From the frying pan into the fire. Trump’s plan to replace US forces with Saudis and mercenaries leaves Syria as a WW3 flashpoint

April 20, 2018

Donald Trump has to decide. Does he want WW3? Or does he want to keep doing deals or letting others like Jared Kushner do deals? To patch up one problem, just to create another is not a plan and will fuel suspicions he is being bribed or blackmailed to undermine US national interests and train wreck a US attempt to leave the NWO.

To my mind, there is no way a true patriot would leave George Soros fixer Geoffrey Pyatt to plant the equivalent of dynamite all over Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and Black Sea without any  real check. After more than a year in office and with a Soros judge now sitting on Trump Tower records, Trump cannot say he does not know Soros is dangerous to him, the MAGA agenda and the world. So why no action?

From RT

However, Brian Becker of the anti-war Answer Coalition told RT that the plan amounts to the US government “telling the American people ‘look, we’re going to go to war in Syria. It’s imperative that we do so, it’s imperative that we occupy – or our proxies under our guidance – occupy these other countries. But don’t worry, Americans won’t do any bleeding. The suffering, the bleeding will be done by others.’”

He went on to explain that “the real function of US troops in northern and eastern Syria – or if they are replaced by a NATO Arab military force, the Saudis so to speak, organized by Erik Prince – they will be nothing other than a tripwire allowing the US to bomb – either through bombs or missiles – against any force, including the sovereign Syrian Arab Army that seem to interfere with the American zone of influence in the northern and eastern parts of Syria.”

Trump attacks Opec as Saudi Arabian prince seeks to push up oil price to fund wars and profligate projects, reverses prudent 2016 policy to wean country off oil revenue

April 20, 2018

Donald Trump has accused Opec of driving up oil prices in a tweet and his new found friendship with Vladimir Putin could yield its first dividends if Russia increases its supply of oil to keep the prices in a reasonable range.

“Looks like OPEC is at it again. With record amounts of Oil all over the place, including the fully loaded ships at sea, Oil prices are artificially Very High! No good and will not be accepted!

OPEC’s de facto leader, the energy minister of Saudi Arabia, earlier said that OPEC wants to see prices go even higher than the current 73 dollars with 100 dollars seen as the target.

Saudi Arabia’ push to drive up the price of oil is a sign that its plan to wean itself off oil has been derailed by plethora of expensive new projects and wars.

“Look at the economic reforms and projects they want to do, and the war in Yemen. How are they going to pay for all that? They need higher prices.”

Prince Mohammed has just splashed out 15 billion dollars on buying (Jared Kushner and?) weapons from the USA.

After a collapse in oil prices in 2016, Prince Muhammed laid out a vision to make Saudi Arabia’s government finances viable even without an income from oil.

“I think by 2020, if oil stops we can survive,” Prince Mohammed said. “We need it, we need it, but I think in 2020 we can live without oil.”

But Prince Mohamed’s military and economic ambitions have, in fact, resulted in an increase on its dependence on oil revenue.

Since his military ambitions, especially in Syria and Yemen, are destabilizing the Middle East and his plan to remove Assad could result in a confrontation with Russia and WW3, bringing the oil price down could help put a stop to them by removing his main funding source.

Russia could help keep down the price of oil by increasing its oil production so putting the financial screws on the profligate  Prince. The New York Stock Exchange has been trying to win a listing of part of Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Saudi Aramco.


Globalists must face the truth. There is no life extension technology and hi tech future waiting for them on the other side of the destruction of this planet, they have been duped

April 20, 2018

There seems to be a belief among some Globalists such as Javanka that they can join some inner circle of “elite” and enjoy life extension technologies etc on a planet depopulated of 99% of the people.

Yet experience shows  it is questionable whether the Globalists and their tools like George Soros, the Saudi Arabian prince and Javanka have the talent, ability, heart or brain capacity to set up anything resembling a functioning commune, let alone a renaissance civilisation.

If Soros and his minions could not set it up such an advanced civilisation until now on this planet, they are not going to do it when 90%, 99% or 99.99% of the people they consider superfluous are removed either.

The mere external removal of 99% of the people by wars, vaccines etc is not going to make them, the self styled carriers of the future, new people. Wiping out most of the people on the planet is not going to stimulate a massive internal change in their characters, mind and hearts. Mass killing through lies and deception is not going to make them bigger, wider, kinder, wiser people filled with a life force.

At most, they will take their vile, aggressive,  corrupt, demonic characters, which have made them so useful to the NWO, with them into a world depopulated of all the good people, and then turn on each other. They will plot and scheme until 99% of that 1% that survived are dead in their boundless greed to get more control of the oil, the resources, the money etc. Their characters will require new victims.

The idea they can upload their consciousness onto some corporate controlled Pentagon cloud and control thousands of drones and robots in a unified, global cyber network and live together in harmony is so absurd, it would be funny.

MIT actually entered into a company offering to upload brains on condition people killed themselves first.

MIT’s connection to the company drew sharp criticism from some neuroscientists, who say brain uploading isn’t possible.

“Fundamentally, the company is based on a proposition that is just false. It is something that just can’t happen,” says Sten Linnarsson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

He adds that by collaborating with Nectome, MIT had lent credibility to the startup and increased the chance that “some people actually kill themselves to donate their brains.”

Nectome is working on how to embalm people’s brains in a way that preserves the connections between neurons. Such a “connectome,” some speculate, could retain information about a person’s memories.

The ability to digitally capture information and memories related to an individuals life does not mean that person lives on consciously. That is crystal clear if you read any biography of a dead person. Book upon book, DVDs, documentaries have been made about, say, Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler. But that does not mean Churchill comes back to life in the real sense of a conscious person with free will and power of choice and action every time a person reads a book or looks at a DVD about Churchill.

Even if a trillion gigabytes of digitized information eventually captured from any embalmed brain of Churchill, Churchill is not going to come back to life in the real sense of consciousness and free will.

Just the fact that any “digital brain” would depend on a super computer will mean that whatever it is that is is uploaded has no free will. Computers and IT can be hacked, manipulated, reprogrammed by outside forces easily and any time.

In addition, even if the digital brains were able to be uploaded bring the likes of Soros, Javanka and the Saudi Prince back to life as they are today, what would the result be? More wars, aggression, tricks, greed, lies, fake smiles, but this time between computer clouds controlling drone armies? Will the Soros “cloud” and drone army be at war with the Javanka “cloud” over control of the biggest drone army?

These life extension ideas seem to be used to give a gloss of reason to the really stupid and corrupt want to get on board a wicked  plan to remove billions of people off the face of the earth. Satan has supplied his minions with a narrative so that they can feel good about helping him destroy themselves, their families and the planet. Oh, but we are the elite and the rest are so stupid, useless mouths to eat consuming our planet’s resources. And when we finally get rid of the soulless animals we will set up an enlightened, hi tech civilisation and have a really good time and live forever.

No, you will go from  your reality bubbles funded by oil and fractional reserve banking system fraud and corruption to nuclear dust generated by encounter with a nuclear bomb to straight down into hell.

That’s where Satan wants to bring people, into his kingdom. Satan is by his very nature the ruler of the world of vanity and lies. The biggest lie of Satan is that there is no God, no all powerful creator.

Satan tells whatever a wicked person wants to hear. The Saudi Prince won’t leave Assad in power because he has been told the lie, he can remove him without triggering WW3 with Russia, and he has apparently swallowed it.

“Oh, but it was Jared who guaranteed that Trump would see to it that Assad would be gone and the Russians would go away, and I would be the Crown prince over a pile of rubble and able to murder all the Christians and anyone else who does not believe in harems and a heaven full of honey and yoghurt and endless Jihads. What went wrong? Was it this or that false flag, alliance, corrupt official?”

We know the Saudi Prince does not have much upstairs because he refuses to hold a midest Summit to get the Sunnis and Shiites to agree on a cease fire and respecting their own spheres of influence. It is as plain as daylight to any one that the Sunnis and the Shiites are just destroying each other and the entire Middle East by their constant warfare. If they stopped, they could rebuild their socieities. But the Saudi Prince is, it seems, so filled with aggression against Assad because he does not want to kow tow to him that he would rather risk nuclear WW3 than leave him in power.

And we are supposed to believe that poeple like Ivanka, Jared and the Saudi Prince, who know each other and themsleves better than anyone else, and who know what frauds they are every time they lookin the mirror, really believe they are not just going to be part of an advanced civilization, but its founders?

No, what they are going to be are the duped minions of a Satanic plan spending the rest of eternity in hell as their reward for helping the Satanic NWO destroy the entire planet. They will be the practiced liars duped by the consummate liar, the Father of all lies, all illusions, vanity and mere appearances. And they will be the advocates of violence, torture, cruelty and evil given over to the power of consummate evil, with no inner moral right to resist any torture, any cruelty from Satan. They will have given up all their rights to Satan.

Jesus Christ, the true saviour, talks clearly about the existence of a heaven and hell. The Bible does too. God is real and so is Satan. Heaven is real and so is hell. The choices we make today will determine where we go, whether we do to our spiritual home, to heaven, or to hell.



April 20, 2018

From Infowars

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will absolutely not allow armed confrontation between Russia and the US, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RIA Novosti in an interview.

“Speaking about risks of a military confrontation, I am 100 percent sure that [both the US and Russian] militaries won’t allow this, and of course neither will President [Vladimir] Putin or President [Donald] Trump,” Lavrov said.

“After all they are leaders, elected by their people and are responsible for their peace,” the Russian foreign minister added.

Amid deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, Lavrov signaled that there are attempts to ease the knot. In particular, the foreign minister announced that the US president invited his Russian counterpart to Washington during a phone call. Trump said he would “be glad to see [Putin] in the White House” and then added that he “would be happy to make a reciprocal visit [to Moscow].”

All very well and good but Trump’s intentions will come to little unless he, first, avoids being impeached or executed and second, deals with all the Globalist moles in the Pentagon and government plotting WW3 false flags and economic meltdowns right, left and centre. UN ambassador Nikki Haley started her own foreign policy initiative. The Globalists are totally out of control.


April 20, 2018

The Pentagon has removed the figures saying how many troops are serving in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in its latest report.

The way the Defense Manpower Data Center stripped troop data from its latest report may fuel concerns that Globalist elements in the Pentagon have significantly increased troops in Syria furtively in preparation for a false flag to start WW3.

A drill for US troops practicing chemical and biological warfare has just started in Jordan. A total of 3,600 marines and sailors from the enormous US fleet in eastern mediterrean are participating in the wargames just 300 miles from the capital of Syria.

Although the Pentagon claims that the wargames have nothing to do with the chemical false flag attack, the Globalists have a long history of planning false flags to coincide with military exercises and police drills to have a force to escalate a conflict at the scene. And there presence did coincident with a false flag missile chemical attack, which nearly sparked WW3.

The Ebola 2014 false flag showed that the Pentagon is full of Globalist moles.

A NATO affiliated lawyer who has worked for a US support base north of Larisa is acting as the de facto defender, and executioner of George Soros and Alexis Tsipras in my case.

George Soros fixer Geoffrey Pyatt has still not been fired and is left to brazenly plan false flag attacks and warmonger at Greek military meetings, backed it seems by the likes of Jared Kushner.

Trump has to decide does he want to commit suicide with Javanka, who have clearly sided with the Globalist endgame plan or does he want  to live and the rest of his family to live? He cannot have it both ways. He either has to deal with all the Globalists now and put them on trial or risk being execute, impeached, framed or part of a depopulation plan every single day.

Trump should fire Pyatt and clear out the Globalists in Greece and in the Pentagon immediately because there is a real risk of a false flag incident leading to WW3.

Apart from that, my position signals to the entire world that Trump and the Pentagon are incompetent, information fools. To look like fools is an open invitation to be taken to the cleaners. In fact, it seems the Pentagon could not ascertain that images used on social media of the chemical attack were fake and could not take the initiative of contacting the WHO itself  underscores the major crisis of foolery in the Pentagon.

Now is the time to become info smart and spot chemical and cyber warfare false flags etc, now before WW3 occurs.


April 20, 2018

The judge who officiated at George Soros wedding claims she will not be subject to bias as she sits on material obtained in a very dodgy raid on Trump Tower.

Although she was asked to officiate at Soros’ third wedding, judge Kimba Wood has issued a pathetic statement saying she is not a friend of Soros.

We all believe you, Kimba, don’t we? Yes, you who were the first pick of Bill Clinton as AG, are completely neutral and would never dream of giving any of the Trump material you obtained from a dodgy raid to either Soros or Hillary to gain influence on their political opponent. Oh, and of course, we believe that a person of such a sterling reputation as you enjoy of being so close exclusively with the biggest villains in US history, is going to stand up to blackmail and bribery attempts from Soros and Hillary. Not even the threat of being “Arkansided” will shake you, will it, Kimba?

My view? She may already given all the the information she obtained about Donald Trump to George Soros and Hillary so that they can evaluate its usefulness as private blackmail matierial.

In fact, that’s where I believe is happening to the entire Mueller probe material. It may turn out the only ones being charged are the ones who have not submitted to blackmail or bribery. Certainly, the role of, for example, John Kelly and Donald Trump in the Syria false flag missile strike was very questionable, and suggests blackmail.

Trump needs to fire Rod Rosenstein und Robert Mueller for allowing a Soros judge to get hold of all that information in the first place, placing him in danger of blackmail.

WW3 ALERT CONTINUES! Compromised Trump ordered WW3 strike and neocons will try more strikes, says military intelligence source on Infowars

April 19, 2018



Very interesting analysis by military intelligence official Zaq on the Syria chemical attacks on the Alex Jones show.

It sounds like Donald Trump tried to double cross the generals who hired him to stop the Globalists and WW3. Apparently, Jared Kushner promised the Prince of Saudi Arabia that the USA would topple Assad in a new Clinton style cash for favours scam.

Trump is compromised, continuing the Globalist agenda.

Neocons Nikki Haley and Mike Pence are planning to run for President in 2020.

Trump must expose the Globalists or be impeached or executed, perhaps even by  tricks of the Soros judge Kimba Wood.

Next strike can only proceed following an in depth, independent, multi party investigation and following authorization.

Alex Jones is, meanwhile, under fire from a hoax Sandy Hook lawsuit.

The arguments Jones can use are

1. that he said no one died according to the best facts and evidence available at the time and acting in good faith, and so is covered by his right to free speech and media.

He can cite Globalist proxy Steve Piecezenik who is always claiming no one died in false flags as a credible source.

2. as soon as he had other evidence, he revised his opinion and publicly stated children had died, thereby proving that he had no malice

Defamation requires false facts as well as malice. Error in good faith is not defamation.