Brazen crimes of Larisa police and prosecutors further documented

June 18, 2017

I would like to take a chance to thank my close readers George Soros and Alexis Tsipras for giving me so much credibility by expending so much time and effort in trying to silence me and my investigation of epidemic vaccines and other matters.

It can only be Tsipras behind the vast conspiracy to constantly cover up the original crime by Greek police and prosecutors. No one else would have so much power in Greece. The fact that two of the most senior Larisa officials most implicated in my case have since been promoted further suggests Tsipras’ hand at work. Now, Greek tax payers, along with European ones, have to pay the higher salaries of a pair of Soros crooks.

Here is the proof that Larisa police informed the state prosecutors were informed about Theodekti’s attempt to bribe my lawyer to drop the case against her almost immediately.


The first paragraph of the police document with the Larisa court stamp  date of 20th May 2015 outlines my original charges filed on April 22nd 2015 at Larisa police station. The second paragraph, records my visit to Larisa police station to report Theodekti’s bribery attempt on April 27th 2015, something that my then lawyer Konstantinos Christopoulos has confirmed separately.


Paragraph 2 of the police document says:

2.- Also, on the 27/04/2015 at 13.50′ this victim came again to our Office and reported under oath that earlier that day, sister Theoktisti (of the above mentioned monastery) calling on behalf of the Abbess Theodekti, tried to bribe the victim’s lawyer, CHRISTOPOULOS Konstantinos (Bar Association Registration Number: 1381), in order to stop the case from proceeding. It literally means “so that the case is not given further ground”.

Notice the case file number Δ 15/218.

In fact, Christopoulos, whom I caught red handed receiving instructions on how to handle my case from lawyer Simos Samaras, did end up being bribed. As soon as I left Greece one day later, he joined in a vast conspiracy together with police and prosecutors to mislead me, suppress the original police report and bribery attempt and direct the off the charts, irregular investigation to a non existent person Th. Vallianatou.

A letter from the Ministry of Interior directs police to question the non existent Th Vallianatou alongside Theodekti and Theonike together with a non essential and a biased witness while leaving out all the essential witnesses.

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Notice the same case file number Δ 15/218 and the name of the police officer Evangelas Toutounas, who wrote a handwritten note directing the investigation to Th. Vallianatou and the wrong monastery.


The same case file number Δ 15/218 was given to me when I submitted more evidence in my case, including the proof that Tsipras and Soros, read my blog on January 27th 2016.


After I found out all my evidence had disappeared and the case was about a non existent person (to make me look crazy and have me forcibly confined) I filed charges, and the case went to the Areios Pagos, which joined in the conspiracy to repeat the same crime again of disappearing all the original police reports and evidence, this time using state prosecutor Katarina Papaioannou.

After I found out about that and filed charges in April 2016 also at the Areios Pagos, I was allowed to give testimony to an investigating judge on my case in November 2016.


But nothing has happened since.  A state prosecutor who is among the accused still had my case as of last week against the law. I was given no information about when or if it would be investigated or by whom. No witnesses have been questioned as a far as I can see.

Instead of my core case being investigated as it should last year immediately by the police, I was called as the only witness last week to testify on a small part of the corruption case by one of the accused prosecutors, who excluded herself and most of the others, obviously as a PR stunt.

My case should be a warning to Americans. If Donald Trump and his allies from Goldman Sachs and Russia succeed in destroying the rule of law in the USA, as has happened in Greece, then, it won’t be long before Senators and members of Congress and Trump’s critics  are shot at point blank range with no investigation.

Anyway, I have to work on my case now to get it in shape for the Austrian authorities. But at least I am an innocent victim of corruption unlike Trump, likely facing years in jail if it turns out he has laundering Russian money or taking loans for political favours.

WH releases new statement over Russian investigation…

June 16, 2017

The White House, США 

Office of the President

Remarkski of President Donald Trump on the ongoing Special Counsel investigationaeyeva into obstructionlev of justice and ties with Rossija.

For Immediate Releaseski

16 июн.

Президент USA Donald Trump в пятницу with Президент Russia Vladimir Putin проведет to dicuss how to lift the оперативное совещание of the FBI and Senate investigations постоянными членами in mutual solidarity and безопасности.

“Президент of FBI Director James Comey had nothing, nothing whatsoever, to do with Москве,” сказал Trump. “I fired him over his failure to deal with Hillary Clinton and her secret email server last year. И сегодня же is Fake News он проведет non dealings оперативное Special Counsel Robert Mueller, no совещание and no постоянными and absolutely no financial членами Совбеза. To de escalate the situation created by media lies, I will not make another statement on the Russian investigation until after По тематике instructions from, которая будет Goldman Sachs and затрагиваться Putin’s emergency meeting with the National Security Council, today мы традиционно Goldman Sachs вам сообщим”.


Prayers for Grenfell

June 16, 2017

My prayers and solidarity are with all the victims of the terrible tragedy in Grenfell, London.

People are writing tributes and prayers on a wall belonging to Latymer Community Church. Such a loss of life due to government greed and incompetence is so very, very sad.


June 16, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence has hired Richard Cullen, a leading former federal prosecutor, to represent him in the sprawling government probe of Russian election interference.
Pence, who ran President Trump’s transition and had key contacts with officials who are being investigated, has hired Richard Cullen, the chairman of McGuire woods, the Washington Post reported.


June 16, 2017

From the WaPo

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is investigating the finances and business dealings of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, as part of the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for criminal offense of obstruction of justice

June 16, 2017

From the WaPo

The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials said.


Fed increases interest rates despite tanking economy

June 16, 2017

The US Federal Reserve, the right hand of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, has raised interest rates for the third time in six months even though key economic indicators like non farm payroll jobs are tanking. 

“The US Federal Reserve has raised its key interest rate for the third time in six months, providing its latest vote of confidence in a slow-growing but durable economy.

Officials also announced plans to start gradually paring its bond holdings later this year, which could cause long-term rates to rise.

The Fed’s announcement that it would begin paring its balance sheet later this year — “provided that the economy evolves broadly as anticipated” — involves its enormous portfolio of Treasury and mortgage bonds.”

From Marketrealist

May non-farm payroll
The US May jobs report indicated weak improvement in the US labor market. May non-farm payroll employment in the United States (SPY) (SPXL) posted an improvement of only 138,000 jobs for the month, as compared to 211,000 jobs in April—far below the market expectation of 185,000 jobs added.

The weaker growth in the US labor market in May has now become an increasing area of concern in the overall US economy. The US Manufacturing PMI has also been showing a gradual decline in performance, and the mounting delays among President Donald Trump’s policies are creating more worries in investors’ minds.