Former Prosecutor: The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything ‘They Touch Turns To Molten Lead’

October 23, 2016

Obama’s Department of Justice “created a double standard for justice – one for the Clintons and one for the little guy.”

(But at least the US DOJ didn’t set critical journalists seeking justice for a murder attempt up for lethal penalty like the Greek justice officials. A new low for criminal justice in 2016)

From the Daily Caller
Pithy former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova believes the recent Project Veritas video by James O’Keefe featuring DNC contractors explaining their dirty practices to foment violence at Trump events, is a prima facie case of federal and state criminal activity.

DiGenova says prosecutors should investigate everyone in the video, including Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s husband, Bob Creamer, who suddenly retired last week.

In this exclusive 26-minute video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, diGenova explains why many former and current FBI officials believe James Comey, the director of the FBI, is a “dirty cop.” When Comey refused to recommend prosecution of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for her misuse of classified government information in July after “a fake and sophomoric” investigation, he bred cynicism and tainted the premier law enforcement agency.

When Republican nominee Donald Trump responds to calls from citizens to “lock her up,” the former prosecutor believes President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice “created a double standard for justice – one for the Clintons and one for the little guy.”

Greece cold shouldered over Turkish invasion fears. Europe should let Turkey invade Greece and return all Muslims here as per the Dublin Agreement, corrupt country not worth sparking World War Three over. Tsipras has a point when he says opposition leader also corrupt. All corrupt together.

October 23, 2016

The Greek government of Alexis Tsipras is becoming increasingly alarmed at the way Turkeys ships and planes are violating Greek territorial waters, reports Kathimerini, but their efforts to find support from European government do not seem to be going well.

What a shame!

Globalist President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Greece on November 14th to stir up the confrontation between Europe and the USA with Turkey and find ways of circumventing the closure of the Balkan route.

Who cares?

As I prepare to go to testify to the crooked, aggressive judges,  who would like to see me dead, at Larisa court tomorrow about all their many, cruel crimes against me, such a setting me up for a deadly penalty under the fraud of giving me justice, (something that the Areios Pagos judges have organized in violation of the basic principle of an independent investigation), I can’t help thinking, what a relief it will be for Europe if Greece finally is forced out f the euro zone and of Schengen. And if Greece is conquered by Turkey, so what? The EU can redraw its borders further north.

No one who reads my blog can say I am biased against Greece. No, my encounter with the real living, corrupt Greek justice officials all the way to the Areios Pagos deputy prosecutor with whom I talked on Wednesday,  but who did not seem to want to assume any of her professional responsibilities, has made me realize this country is not worth saving.

Tsipras has a point to make in saying the opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is implicated in the Siemens scandal. But almost every Greek is corrupt. Tsipras is more than corrupt. He is a Globalist, a Soros puppet pushing the  crony corporate government and tyrannical New World Order agenda, which will destroy Greece. And now he has a whole lackey government and corrupt, partisan justice officials behind him.

Read all the documents concerning my case. It’s staggering. Murder attempt, cover up, lethal penalty, more cover ups…

Let the Turks have Greece if they are so foolish as to invade and ingest the poison pill that is modern Greece.

There are even advantages to this scenario. Europe can just return the millions of Muslims that Greece sent north last year in violation of the Dublin Treaty more easily. This corrupt, little county is certainly not worth sparking world war three over.

“An official representing a major western European country said there was understanding for Greece’s predicament but that Turkey’s isolation on the international stage due to developments in the broader region should be borne in mind.”


“Another western European diplomat described Turkey’s behavior as “odd” but said the West does not have the luxury to let relations with Turkey go to seed, particularly because of the unforeseeable repercussions of the possible collapse of an agreement between the European Union and Turkey to curb migration.”


October 23, 2016

A Russian invasion of the Baltic states triggering nuclear World War Thee? It could happen if Globalist controlled NATO stages a false flag attack as a top Russian journalist is right.

Russian TV host Dmitry Kisiliov has said the United States could stage a fake provocation to justify a war with Russia and Syria. Washington could stage a false flag attack in the Baltics too.

Nato has sent four battalions of troops to the Baltics, including one from Britain and Germany, making it the perfect arena to stage a false flag to drag all of Europe and the USA into a nuclear war.

German troops have, in fact, been conducting exercises a little over 100 kilometres away from St Petersburg or the former city of Leningrad, making the Russians understandably very nervous given their memories of the siege of Leningrad during World War Two.

We are so close to nuclear world war that the GPS systems needed to guide nuclear missiles and drones delivering missiles have been blocked in central Moscow.

People have complained on social media that when they are near the Kremlin their GPS-powered apps show them to be in Vnukovo Airport, 18 miles away.

“If we talk about the last Cold War, we are currently somewhere between the erection of the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile crisis,” said Lt Gen Evgeny Buzhinsky, a former head of the Russian ministry of defence’s international treaties department and now head of the PIR centre, a Moscow think tank.
“In other words, teetering on the brink of war, but without the mechanisms to manage the confrontation.”


October 23, 2016

A quick search of the hacked Open Society Foundation documents on the DC Leaks site shows that George Soros has been spending a lot of money on projects related to cyber security, cyber terrorism and cyber legislation in the past view years.

Soros’ interest in Cyber security and attacks in the USA reinforces the notion that a Ukrainian software company which he owns a large stake in, Ciklum, could have been involved in the unprecedented wave of coordinated cyber attacks on Amazon, Twitter and Reddit.

Check out the DC Leaks site yourself using search terms like Cyber…

These are just a few documents I found.

New York, New York
September 29 – 30, 2014

With the Democracy Fund, we agreed to support a nine-month project at the New America Foundation, in which the National Security Program reviewed terrorism prosecutions to test government’s assertion that mass surveillance was an effective counterterrorism tool. The Open Technology Institute (OTI) reviewed the cost of the surveillance program, developed a model for corporate transparency on requests for customer records, and worked on organizing the technology sector. The latest report by OTI, released at the end of July, analyzes the cost of the surveillance program for the economy, the internet, and cybersecurity; the report added new analysis/information to the debate and received strong coverage from political and technology reporters, the target audience for that work.

CNSS has mapped out a series of questions, including: what process might lead to bigger reforms, defining the NSA’s role, addressing the influence of economic drivers of increased surveillance, the contribution of signals intelligence to counterterrorism, and how cybersecurity problems may undermine other limitations on the foreign intelligence system.


Planned Parenthood is
mounting a vigorous defense, supported by a $1.5m OSPC grant, in the face of four Congressional
investigations and a cyber-attack that closed its website (used by patients to get services), which
required the hiring of security for many of its doctors, and otherwise distracted it from its core

This grant will renew support to the Center for Democracy
and Technology’s Project on Freedom, Security, and

Previous OSI Support: $1,365,570
$500,000 from NSHR Campaign (2008)
$750,000 from US Programs (2002-2008)
$70,000 from Information Program (2001, 2006)
$25,570 from President’s Office (1996, 2006)
$20,000 from Central Eurasia Project (2000)
Organization Budget: $4,296,289 (2010)
Project Budget: $445,706 (2010), $425,945 (2011)
Major Sources of Support: Organization: Markle Foundation $1,710,500; Atlantic
Philanthropies $315,789; MacArthur Foundation $225,000;
Microsoft $210,000; Google $100,000; AT&T $100,000;
California Healthcare Foundation $85,169;Yahoo $50,000
Amount Requested: $400,000 over two years
Amount Recommended: $400,000 [NSHR Campaign, T1: 21095]
Term: Two years (May 1, 2010 – April 30, 2012)
Matching Requirements:
CDT will advocate for greater transparency of government cyber-security efforts which
are currently shrouded in secrecy and will oppose government monitoring of private
sector networks in the name of protecting against cyber-attacks. CDT will continue its
work with the Digital Privacy and Security Working Group, a CDT-coordinated forum of
over 50 computer and communications companies, trade associations, and public interest
organizations that seeks policy and design solutions that will improve cybersecurity
without eroding privacy.

Finally, CNSS (Center for National Security Studies) is
writing an article on domestic terrorism in response to a piece by an aide to Senator
Lieberman that will be included in Patriot Debates II, a new American Bar Association
Standing Committee on Law and Security book intended as a resource for both sides of
the debate.
Protect Privacy and Fourth Amendment Rights against Unconstitutional
Government Surveillance. The next two years will be a critical time for debates on
cyber-security legislation, amendments to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act,
and revisiting the 2008 amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that are
currently set to expire in December 2012.

George Soros accused of violating Arizona election law

October 22, 2016

A campaign finance violation complaint has been filed with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office against a newly formed independent political committee linked to hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

An attorney representing Republican incumbent Bill Montgomery’s re-election campaign for Maricopa County Attorney filed a complaint Friday, saying the Arizona Safety & Justice has violated a state election law.

Soros has been spending millions of dollars this year to support Democrats in prosecutor races around the country and all but one of his favored candidates have won.

Phoenix lawyer Brett Johnson says the law requires political committees making independent expenditures to a candidate or office within 60 days of an election to provide 24 hours’ notice to opponents about submitted print or television ads.

Montgomery’s campaign says it was not notified.

Soros Group Is Accused Of Violating Arizona Election Law

Do trials, difficulties and problems serve any purpose?

October 22, 2016

BASIL THE GREAT: The life of a just person is filled with stress and trials. . .  But God delivers those who are true from their afflictions. He does not give his followers a life without any trials. Rather, he gives them a capacity for patiently enduring those trials. You see, troubles create endurance, and endurance creates virtue. That means, anyone who is unwilling to face trials deprives themselves of the chance to gain a specially valuable tested and tried form of virtue. Just as no one in sports can win a contest and a victory crown without an opponent, in the same way no one can be declared tested in arena of life except through trials.


Sometimes, dear readers of this blog, I feel very, very fed up with my situation indeed. But at other times, I realize I just need to switch over my perspective and be thankful that I have had so many opportunities to develop and grow.

For sure, it is not comfortable to be in the crosshairs of  psychopathic Globalists like George Soros and Alexis Tsipras because this little blog has proven to be such effective opposition to their plans.


It is not pleasant  either to be targeted by crooked clergy and justice officials in Greece, although at least one senior judge at the  AthensState Council Court last week showed true honour by refusing to back down in opposing Tsipras’s media grab in spite of a blackmail threat. That man deserves a medal for integrity, paradoxical as it sounds. He put the good of the whole country before his self interest. He was ready to take the slings and arrows of a smear investigation into his personal affairs rather than betray millions and greenlight a new Joseph Goebbels private TV media complex, clearly designed to promote the cult of personality around would be dictator Tsipras.

Yes, these trials have not been pleasant but they have helped me to become a better person, a person with a much more real sense of God’s presence in our lives, of His help for us. Believe me, without God, I would not be alive seven years after exposing the swine flu scam.

Seen in this, the right, spiritual perspective, God and life have actually been very generous to me in giving me so many trials and opportunities to do good in the past few years. If I had billions of euros, I could not have bought with all that money such an interesting and meaningful few years. Only through them have  I made my peace with my Maker.

The Globalists, by contrast, are  at odds with God, and terrified of death, terrified of losing power, something which is a harbinger of their ultimate death as mortals who have not activated their eternal spirit. Worse, they have sold their souls to the Devil himself. Not for anything would I be in their shoes. For just as there is a real place of love and light and the presence of God called heaven, there is also a hell, where all these positive things are missing and an evil energy  holds sway.



October 22, 2016

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has made it clear that she intends to negotiate trade bilateral deals in the run up to Britain’s formal exit from the EU, ignoring threats of legal action from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, reports the Telegraph.

Side stepping EU institutions, Theresa May announced plans to hold substantive bilateral meetings with the 27 elected governments in Europe by the December European Council Meeting.

Read more:

Theresa May faced threats from EU officials, whose power is threatened by Brexit, when she arrived at the European Council meeting in Brussels last night. But the strategy of EU chiefs Juncker, Donald Tusk and Martin Schulz may backfire, marginalizing the failing EU bureaucracy altogether as nations realize they can seal  bilateral customs deals and so create a de facto European “single market” without Brussels.