beach, and he may be going there to exchange messages with his fixers because he suspects he is under surveillance through a FISA warrant in Washington.


He huddled together with Vice President Mike Pence as rumours swirl that he may be forced to resign soon over hidden ties and conflicts of interest.

Senator Diane Feinstein, who viewed the secret CIA folders on Trump, afterwards hinted she thought Trump might decide to resign.


Of particular interest are Trump’s tax returns, which may reveal significant funding of his business by Russian oligarchs, something which he has concealed from the public and opens him to blackmail.

Trump in an interview with Fox News again refused to release them.


Trump will certainly know through his frequent phone calls with his ally Roger Stone that Stone believes he may be under a FISA warrant, which allows the communications of individuals to be collected if they are suspected of being agents of a foreign power.


Stone said he believes his contacts with a Russian-linked hacker Guccifer, who hacked the emails of the Democratic National Committee, may have been obtained through a FISA warrant.


He  went on the Alex Jones show to say that he thought all his calls to Trump and Alex Jones may have been caught, prompting Alex Jones to look alarmed.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has reportedly asked  Stone to preserve any documents related to its probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Stone was asked in a letter to “preserve and retain all hard copies and electronically stored information as specified below in furtherance of the committee’s ongoing investigation into Russian actions targeting the 2016 U.S. elections and democratic processes globally,” The New York Times reported Saturday.


If there is solid evidence that Trump and his aides have hidden financial or other ties to Russian oligarchs which they have hidden, he could be indicted quite soon.

FBI Director James Comey may give information on any FBI investigation when he testifies to the House intelligence committee tomorrow.


Trump has been trying to spin the wiretapped data of his aides as a politically motivated campaign launched against him personally and illegally by his predecessor Barack Obama. But it is legitimate and necessary for the FBI to investigate  Russia ties. Trump can expect very little sympathy from his base if an investigation exposes corruption because he campaigned and won on this very issue of ending intransparent financial ties, communications and corruption.

My letter to Vladimir Putin asking him to make sure I am finally paid by Rossija TV for my interview, nearly one year ago now…Is that fair?

March 18, 2017

I have sent a letter to Vladimir Putin asking him to intervene to make sure I am finally paid for my interview for Russian state TV last June.

Meanwhile, it seems like everyone in DC is being paid by the Russians, Trump, Flynn, his son etc, everyone, that is, except me.

Anyway, I found the form on a Russian government website allowing people to send a message to the government.


I addressed my letter to Vladimir Putin himself. Payment to a journalist giving information on the topic of biological warfare should surely be a number one priority for any leader.

Anyway, my letter with the attached invoice was assigned the case number 1313445.


Will keep you posted if Vladimir Putin replies or ensures I am paid.

My letter’s text…

Dear President of the Russian Federation,
Vladimir Vladmirovich Putin,

The purpose of this letter is to ask you to intervene regarding payment of an invoice to  a Russian TV company,  under contract to a government funded TV channel, Rossija, to produce a documentary on biological warfare.

The invoice is for an interview I did on the request of Christina Fadeeva, producer of the “Premier Documentary Movie Fellowship”, Moscow, in June 2016, at a time when a case of bubonic plague was reported in Russia. In spite of repeated requests for a payment, which was agreed on in advance, I have received no reply, and nearly a year has elapsed.

Please see my email to Christina Fadeeva and my invoice attached.

By ensuring payment is transferred to me immediately, you can, Mr President, show the world that Russia takes biological warfare seriously, values independent journalism and wants its companies to keep their accounts in good standing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at the address   jmburgermeister@gmail.com   if you wish for more information or to discuss late penalties. I am currently in Greece due to a court case resulting from repeated efforts by George Soros, Alexis Tsipras and others to silence me on account of my journalism activities on my birdflu666 wordpress blog, and email is the best of reaching me right now.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Your sincerely,

Jane Buergermeister

My email to Christina Fadeeva last summer re payment.

Email C. Fadeeva




At least $100 million invested by Russians in Trump’s Florida properties alone. Cash transactions?

March 18, 2017

Russians invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings in Florida alone, records show, could be many more as off shore companies also often used.


But in the United States, members of the Russian elite have invested in Trump buildings. A Reuters review has found that at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida, according to public documents, interviews and corporate records.

The tally of investors from Russia may be conservative. The analysis found that at least 703 – or about one-third – of the owners of the 2044 units in the seven Trump buildings are limited liability companies, or LLCs, which have the ability to hide the identity of a property’s true owner. And the nationality of many buyers could not be determined. Russian-Americans who did not use a Russian address or passport in their purchases were not included in the tally.

Alfa Bank claims secret communications with Trump server were work of hackers, offers no evidence

March 18, 2017

The Palmer Report

Alfa Bank is offering no evidence to back up this claim. Nor has it offered to explain why any hacker would do such a thing. But Alfa has taken the rather odd step of hiring a New York cybersecurity firm to investigate the supposed hackers who supposedly tried to create the false appearance that Alfa and Trump Tower were communicating with each other. Alfa’s belated attempt at covering up its communications with Trump Tower, by essentially claiming it’s being framed by some ill-defined bogey man with no clear motivation, serves no purpose if Alfa is innocent. Instead it’s the kind of thing you tend to do when you’re guilty, and you think your guilt is about to be firmly demonstrated, and you want to muddy the waters first so as to make it more difficult for your guilt to be demonstrated.


Business of four times bankrupt Trump’s booms suspiciously now he is President

March 18, 2017


The Raw Story

The firing of Preet Bharara and other U.S. Attorneys last week was suspicious for one reason: It comes at a time when Donald Trump’s business is booming all over the world, which calls for a healthy skepticism — if not a federal investigation — of its legalities.

It was only two months ago that the president promised to terminate “all pending deals” and impose “severe restrictions” on any new ventures. He can’t even shut down his charitable foundation, because it’s under investigation for being a vehicle for political donations, legal expenses, and gifts to himself.

He has kept none of those promises, yet no one in Congress authorized to uphold ethical standards has shown much interest in oversight.

So we’re back to where we were before the election: Trump still hasn’t fully divested, endless conflicts persist, and his businesses remain under the control of family members who communicate with him regularly.

This is not how it’s supposed to work. The president should not make policy decisions that affect his personal wealth — even if it’s the fringe benefit of having his name on hotels around the world — because his business interests, which are remarkable for their opacity, are not supposed to supersede those of the country.

Trump’s mind-boggling conflict of interests | Editorial

He still makes a fortune from the Old Post Office in D.C., which by law cannot benefit any elected official, not even the president. His hotel chain is expanding throughout the planet, as its CEO just announced it will triple its size in the U.S alone. After the election, he even doubled the membership fee at Mar-a-Lago to $200,000, a substantial profit for our entrepreneur in chief.

Speaking of suspicious timing: Last Wednesday, three large public interest groups — led by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — sent a letter to Bharara asking him to investigate whether the financial benefits received by Trump comply with the Emoluments Clause, which prohibits government from accepting profits or gifts from foreign governments without Congressional approval.

Just three days later, Trump fired Bharara.

That was concurrent with news that regulators in China — a market that Trump has long relished to enter — gave him 38 lucrative trademarks that permit him to use his name on everything from golf clubs to nursing homes.

In a semi-related story, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, just closed a deal with China’s largest insurance company, Anbang, that will bring in $400 million for his Fifth Avenue office tower — a surprising investment, analysts told Bloomberg, given that the property has struggled financially.



Trump sour with Merkel because she did not offer to buy his properties?

March 17, 2017

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel’s first meeting at the White House got off to a warm start. But after talking privately for 15 minutes, the relationship chilled.



Trump refused to give Angela Merkel a handshake in the Oval office when posing for photographers, report Bild and The Telegraph.

Footage shows Merkel asking Trump a question, which is almost inaudible, as photographers call for a handshake.

My guess is Merkel was asking “Do you want me to buy Kushner’s properties and send a planeload of cash before I leave DC, then?”

Just joking, Donald.


Sant Benet de Montserrat

March 17, 2017

I visited the Benedictine monastery Sant Benet de Montserrat in Spain around four years ago, and wrote some poems, which I have just dug out…

I remember feeling the presence of God very, very strongly in the church. After one service, a nun, who was about eighty, said she had seen a golden light around me, and it had happened again.

That, I thought, dear readers, was more proof that God is real. Just as I had subjectively felt with an inexplicable certainty God’s presence, a very old Spanish nun, who was totally unknown to me, saw a golden light encircle me, and she kept insisting on it much to the surprise of everyone else.

All of a sudden, I understood the gold used in Orthodox icons for halos and the background. It is not that a particular figure radiates golden light from the inside out. It is God who radiates golden light towards us. It is not that we earn His presence. God gives a token of his presence to us as a gift to encourage us, inspire us, remind us. It is that He pours His infinite  spirit into our consciousness.

Pictures of the monastery in the mountains…


A step axed into a rock,
fractured under feet…

The track behind
Sant Benet de Montserrat
has seen so many walkers,
it is tired
of carrying them
upwards to an awakening,
to an ascent, to new places,
with new views, new spaces.
And then there are the mists,
which veil the mountains of Montserrat,
loudly proclaiming
they are an illusion.
But by degrees the mists recede
to reveal the mountains’ dominance
above the details of the landscape,
cluttered, hectic, far below.
Still, it is a long way to climb,
between the zigzag of bushes,
smelling of lavender,
to reach renewal
at the top.
The track rises by degrees,
twists and turns,
an erratic bridge,
past cypress, pine trees,
past butterflies
who describe,
the way in yellow detail,
but play no part
in any trek.
Carried up by the wind instead,
they make an effortless ascent
and leave the walker labouring on,
stopping to enjoy for only a moment or two
the view 
midway between the earth and sky.
When the load carried
from the world below becomes too great to bear,
they can stop and listen to the air,
which whispers of a presence very near
beyond the blue shadows
of Montserrat.


I had no one to talk to.
No one to tell of my adventures,
my triumphs, trials and my defeats.
No one to talk to
Except God,
God and the mountains of Montserrat.

Below me, the world slept
cities, countries, continents slept,
overcome by forgetfulness,
oblivious to good and evil,
I had no one to talk to
Except God and the mountains of Montserrat…

They answered me.

They told me their wonderful story,
a story I won’t forget.

When words died,
the butterflies spoke.

When speech failed,
the mountain’s echo broke,
The terrible silence like a grave…