April 27, 2016

The UK’s Health’s Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s appearance on a BBC current affairs show will fuel speculation he needs a holiday (Greece?).

Hunt gave a standing interview and twitched nervously as he fielded questions about the junior doctors strike now entering the second day of the first all out strike in NHS history with huge public support.

The Express mocks Hunt…

“The under-fire Health Secretary bizarrely requested standing during yesterday’s interview with James O’Brien, according to the presenter.

Hunt, who faces growing calls to resign, then struggled to bat away accusations that the health service is being “denuded and denigrated”.

Hunt’s appearance on the current affairs show was roundly mocked by social media users last night.

Janet T Beckett ‏tweeted: “Well that was weird – James O’Brien standing-up interview with a twitching, lying Jeremy Hunt.”

Anton Emmanuel ‏added: “Presume Hunt did interview standing up so he could run if needed. Grow up and talk to the Junior Doctors.”


April 27, 2016

Negotiations between the Greek government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and its international creditors ended in deadlock on Tuesday.

The impasse on negotiations to unlock the next bailout tranche comes as Tsipras is about to run out of money. The government may be unable to pay salaries and pensions as early as May, according to media.

If Greece undergoes a disorderly default, it will mean that creditors can, theoretically, seize state assets, including public buildings such as town halls, public court houses, police stations.

At a guess, all these government buildings in Larisa might have a value of about ten million euros in the current depressed market. The court house has a rather good location on the main square and might be worth a bit more.

A good plan for creditors might be dividing Greece into regions and focus on seizing assets in their particular region as repayment for their debts.

European countries also have the option of returning to Greece all the migrants who entered Europe through Greece in conformity with the Dublin rules.

Any creditor government which needs help in dealing with Greek courts can contact me. I have considerable, real life experience of the court system in Greece and am happy to be of service.

In fact, I am also set to become a “creditor” since the Greek government will not have the cash to pay me the huge sum in compensation that is coming my way after it emerged that Ministry of Interior, no less, was behind the cover up of a de facto murder attempt made against me on account of my journalism activities and inventing fake people to question.

I have already started thinking about what state assets I might take in lieu of cash, and came across this little object in the centre of Athens.  Those crumbling marble columns will surely get me a discount.




April 27, 2016

Saudi Arabia has unveiled a plan to end its dependency on oil and diversify its economy.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil producer and owner of an oil company reportedly worth more than $2 trillion. But the recent plunge in oil prices nearly destabilized the country and turned it into another failed state.

Saudi Arabia says the government hopes to be able to derive all its revenues from sources other than oil by 2020.


April 27, 2016

In an unexpected move, Gerhard Schindler, head of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, the BND, is to step down.

Bruno Kahl, a close associate of Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, will take over the job on July 1st.

The NSA spy affair, the engineered migrant crisis and the Hannover bomb plot show that the BND has been captured by the Globalists.

It is not clear if that will change.


April 26, 2016

As David Cameron backs Jeremy Hunt’s plan to impose a contract on junior doctors, polls show that the public overwhelmingly back the junior doctors in the first ever all out strike in NHS history today.

A new Ipsos Mori poll for BBC News shows 57% of adults in England support the strike, but a poll by local papers show much higher support.

78% of the readers of the Croydon Adverstiser, for example, support the junior doctors in their battle to stop the destruction of patient care and the NHS.


Olympic flame comes to Larisa. A poem.

April 26, 2016

The Olympic flame arrived in Larisa yesterday evening as part of a torch relay taking it around Greece before it heads to Brazil.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people, lined the main street of Larisa to watch the arrival of the flame.

I happened to see in the streets close to the local library. Thrilling to see a free flame in a city. The Olympic flame left Larisa central square this morning on its journey to Athens.


Fire, from the mountain,
free and restless
passed from hand to hand,
on the way.

Not a body
with heaviness,
but a process,
heat and higher,

Where the orange stops,
and the red begins,
who can say,
where the flames end,
and the air begins.

Fleeting appearance of light,
as it flies along,
burning in our bones,
burning in our hearts,
on their way.


April 26, 2016

Managed to submit my appeal against the decision of State Prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou at Larisa court this afternoon just before Greece shuts down to celebrate Orthodox Easter on Sunday, May 1st.

Court officials are obliged to follow clearly defined procedures when handling legal actions., and Larisa court officials recognized this.

If a person is a party, has paid the required fees, filled out the necessary forms, and appeals within the set time limit, then that person’s appeal must be reviewed according to procedures.

A copy of the receipt of my appeal below.

A huge amount of effort seems to have been expended in trying to prevent me from seeing the verdict and being able to make an appeal.  It will be interesting to see what the result of the review is.

I would like to take the opportunity to reassure state prosecutors like Christina Fasoula and Katarina Papaioannou that my legal action will be directed primarily at those who apparently ordered them or suggested to them that they pervert the course of justice, and not at them as low ranking officials. I will not accept a situation where they have to take all the entire blame when very powerful people seem to be giving the instructions behind the scenes.

appeal pic

Appeal pdf



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